Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obama's congressional address

A lucrative address by President of a powerful country , though no doubt it was a wonderful $ 700 Bn bailout package which I think may help American and thus world economy to recover from serious crisis but for India and other southeast countries it sounded the bell of troubles. It was clearly evident from the speech that they ain't gonna force the company to stop outsourcing but they are gonna tax them more if they are outsourcing the American jobs.

It may not be surprise for many as few days back there was a cease on H1B visas to curb the outsiders getting work permit in America. But declaring it on his address is something which makes it concrete that the aspirants who wants to go to states to find a job and a living are gonna face enormous trouble.It is needed to know that India is the largest  recipient of H1B and that may cause furore in coming elections in India as most of the political party will now stand against Indian's new Pro-american policy.

Though Mr. Obama clearly mentioned that big budget Iraq is to be reduced but I doubt it as it was followed by renewing the strength of the American Army by more recruitment in the sector. He also clearly mentioned the concern of ongoing war in Gaza strip and Israel's role.

May be the world is looking for a visionary in him but what I felt he is more like a social reformer than a realist or may be he will be the US president that we always had seen...A man of great power thinking himself as god as the whole speech was a too much good news cloaking the hidden agendas of acquiring more power. Piyush Jindal ..the Louisiana Governer has openly criticized the new reforms, though the reforms sound good for Americans..but I think may be his Indian blood gave him a call that this is high time for him to run for the ultimate power. This only the time will tell. His reaction is awaited.

Let's wait to see what happens next...and pray that God save us and God save the USA...

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  1. a wee to early to say mate...give it sometime...n lets see what happens....

    btw i really like yur template....

  2. Yeap ...I added that too...but only if u had seen him speak today on 'times now'.. ...

    have you???

    I have been following his few last speeches and I can see the same air what the Bush senior had...

    but better to wait then to give a verdict..

    and abt the blog template...yeap it is sweet and thx for mentioning it ...and if u need similar ..i can give u the link...

  3. Its too early....but honestly...its grim here really....good to have Indian blood and brain to be able to endure such crisis and have savings....

    Whatever happens - one thing is for sure to change - US is no longer going to be "the" sole power....

    As far as H1 goes - as an Indian I feel bad but being here and seeing peoples "haalat" it does sound the right thing to do (bola that na hamesha catch 22 main hota hoon - Non Required Indian :P)

  4. Bhaiya..

    mujhe bhi yehi lagta hai...coz since it is gonna be a law of no reduction in Tax for outsourcing... it will be a great disaster for the third world most companies are deep in recession debts..they won't risk to ousource but still if u see the the amount they save on outsourcing is more than the the tax rebate they will get...but financial security will not be there that is sure...

    for he fst tim I am seeing US adopting mixed economy than the capital one...India baar baar aake unko bhi Indian politiciano jaisa junta ko khush rakhne ka chaska chadh gya hai...

    and not required Indian :O
    arre bhaiya aap yaha aa jao...ek commision mera oh pakka hi hai aapke liye :P

  5. Baap re. Too much for me to understand. yeah nice tempalte

  6. nidhi...

    maine bhi jab dobara padha toh mujhe bhi nhi samajh aya :P

    grammer thodi weak hai na meri :D

  7. i never understood US politics :P...

    nice template..


  8. globalization ka key player wohi hai...and we need to uderstand that...


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