Monday, September 15, 2008

Whom to blame???

So what are we doing???
Yeah we are playing the Blame game :)




And now The heart of the nation…the nation’s capital..New Delhi??

So what are we doing to stop the evil engulfing the world’s largest yet secular democracy??

This Saturday on 13-09-08. 5 blasts rocked nation’s capital New Delhi and 4 more were stopped before they could kill more that already 20 dead and above 100 injured.

So who is responsible for the death of those civilians ??

Yeah!! I know a group Indian Mujahidin claimed responsibility, so who are they who come up every time and claim that “Yeah we have bombed the city” ??? It’s the LeT’s new name who are so scared of using their own name that they are using another name and that too with Indian written in front of it…so wat are they fighting for??? To remove that Indian name from the name of their organization whom they have named themselves?? Or, to satisfy their own libido for blood and violence.? I heard that Lashkar e Toiba means Allah’s army and Mujahidin means holy soldiers of jihad. LoL!! What a mockery of the name of a sacred religion…LOL and they claim to defend their religion.?? Assholes didn’t ever thought about the fact that this is their own holy month and they are making their own people scared of the fact that now there can be a religious riot or there will be more hatred toward their religion. So how can I blame them, they are so ignorant fools that they don’t know what they are fighting for and against whom their jihad is. lol

So whom to blame??

Government??Lol no no!! Our government is so tolerant in nature that they can’t hurt a fly leave alone stopping terrorism. In the fucking name of democracy and secularism, they were few days back supporting the uplifting of ban against SIMI, the mother organization who’s recruiting mercenaries from Indian soil only and they are smoothly operating as they have control over minority vote bank …and government is too busy saving the chair on which they can rest their sorry piece of ass. Do you know wat they came up in retaliation??? Speeches…LOL ..that’s what they are best at… LOL

So now I am tired searching whom to blame…

Oops…Media…Indian media…LOL…who are so busy searching title name for the mega event that’s now increasing their TRPs..

“ We are here to report first and still victims are lying in pool of blood and none of the government response teams has arrived still”

Fuck the break man! You could have saved at least one human being if instead of reporting ,you would had jumped for the rescue yourself. The media is first to claim, we have got the acceptance mail…Fucking retards …if they played a little sensibly and instead of shouting , wud had kept the mail for POLICE viewing first..the fucking terrorist won’t ever get any publicity…but…lol they have to report first..coz 1 billion retards are waiting to hear from them, who is responsible…as if they will catch them as soon as they get the report…naming 9/11 was of significance..but wat the fuk is 9/13 that’s being flashed as title of the breaking news…so media can’t be blamed coz these people are TRP hungry bastards who can even show their mother’s rape “Live” to increase their we can’t expect them to save the motherland coz that’s beyond their grasp of understanding…

So whom to blame then??

It’s fucking us.…we morons who are so busy scratching our own ass that we can’t see that the chair beneath is burning…we are so busy selecting government who will increase our wages and support our religion that we are forgetting the simple fact that government is incapable to protect us…we are so busy waiting to hear the sensational news of how the 16 year old was raped that we forget that sumday that young girl might have the face of ourfamily…we are so busy gossiping who died and what happened to their family that we forget that instead of gossiping …we could had spared few bucks to relief funds so that that guy who died without any fault can rest in peace that his family is at least safe …we are so busy worshiping the god and the religion that we forget the basic fact that God has left our world a long time back and we are now on our own….

So do something rather than sitting and making it a fact of gossip that 20 people are dead in the blast..coz one day it might by you who will die for nothing coz some freak thought he could become famous blasting u up…so what’s the use of the life if u r not sure when are u going to be killed…so at least die for a purpose with a cause..instead of dying for nothing….

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” -Edmund Burke

So rise up Good people..rise up…coz it might be you….the next victim.

May God be with you…


  1. I read abt this in many blogs today. So very sad!

    Blame game never helps. All I can say is terrorism is something that's inherent to some humans. As long as the human race exists, there'll always be terrorism. Sadly.

    I hv thought n thought n thought abt wut cud be a solution. There r no solutions. Only thoughts. SADLY.


  2. dude I can completely understand where this anger is coming from.

  3. Sissyyy

    i agreee..
    but there will be one solution one day...let's c wen it happenss :(

  4. Rahul

    papa thehy yaar sirf 2 din pehle CP mein kaam k silsile mein...and he left the on saturday itself..i was so terrified ...

    aaj subah se dimag kkharab ho rha ahai :(

  5. You make very valid points...something that all (or most) of us feel, and then we stop short at what should we do? what can we do? uska bhi koi jawaab nahi hai na? if we had someone to show us the way, i guess we would do at least something. but kya karein?

    and yeah, they are just mocking us by calling themselves "Indian"! Indians wouldn't want to rip India apart like this!

  6. A fren's fren was at CP during the blasts......and now has 55 stitches all over his body !!

    FCk the loosers man. I dont even understand why the heck are they doing this. Its 2008 for chrissakes, aur kya bacha hai karne k liye...?

    There is no God, there never was. If there would have been, the state of affais wouldnt have been the way it is. And you know what its not gonna help an ounce or make it better no matter howe much charity we do, cz even then the circumstances continue to be the same - unpredictable n at the mercy of fck ups who have power to change things they way they like.

    Govt is another fck up. What kind work are we living in ?

    And how can we manage to be happy in our own fcked up lil world ? we got no right to be happy. None.

  7. Didi..

    par kisi ko toh lead lena hoga na..hum sab follower bane rahenge toh..leader kon banega...sab koi background mein rehna chhata hai...
    mujhe bhi kuchh samjh nhi aa rha raah dikh rahi hai..wo chunne ki himmat mujh mein h nhi rahi :(

  8. Cindy..
    ur fren is in my prayers...
    and I can understand the anger...
    the world is getting so fucked up and people are so busy saving their own ass..that it has become a mockery...everytime a organization calls and takes up responsibility...this time they called 5 mins earlier and still we are so fucked up..we can't do anything...
    pata nhi kya hoga iss desh ka..but sumday sumone need to give them a lesson...

  9. Very strong post Sou. I m not too good saying something in these kind of situations, I wish/hope it won t happen again...sigh...but there is always stupid bastard out there, not having enough brain to think on their own ;(


  10. Cess..

    i can understand...and i do pray the same...but sumday sum has to nail that bastard...

  11. man..that was a good one..but only person is to be blamed is our selves...people r not helping each other can we blame others....wen there was the hyd blast...they showed a gal who was still alive but dint help her and was taking the video..common wer the fck is the humanity...onyl live coverage..and after few days we say...who cares abt the bombs we have new movies or fcking cricket...coming on live..chalo was a good post...mostly point covered wer good :)..


  12. I am not saying that we will all stay followers, but solution kya hai? More violence? No! Gandhigiri? No! We need to have better intelligence and all that stuff which only the govt can do. I am not trying to escape the responsibility, but I can't come up with any one thing that a civilian can do. Like Ella said we can give charity for those affected, but how do we stop it? No idea :( tumhein kuch soojhe to batao?

  13. mate i was here but cudnt read the whole post as just realised its 4.14 am...shud be back morrow....take care

  14. It is sad...really dont know what to say....

  15. Hemnath...

    brother that's wat I was trying to fucked up we are is being proved by them...they blast..they they claim minutes before and the police were so damn busy ignoring that they could have evacuated the potential sites within minutes....but I think..we are just busy saving our pride and still playing the role following gandhi practice..actually we r not playing gandhigiri ..we are coward so we don't retaliate and now we have excuse for it... it's real sad

  16. Kash di
    the path is neat...that we become aware and make people more aware../.we can gather our own intilligence ..for that we need only good talking skills to gather info coz the uniformed people won't get that info that we can gather...pata nhi may be I m talking no sense..but rite now I m not sure wat I shud do...but kuchh toh karna hoga..and yeh kuch bhi hume hi decide karna hoga.......

  17. Princess..
    koi nhi...jab time mile ..but go thru it for once at least

  18. ceedy bhai...

    I understand bhai ....u live in a place that's no different

  19. friend...

    yeah i very well agree its us who is responsible..
    i very well agree we need to wake up...

    but still, i am confused..

    one option i feel is to give all states its own what happened in punjab...there should not be any intervention from outside....a strict controll...plunge the terrorism from roots..thats all..!!

  20. Like ur new template, faster too!

    **but there will be one solution one day

    yeah like when? I dun believe in any solutions for Terrorism..cos we hv lived thru many generations that saw violence and war, w.o. a solution. We may find a solution to one problem and then another will start somewhere else.

    My point is, as long as humans exist, the world will face both GOODNESS and EVIL. They r both inherent to humans.


  21. HEY!!! I love your new place! COOL!
    And yes this is sad.. I have been here many times and read this, and I just could not think of anything to say!

    Terrorism SUCKS!! BIG TIME!!

    I pray for the families that lost their loved ones...
    Peace? Is it ever gonna happen?

    I dunno! Hope you are doing well, Have a great day Sourish!!

  22. i wont comment on the topic, ok? Just so much is said but unfortunately things dont change, and thats sad.

    Love the template, a bit messed up though, but nice one.
    Take care :)

  23. That is exactly what I am saying. We need to do something. Everyone wants to do something. But the what and how is not clear at all. Talking alone is not going to do anything. The people we interact with are anyway suljhe hue. You know where and what circumstances the perpetrators come from? They are in a completely different world. Kuch karna hai, yes, but what and how?

  24. you getting angry is completely justified...

  25. missin ya bro!

    o my my u hv alot of awards by so many ppl ha? I was checking out ur hot new side bar :) u rock!


  26. Sissyyy...
    we will surivive...but we won't be living ??
    if we don't fight against terrorism and stop supporting religious freaks..we can definitely stop this...

  27. sissyy.

    *missed ya too*


    hehehe most of the awards were given by u only :P

  28. Veeenu

    I agrreee with u..if the state or armed forces are given full control as that's wat the case in US and will be easy to curb them from roots..but our govt is busy saving it's poor ass :P

  29. Nehya...

    thac for loving it...but it still has loads of flaw..I designed it in my laptop but desktop is giving all together diffeent looks :(

    and peace is a distant term..first we need to fight them out of the world..

    I m doing fine...hope u doing too..are u???

    take care of u

  30. Lena...
    it's ok...

    thx for liking the blog...but I kno it's messy..coz I designed in my laptop and it was looking good there but in desktop it was all messed up :P

    I need to redesign it.... :P

  31. Kash di....

    problem humara yehi hai ki kisi ko bhi samjhaye..yeh govt walle hume bhi antisocial maan lenge...unka khud so toh kuchhh hota nhi..humari probs badhate hai....
    but I think agar hum awareness spread kare with our daily discussion...and use the media and internet as tool...we can do it...may be in time...but it will make a difference...

  32. Anjuli di..

    pap they waha ek din pehle tak..pata nhi kya hota agar tab hua hota toh :(

  33. duffer bro u misunderstood my post! come n read my reply to u.


  34. standing under a miss :O
    It's my speciality :P

    so nuffin unusual :P

    lemme check

  35. yeah, it will be a slow slow that I might run out of patience :)

  36. Slow process....
    yes it is ... but kya kare fast kuch kare toh we won't be in control ..and we had to remain under the radar...


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