Friday, February 20, 2009

A new start...

As usual I was bored with my previous template so i changed it to this new one and I adore it now...bored with my name on the net I changed the blog title to the previous one and changed my blog that if u r interested to read then make an update in ur blogroll or if u r not u won't have to use the dead link in ur blogroll coz it ain't be working....

I use to blog for me...venting out my frustration.. but sooner people joined me ..and then I started blogging for them..the contents they would like...with added humor and then I found a rough patch in my world and soon found people forgetting me jus like the last rainfall whom they had enjoyed but forgot wen it happened exact...and the blogvisits dropped and it hit me hard as wen I was addicted to them they all left for their own world...
now I m  back to blogging for me...i will shout I will laugh I will make fun I will cuss I will dance I will sing and if u don't like it ...u just move away...coz I m tired....

I kno no one will miss me...but the fact is I won't miss u either...coz if u r not a frnd in my need then u r not my fucking frnd indeed....

so........have a nice life and have fun....


  1. Mausam badla badla sa hai...ab aisa comment likhne ke liye maar to nahi padegi na??

    Kal din bhar tumhaara blog try karti rahi, kept saying blog not found...resigter "sourish karmakar"...ab kal dimaag ki batti nahi jali thi to yeh nahi socha k profile ke thru jaa sakti hoon...grrr

    Waise hamesha apne liye hi likho... duniya to apne khayaalo mein khoi rehti hai....kabhi kabhi kisi aur ke khayal ke saath khayal mila leti hai...fir apne khayaalo mein kho jaati hai. Kuch bhi ho, bas khush raho...


    With love,
    Your driver in waiting from Hyderabad

    (naukri pakki hai na babu?? :P)

  2. smriti..
    chalo tumne mujhe dhoondh hi nikala..actually inna tough bhi nhi tha ki tujhe figure out karne mein sara din lag gya :P

    and wo jo tumne khyal wayala likha hai wo mere palle toh nhi pada... :O

    kinni complicated likhti ho... baap re :O

  3. Hyderabad mein waiting :O

    waha wait kar ke kya hoyega main to yaha hoon..u kno na mandi k zamane mein naye distance criver rakhna bahut coshtly hoyega tum yaha aajao... bahut masti hoyegi :P

  4. Haan ji haan....ticket katwa do...turant aa jayenge... :P

  5. hawww ticket bhi katwana hoyeka meiko...pehle tun aao toh phir TA DA k liye apply karna :P
    reimburse kar doonga B-)

  6. arrrre is mein kya sochna :P
    maine apni zubaan ka bahut pakka hoon B-)

  7. Well-said!

    I had ppl coming to my blog just so that i'd visit their's. I cud clearly sense that. Over time such ppl disappeared from my blog. I really dun care. Friends will always remain friends, whether they visit me or not.

    And some others who promised the world and needed me so badly in their times of need, just dun even drop by my blog to say Hi anymore. JUST JEALOUS I guess. I dun give a damn abt such ppl anymore. They r not worth my time or enregy.

    Cos like u said, I blog for MYSELF. I dun let others SHAPE me into something that Im not. I will never lose my ORGINALITY just to please ppl.

    **now I m back to blogging for me...i will shout I will laugh I will make fun I will cuss I will dance I will sing and if u don't like it ...u just move away...coz I m tired....

    Spot on! And I hope u u'stand my CUSS post now ;-)


  8. Sissy...

    I had been in such phases....wen people used to lobby against me..but who carez :P

    and I did understadnt eh reason of ur cuss post but the fact still lies being ur brother I didn't like my elder sis to cuss around...and be a source of entertainment like " look at this girl she has become paranoid now" ..I kno u don't like it too but fact is still a fac..I don't like that anyone call u paranoid...

    hope u now got my point ;-)

  9. duh that post had nothing to do with FEAR. I was just BORED from their constant whining :)

    Anyways tnxx!


  10. hey first time in ur blog. nice .. i liek ur tempalte

  11. ahh finally sourieie is back in action!!!! yeyeyeye!!!

    first, cool background, something different..!!!

    second, why do you get these should blog no matter what, who cares what others say...!!!!!

    and third, apka card abhi tak process nahi hua:D:D:D bhejti hun haaan, ye week ke baad, exams chal rahe hai abhi na, thodisi busy:D:D

    loads of love,

    take care:):)

  12. vanilla...

    oh ho eggjam weggjam ..humne toh socha ki tum card bhool hi gyi :P

    ok dokie thik se eggjam do...bestizzz:P


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