Monday, September 01, 2008

Wake me up wen september ends

I am still so much in my hypothetical yet so true "Non writer's block" that I am thinking to take a break....and guess what... I've song for this famous occasion...

Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day

Now m thinking seriously give research a priority....coz I've nothing to post except some stupid yet so beautiful songs......

Love ya all loads....


  1. awwwwwww...

    *wakes up bro cos its the first day of Spring*


    how cud u go into hibernation when Spring is here? its the time to re-awaken and bloom!


    btw check ur mail!


  2. Spring :O
    sissy me in India :O

    not in Aus..duffer :P

    Check n replied ur mail :P

  3. Sometimes its better to take a break and sleep rather than write something nonsensical right? BTW, I love this song.

  4. haha so wut...for me, my bro is in Aus 24/7.


  5. Sneha

    Rite u r..bakwas likhne se achha hath ko rest doo..I too love this song :)

  6. :O

    wat..u created my clone there :O


    u cud had created any female wud hav been eaier to find a counterpart for me then :P

  7. no clones here...its the real thing only..and u live in my heart duffer!


  8. @ τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя don t give up on writing, u don t have to write every day though but still, what am i going to read then? and i can give u some tips to write useless funny posts ;) well at least they make me laugh ;)

  9. Sissyyyyyy...

    in ur heart :O

    okay dokie :P


  10. Cess


    m not quiting's jus hiberantion or sought...and doncha worry..i was never able to take hibernation for long :P

    but ideas....u r most welcome..ur ideas make me laugh too :P

  11. anjuli di

    achha hoon didi...and aapka shukragujar ki aapne yaha saalon baad apne kadamon ki nishan chhore :P

  12. hey there, sleepy head... :P

    Coincidently, this year.. all muslim starts fasting yesterday; the 1st day of Ramadan.. so I guess September is a good month too since Ramadan is our holy month..

  13. HEY! I Leave blogworld for a couple of days and come back to you taking a break?????

    Oh well! If you are burnt out I guess you should.. I am going to go away for like a couple of months i have some things i need to handle... And I am going to rough it for awhile in some HOT sun... LOL!!

    I am gonna miss you! be good okay I am here until Wed.. Then I am gone! DON'T forget me I will be back really soon! And i am going to have to read some things.... I will be around when there is a computer available for me there!!


  14. Kya yaar....tu bhi naa..aisey waisi khabbar deta rehta hai...

    Y taking a know you write so well naa...besides mujhe pagal kaun kahega @ my stupid posts:D:D...kaun meri bakwas padega better not go anywhere ..don't post like everyday...par kabhi kabar kuch likh diya kar...accha lagega padhne...

    Nice song...:)

  15. Diva's the holy month of Ramadan and I so much like this month coz at aftar I get loads of food to eat :P

  16. Ne
    rough it in some hot sun :-s
    you going again to take a tan :O

    and then too two months :O


    I will miss u loads.......
    docha worry ..I will manage to write a few post for u to manage some hearty laugh out of enjoy ur vacation a lot



  17. Aqua gurl

    kya aisi waisi khabar :O
    arrre mere pass likhne ko kuchh bhi nhi hai aajkal :(
    kya likhoo bol :(

    aur tujhe pagal kehne k liye mujhe blog nhi likhna padega wo toh main tere blog par aake hi likh diya karoonga :P

    waise maine aajtak blog se lamba break nhi liya ab kya loonga :P

    wo toh sirf sher aaaya sher aaya type ka sabko darata rehta hoon :P



  18. my dear punk bro who cant count, u got 3 awards!


  19. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  20. omg stop being a greedy lil bro in green diapers now lol!


  21. Ok I will see you then - september mai milte hai

    par...hopefully you dont collect more junk instead of spewing it here...when you come back...warna
    you will have to wake us up to read again :P

  22. i have always been amused at how many more posts the average cute looking female blogger gets than the average male..

  23. sissy me not greedy :O

    I was eligible for all 4 coz m ur bro :|

  24. Ceedy bhai..september k end mein kya..main toh poore time dikhoonga :P

    so u will have to read more junk instead :P

  25. nah ur not..that wud be cheating lol!


  26. u can't cheat for ur bro..... :O

    how meany weany.... :P

  27. hey i love this song mate.....n dont spend yur time sleeping so much, yur missing out on the goodies of SEP


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