Saturday, February 07, 2009

Rights?? wat the fu*k they are

Same question was popping on my mind wen activist  manhandled a pair as they were coming home together in Bangalore....? who in the name of almighty they are, gonna define culture in India? It is very saddening that these activist can only kno how to hurt innocents when they could have used their manpower to fight religious terrorism.
Few days back a lady was beaten up in bar. Who is gonna give protection to women in India. ? If we call world as Vasudhaiv kutumbakam ..isn't it a act of domestic violence ?

I am just amazed where the hell they learned culture.??? India is a land where temples are carved with erotic sculptures ..if then sex was thought to be a path to divinity...I don't think the pleasures of sex had changed in these why the hell the moral police of RSS, Bajrang dal and Shivsena are hurting innocent kids who want to appreciate the beauty of love.

But the real question is....Do we have any Fundamental rights ???? If we have ..wat the fu*k they are??? and who is gonna defend us from the 'organized political crime lords'.......


  1. wow tough post, i duno enough about ur country to make a point here, but for the sex part, yeah for a country who INVENTED the kamasutra hello!!!! don t know why pleasure is such a taboo!!!!!

  2. ooh its serious...i dont know wat should i be answering here :(..


  3. Sourish Babu, I echo your anger.

    Ever since we are kids, we are taught about the fundamental rights, thanks to Social Studies. We are told about how many articles, paragraphs blah blah blah the constitution contains, in order to protect the rights of its citizens and how ours is the most lengthiest and detailed constitution in the world. Pramod Mahajan once famously said that most politicians have seen the consitution for the first time in their life while taking oath on it. So there. The constitution is reduced to nothing but a mere Harry Potteresque fantasy which paints a different picture than what actually is.

    It is all f***ed up here for sure. And we need change desperately.

  4. Its all so sad. Bro we live in a world where some ppl think they know it all. Unfortunately.


  5. all i can say is that these are a bunch of psycho's who think they can impose(or should i say thrust) their idiotic ideas about moral on us..bloody goondas,fuck em'

  6. Yes....agree with you....where is the Common Mans ram Jethmalani

  7. cess

    i even can't get :P
    bt this is politics perhaps


    it is okay....


    ek dum sahi boli ...means mere munh ki baat chhin li :)


    sissyy.. i miss u too..but u kno work loads and all

    ceedy bhaiya..ram jethmalani garibo k liye nhi hai :D


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