Monday, February 16, 2009

My Valentine's Day: The time line :)

Most of my frnds and my ex wanted to kno how I spent my V-Day
So here is the TIME LINE
The events described here happened in real time..... :P ( dialogue courtesy: 24 )

8: 15 AM: Woke up and went to practice my Morning choirs :P

8: 45 AM: Took a bath

9: 30 AM: Went to Department

10:00 AM : Checked my mails.

11:00 AM : Started writing my V day Blog post (In search for a Valentine..)

11:40 AM: Chatted with a 10 year committed gal ( No points for guessing ..Cinderella :P )

12:15 PM: Chatted with a gal who was curious to kno my valentine's plan and as soon as i thought of inviting her ...her light went off..and she got offline :D

1:20 PM: Wrote an apology to Nehya, sent few Valentine mails to friends, wrote a mail to my ex. that I won't be stalking her fron now on, wished B .

2:00 PM:  Gave a lecture on love hormones to a guy while in search for an ATM.

2: 30 PM: Bought one 5000W PMPO, 3D surround speakers for my laptop..

2: 45 PM: Recovered Data from my desktop which was lying idle for months and copied back my music collection lost with it

5:00 PM to 8:00 PM : Slept, wokeup, watched TV, slept, wokep up..repeatation of prev events.

8: 30 PM: Went out to my Valentine Date with ... ( U can guess with whom I went to date  from the pic below) riding 20kms to a Highway Motel with musics on.

No points for guessing the Date with My loneliness :)

10: 30 PM : Back to my home, watched PS: I love you for the 15th time...

11:15 PM: Rang my ex who promised to call me but she forgot...

11: 45 PM: Talked with my ex. She had a blasting party and she forgot to recharge call me up.

11:50 PM: I cried

11:55 PM: She cried

11:58 PM: I said sorry for ruining her night and she promised me to call back next day as I was sobbing uncontrollably.

00:45AM: I went back to my bed with my mp3 on a FM radio channel who were playing love songs and slept crying thinking never to wake up again....

woke up late and I had a hangover and I waited for her promised call which never came..

Love and carez.....


  1. atleast vday at ahar vihar is much better than afrika ke jungle :(

  2. cool crazy tragic ..:P...hmmm u had a gud day..:)...


  3. pretty sucky I must say LOL!

    mine sucked worse!


  4. Sourish...don't get sad...its okay not to have a Valentine, I used to celebrate V-Day all alone till last year, and I used to pamper myself...

    so next time (I wish u have a Valentine, but God forbid, if u don't have) don't cry, celebrate it urself...

  5. Anjuli di...

    pata nhi didi..mujhe pehle kabhi aisa nhi hota tha but I think age and hormonal effect hoyega :D

    Nex valentine i will keep ur words in mind... :)


  6. The food seems nice so don't care if you celebrated with your loneliness or you did alone..
    wear a smile...atleast your brain will think you're happy and function properly ;)

  7. aayushi

    yeap food awesome tha so hi toh gya tha :P


  8. Sab cheez ekdum time to time honi chaahiye....kya time line hai...waah!! Interesting din raha bolo...

  9. military habits hai...aadat se majboor :P

    day was not bad,...bad was the aftermath :D

  10. actually ur's didnt suck all that much...looks like u had a nice meal by urself, spoke to few chicks and enjoyed the day.

    mine was spent all by myself - its ok. But something else happened that made me cry in the morning. That was the hardest bit. But later on I was ok :)


  11. have u heard the song romeo & juliet by dire straits ... it was a similar feeling that day... :P

  12. I love that song! its one of my favs :)

    how nice!



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