Saturday, February 28, 2009

My lakhaniya Trip.

Few Days back I bought a Cybershot and from that day my picnic days started and and I started seeing how beautiful the world really is...yeah I kno u must be tired of my blog leave alone if I start any photo won't bother u much..i will upload it in Picassa and if u like it u can view it there...

It was close to my brkup days and all I needed was a break just then my frnds asked me to join the trip to Lakhaniya Dari. As the name signifies it is named after lakshman .. and it is a river. but the beautiful thing abt the spot is its picturesque location.

And since it was a No-gals allowed trip.. I was drunk till the brim and was high on weeds :P

We left for the trip at morning 9 and the weather was so foggy, chilled and beautiful.

It was long road trip amidst rocky mountains with some beautiful curves

and when we reached Lakhaniya dari...It was ecstatically beautiful ..the sound of the river..various carved was wonderful..even I was so dead drunk still i was enjoying it more than anything...

Just then one of my frnds said..let's go to a nearby fall. I was high so I just said Yes.Then the real trip started...I din't knew that I have to trek and climb rocks and boulders all the way to reach the destination which was at least 3km from the spot and since I m the mushiest guy in my group they all knew I will be saying NO..coz I never had walked 3kms at a stretch ..leave alone trekking . :D

We started and we had some wondeful moments and I was so unsure wat to do ..I was not ready to put my camera in my pockets coz I knew I m not returning here soon but for climbing rocks I needed both hands. But still I managed to click few beautiful shots.

And wen we reached the location..I was so mesmerised by the beauty of the valley where the fall was located..since it was a seasonal river ...the water was less but still it was wonderful.. Overall the trip was so wonderful and I learnt one thing that I can trek well wen I m drunk

Watch the video I made on the trip....Forgive my grammer coz  I was so hell tired..english was the last thing that gonna come ouuta my mouth..and still I had to say it in english coz of my international frnds.

A wonderful trip... Isn't it??


  1. Cybershot ehhh , sahi pictures aayi hai :)

    lol weed:O:O

    @ the video
    hahahahahaha, i had a gud laugh for 2 mins:D:D

    the funnie part was,
    "this is my shoe"
    "these guys wanted to kill me"
    "this is water but its not drinkable and i am thirsty"
    'thanks to my shoes for saving me"

    hahaha, so funie sorieieie, you should go on more trips and post more videos like these:D:D


  2. Hey you! omgosh you make me laugh so hard.. lol I had a great time looking at this..

    You were so out of breath! hahaha
    stop smoking weed! you need more videos soon fast in a hurry.. keep making me laugh!

    Sorry I have been away.. don't scold me please..

  3. Very nice pics! this is the kind of place I hv to go to now :)

    u TC bro ok? Will miss ya loadz HUGS! bye for now.


  4. Vanilla...

    Thx re ...koi meri photograffy skill ki bhi tarife karo :P

    video ka mat pucho...i was so tired and so high.... :D... sahi mein the road was too dangerous and the part which i shot was the least dangerous coz there I can hold camera and walk otherwise without ur two hands it is not possible

    and god helped coz I don't kno why i wore trek shoes instead of fancy ones....and it reallly saved my life....

    i will post more from my next trip...

    glad koi toh khush hua mujhse :P

  5. Nehya...

    Naah i m not gonna scold u ..don worry :)

    and abt the breathing...gosh if u had walked the trek..u wouldn't be saying this :P
    I never walked in my whole life such a long distance..leave alone trekking..
    i will post soon as I make few more :P

  6. Sissy...

    thanks a lot.... i will take care but I don kno why u r leaving so fast... :O

  7. Sirf photu hi dekhi hoon...kuch bhi nahi padhi...Photus to achhe hi dikh rahe hai...kal not so distorted view hoga hopefully...Dekh main kehti hoon na, bina piye bhi aisi haalat hoti hai...papa ko koi samjhao.... peene mein koi burai nahi hai na.. :P

    Chal will come back again...agar bhool gayi iss par comment karna to yaad dila dena...abhi to mera gala ghotna hai...saala bahut pareshan kar raha hai... :(

  8. I came in quite fast, I wrote alot so very fast and Im leaving really fast too.

    dun worry...some day I hope I'll write again...HUGS!


  9. ohhh

    gala ghotu se grasit ho :O

    kaho toh main aake daba doo :P

    tumhara kaam bhi halka ho jaayega :P

  10. Sissy...

    I hope that day come soon...and don be sucha fast gal...u kno I get difficulties in understanding them :D

  11. i am so very late.....but it was fun reading it and the pics were awesome dude :)....


  12. did ya watched the video :O


    or just fulfilling ur duty to comment :O

  13. lovely pics. i would have found it extremely difficult to leave the water.

  14. cool pics n do i need to comment on d :p

    cybershot! wowwwww! even i wanna buy one for long. mujhe details chahiye. now dont ask me to google it :D

    accha dats y i wasnt able to access ur blog coz u hv changed ur blog url aur mujhe bataya tak nahi. :x

    wish u a very happy holi. :)

    waise tumhari apni pic sacchi mein scarry hai. :p

  15. i watched the video that day only ..:P...not fullflling comments tupid...wer are u these days :P..


  16. very good pictures, seems like really a great trip! :)

  17. mystic

    yeah I also love water...
    I will upload few of my recent trip to river ganga .. and it is wonderful too :)

  18. preeti...

    wo I needed to vanish from google...that's why changed the url :P

    cybershot one I bought is is 8k....4x zoom, 7.1 megapixel.. in w series... u can try that...and believe me it is worth every penny...

    and scary pic lagake hi sabko bhaga raha hoon :P

  19. Hemu...

    parents are home that's why I m busy...I will upload one tomorrow wait for it :P

  20. Lena...

    it was a great trip indeed :)

    where r ya busy nowadays???

  21. hey nice pics mate...n were u really so drunk n high eh?

  22. such a lovely place, really beautiful pics.
    liked it.

  23. princess :)

    yeah it was a great place...I 've loads of pics but cudn't upload all ...

    and normally I don't drink and smoke weeds but occasionally when I do it till I'm dead high ... :D

    oh forgot to tell u...every other day i 've a occasion to attend :D

  24. thanx very much sweetie pie...

    and I'm so glad u liked it :)


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