Saturday, February 14, 2009

In search for a Valentine..

Ten long years and this is the fst time ..I m completely single today on the valentine day....blame it to my ex gf for dumping me  ..and partly to Ram Sena..who scared me from going outside with any of the girl that I m presently giving lifts :P ....last day wen I was conversing  with one old frnd...(she is young gal...not old ...our frndship is old  :P ) ... I was thinking that I need too a fst I thought I wud make it a valentine dedication post..but then I finalised... let me give a valentine Ad ...kinnda Marraige Ad..with all those qualities listing which makes me an ideal date :P ... ( oh !! btw if u find any of the quality quite obnoxius feel free to say me ..I will delete it.. :P.... so if anyone interested can feel free to give a hint that they are interested making me a date for valentine :D

Name: Sourish Karmakar
Age: 25 (btw turning 26 on 29th copy it down for wishing me that day :P )


what more.... yeap...

Educational qualification : Overeducated :P lol.... [ B.Tech in Biotechnology, M.Tech in Biochemical Engineering and currently doing Ph.D. in Fuel Cell Technology as Senior Research Fellow in Biochemical Engineering]
fukkk!! Now I get why I m not getting any girl...they think me a Nerd...hehhehe am I ??

Financial status : 5k per month from Dad , 2 K per month from Mom, 2 K per month from my elder 20 K per month from Govt. of India....

Good qualities : LoL!!! I m one Immodesty personified... I can blabber  a lot about myself but cutting it short to save some precious work time of urs..u kno recession time..if ya continue reading my post...who willl do ya work :P..... So good qualities are..

I can sing ( all my ex gfs forced me to sing them a lullaby for falling asleep... :D )..

I can dance ( I have a record of dancing straight from 9pm to 2 am on last year's DJ night in our college fest.... though I din't woke up for next two days.... :P ) ....

I can cook ( From Tea to Biryani..anything under the sun that I have tasted :D ...; see ... why I call myself Immodest )...

I ride bikes fast and that too without helmet :P,

I can hear you constantly for hours without asking u any question coz i can switch off my listening part of brain completely u won't have any problem of not listening to u :P ...

I m a computer wiz ..can enter any system without u knowing it....  :D so u won't have to lie to me anytime ...

I listen to good music..( I have 60 gb music collection :) )

I m a good  photograffer, ( i will explain u why :P )

I m a good poet .. (ask Preetilata and cinderella ..:P if u don't believe :D  ) ...

I can make u laugh anytime ( ask my lab mates..who can never think of organizing any party without me )..

Bad qualities... ...I m not gonna say much...  :P..but I don't look good ..blame my photography skills for having this dashing photo

...which many compared to John...( Ask keshi ..I neva said it myself :P ) looks can be deceptive... :D...and I drink and i smoke and I do hash and weeds but that is occasionally especially wen I m in rock concerts...or while playing guitar ..oh I m learning guitar now :P

So wat do u say ? What should I be more or less to get a proper Valentine and all the single girls :P....if u r interested please feel free to give a hint...I will ask u for date..u won't have to ask me :D



Oh btw !!!! Happy valentine's day.....

a special dedication to all the  girls I kno..a song and a flower jus for u..

To all my ex gfs and not gfs  :P

name list is large and so is the priority not naming any one but believe me every girl I meet I have a  sense of admiration for u all

and happy valentine's day......

and also happy valentine's day to the boys in completely non gayish manner :D


  1. Waooo......this is the coolest post ive read for today...!!!

    too the song too:)

    tujhe koi bhi mil jaegi:P:P sahi bio data hai boss:D:D

  2. Pyaare aur nyaare Sourish Babu,

    Sabse Pehle aapko humaari ore Valentines diwas hi haardik shubh-kaamnaayein. :)

    Itna bhaari bharkam bio (3Bs) maine aaj tak nahi dekha....padh kar main hi thak gayi. Parantu iss varsh aasha karte hai ki aapko hi sundar, susheel aur pyaari si Valentine mil jaaye.

    :) :) :)

  3. vanilla...

    and phir bhi main akela :P

    soch pathetic jindagi hai :P

  4. smriti ji

    yeh diwas aapko bhi mubarak ho :P

    humari bhi yehi prarthna hai ki bhagwan aapki baaton ko sach karein..par kya karein..unke pariyojnaye hi kuch alag hai humare liye :)

  5. valentines day sure is a big deal,eh? :)

  6. oh that s so funnnny sweetie, for sure, applications to become the next Sourish's Valentine are gonna explode!!!!
    u take care and come and collect ur Valentine Award

  7. awww wut a very sweet V-day post brought tears to my eyes. HUGS!

    I think u r all that n more...but I like ur bad qualities the most lol!

    Im ur I cant apply for this position can I? LOL cos Im dying to!

    Hv a good one my sexy bro! Love ur pic.

  8. ahem ...ahem ....:P....arey yaar u should also help me put some post like this i think i to need to apply :P...well ur not only the one with john looks...ask keshi i to am in the list :P...cholo Happy Vday :P...i to was single in the Vday ...:P..


  9. First thanks for the non gayish wish....phew I was worried :P

    and now I think you shld see Luck By Chance again...the part where he goes back to her in the movie after talking to SRK...

    cause this is ALL ABOUT YOU.....but there is nothing that says what you can GIVE HER...except your ears...

    best of luck....

  10. Nilambari...

    it ain' a big deal though...but it reminds u that u r alone more than enough..and that's painful...

  11. cessy...

    jus checked my not even a half application arrived :P

    i will correctly do the same...

  12. Sissy :O

    u cried on my funny post...omg that's an insult to my sense of humor :P


    and no u can't apply for the post....i don want to be a villian in bloggerville...the moron who stole keshi... no way:P

  13. hemanth...

    Lol...drop ur CV and i will make a post for u too ...or wat an idea..I shud start one valentomonial column :P

    and u r cuter than john... believe me and now I see keshi knows only one indian celebrity so she compares everyone with john....oooh I was flattered with no reason....grrrrrrrrr :P

  14. ceedy bhaiya...

    arre mast line likhi...par mera sab kuch usi ka toh aur kya kahe.....

    waise point achha hai..I will surely focus on it for my next advertisement :P

    waise bhaiya aapne H1B ka naya hungama suna...u ain't gonna affected are u ???

  15. HAHA no I didnt cry cos ur sense of humor sucked. I felt like my lil bro was searching for the love of his life and I felt all too emotional u see hehe...thats all.

    ** don want to be a villian in bloggerville...the moron who stole keshi

    o cmon its not like that at all! it wud be the other way around...I'd be called a notorious brother-stealer LOL!


  16. And bro if u read my last post, now Im not only a sis, Im also a mum! :)


  17. sissyy

    thank god u told me :P
    otherwise I was thinking quit writng funny posts altogether :P

    and lol @brother stealer :P
    dat's so dangerous accusation ..u might get jail with ur bro for the crime :P

    and u r better a sissy to me :P

  18. I AM A MUM! did u even read that post??



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