Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Swat valley ..

Recent developments in Swat valley is indeed concerning and it was shameful act of Pakistani govt. to impose Islamic laws in that valley as a condition for ceasefire as Islamic Laws are direct violation of women rights in the democracy.Once again people will be beheaded, lashed naked, women will be raped , girls will be abused and killed and it will be a legal genocide again.

And giving in to Taliban is a major proof of Genral Kiyani's alleged statement as Published in Sanger's " The inheritance " that Taliban  is a major asset of Pakistan and flourishing of Taliban to be another threat in just years of being devasted in Afghanistan is  an indirect proof of utilisation of American Dollars  given for the development of living conditions in Pakistan.

And why it is our concern coz from Swat valley  we are just a day far from the Talibani threat forces who if control Islamabad as feared  ...will control the nuclear assets of Pakistan and then it will be dangerous not only for us but the world coz all over world terrorist forces are ready to pay billions to get the Nuke.

And the important part is America is carrying out Drone attacks in Pakistan and inserted 17000 more forces in Afghanistan, but overlooking a simple fact that if OSAMA is there in war region then OBAMA will have a nuke threat to counter if Taliban controls Pakistan, coz I hope AL-Qaeda won't waste a bomb on India, to get annihilated ,before bombing America.

So I hope it is the high time for India to intervene in the current situation, so that our borders remain safe and we should be ready for the next war against terrorism.


  1. dude completely agree on this..amritsar is like 100 kms from Swat, and what kind of bloody truce does the Pak govt. has with the talibans they are just killing ppl in the name of truce.

    Now, pakistan is being engulfed by it's self created nemesis.

  2. yeah and I find it amazing that US and India both are sitting and assesing the situation not solving it

  3. I dunno much on this topic but I do know one thing. That Pak is so BACKWARDS in many ways.


  4. sissy ...

    pakistan is a victim of religious it can't help....

  5. thats wut I meant. Just like how Sri Lanka is a victim of racist bigots.



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