Wednesday, September 03, 2008


First of all I am very sorryy....sorry because everytime when I talk about taking a break..I come back the very next day :D
And u people have to hear my craps everyday and that too I kno it's so difficult coz u people were then relaxing that u won't have to read to my craps for at least some time :P

But this time I was very serious.................................but my sissy Keshi....made such a situation that I have to post again..... :P and u people have to read my craps again...but this time I will make it fruitful for all of ya :P

coz Fst I will tell u about the awards I got and then I will distribute the same to ya :P
though I kno a lil u will care about getting it :P after all if I start my own Nobbel prize as comparable to Nobel :P..will u come to accept it :P ????

By the way please put the award on ur blog...if u are already not recipient of it....and that's a request

and in the end I will give the Most Beautiful Soul Award

Blogging Friends forever :

The award goes to....

Nehya- I won't explain much about her now...but she is a friend I will treasure forever

Cinderella - She could had got the bogging crush forever..but since she is committed for last 10 years and very recently she made clear her dislike for bengali boys :P ..she will have to settle for friends forever award :P

Keshi - sissy is my she is auto qualified :P... (look sissy that is how one distribute awards to kins :P)

Anjuli didi - though she is nowadays very busy to drop here..but she is sweeter a nd she is my very dear frnd :)

Aqua gurl- she recently got qualified..heheheh..she is really lovely girl..who lifts up my spirits everytime with her high funda comments :)

Mia- A girl..I would like to have my friend forever...coz of her simplicity and honesty

Million dollar Friend Award

A friend whose worth a fortune is my explanation for it....
and the award goes to....

Keshi- she is my best friend in the blogosphere and m really lucky to have her in my life

Cinderella- Getting a friend who as sick as me is rarer and then to that dumb as me is rarest and cindy qualifies both

Ceedy bhai - He is a great architect.. and he is planning to build my house for free :P heheheheh..and his comments really worth a fortune

Nehya- She never ever deserted me ..even in the toughest of situation..and a well wisher like her is rarer

Cess -A french girl with wonderful sense of humor and getting her as an admirer of my written a really a lovely experience..

Meghna- She is a wonderful writer...and she is my lovely younger she auto-qualifies :P

Brilliant Weblog Premio -2008

The bloggers whose writing everytime create a huge impact on my thinkings

1) Keshi- The way she describes her life and all the situations and then connecting it to the thinkings of the various soul reading it just brilliantly awesome...

2) Cinderella- People say ( not me of course:P) that she is an excellent poetess and wenver I read..i m left gasping for...of course ... the Dictionary .... :P...hehehhe..the way she describes love in words in connection is simply awesome....

3) Lena- she has a wonderful insight to life and with her experience she creates master pieces most of the time

4) Cess- If u read her writings..the way she describes the situation with humor..u won't stop reading it untill u finish the whole segment

5) Kashmira - Kash di..though she write her personal blog..but she defn takes out time to reach the inner mind with some of her beautiful posts ..

6) Arti - Arti di- she is just awesome writer..the poems the stories everything mesmerises me everytime..she is awesome and she is my inspiration too...

7) Sneha- she has a wonderful way to tackle situations..and most of the time she will ask u a question that will defn impact ur mind....

Most Beautiful Soul:

This award that I've created...goes to

Keshi- she is my sissy..and since she is my sissy and I made her my sissy...everything implies one thing and that is she is the most beautiful soul ...the way she handles my situation and pampers me..she is awesome ...

Cinderella - A gal ...who don't drink, smoke or cultivate any bad habits..but she manages to be as drunken as me...she is dumb as me...she is as beautiful as she is :P and she is as sick as me :P..and wen u read her u will find her soul as clean as heheheheh of course herself.... :P..she is a worthy soul..whose honest and committed to her values....

Nehya- She is blonde...but just a talk with her..I found a beautiful heart inside .... and will elaborate abt her slowly and slowly..coz..shhhhhhhhhh m still learning about her :P

Anjuli- Her simplicity and her lovely views only comes wen one has a beautiful soul

Rest of the boys and gals..I've very little knowledge of ...I m sure as soon as I get to kno them well enough..they will defn find a place in my award book....and I kno as if u really cared :P



Love n carez


  1. omg Im touched! So many great awards, and I got ALL of em? LOL r u sure ur not just pampering me? awwww...HUGGGGGGGGZ n ty! U r so sweet, so generous and so loving!

    *tickles bro*


    ** auto qualified

    haha that is so funny! Love it.

    I got all these awards already except for the last one...i'll display it in my blog soon. ty so much!

    I never had a bro in my life..but now I do. And Im as happy as ever. Seriously I was thinking abt u on the train this morning...thinking wut a wonderful bro I hv. :)


  2. wow cool many awards...and keshi and cindy r in all that even cool...superb dude keep smiling..


  3. that was such a sweet post, Sourish :)
    Thank you so much for the award and your kind words!!

    PS: sorry for not visiting.. have hardly visited anyone at all, just some people occasionally. Been busy with work very much :(

  4. Sissyyyyyyyyyy

    heheheheheh...u thought today only...I think of u most of the soon as my aus trip materializes..I will land there and have loads of fun...and's not pampering k..u got all the awards and I explained why u got it :P

    duffer :P


    and I kno m sweet :)

  5. Hemu...

    thanks for dropping by..and keep dropping by....may be u will be the winner of my next best blogger award :)

    will visit u soon :)


  6. OK, I admit I wanna pull your leg first, par tu aise kaam karega to it becomes troublesome na ?!

    Samajhta nahi hai !!!

    Thnx a ton for thew sweet sweet gesture.

    And you got one new male reader I see....good hai. Unnati par ho mahatma ! LOL !

    Ceedy was tellin ek reality show banana chahiye of poets-writers n all, aur waha tujhe critic banakar bhej dena chahiye...maza aa jayega !!

    I cant agree more !

    Tu unki aisi sure-shot bajayega ke trps neeche aayenge hi nahi,,aur u show se niklega nahi !!!!!!!!


  7. Lena...
    I understand..the work pressure...and no need for thanking..u desrved that award from me ..

    glad u came...

    love n carez

  8. cindy


    dekh kitna pyare pyare post likhta hoon tujhe lekar..aur tu hai ki bhav hi nhi deti...:P


    pata hai very seldom've seen such a gal who is so dedicated to vales and love...u really qualifies for all of the awards :)

    and ceedy mast idea nikala hai aisa :P

    main soch rha ahoon koi launch n kare toh main hi kar doo...zaman bahut kharab hai :P

    heheheheh...waise manna toh padega ..I m ahig level critic :P

    love n carez

  9. these awards aaaaaaah I see ;) thank you very muchy for the awards, i ll put them on my blog don t ya worry ;)

  10. cess

    hehehehehe u r sowelcome :)

    and thanks a lot for collecting it :)

  11. Congrats so happy for you...., ab mujhe party chahiye to celebrate these awards.

    n mate thanks again for considering me worth enuff for the award. lemme update my post then ;)

  12. Be back later....

    I dont usually attend award functions :P (aamir ka chela)

    So can you parcel it ;)

    Thanks dude - now only if you have really given me the million....damn it

  13. waooo....super awesome:)

    I am honoured:D:D...thnkooo ji:D:D

    I'll post it soon on my blog with a post...:)

    Btw hero....high fundey mere hotey hai ki tere:D:D


  14. Hi Sourish!

    Thanks a lot, I am honored...
    Sorry, I could not get back to you earlier because I was busy with book and festival.
    The book is finally printed and ready for sale :)
    See blog!

    Arti didi

  15. AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!Sourish!! You are so sweet to me!! Thank you so much for the awards!

    I would have had a speech prepared if I knew I was up for a Nobbel prize from YOU!!!

    I had to really laugh at She is a blonde but you would not know it talking to her! LOL!! CEEDY and I just had this conversation!! LOL!!!

    Thank You From the bottom of my heart I will display them.. OH and i have NOT forgot!!!!!


    Plus you still have my old link up!! Come on Sourish!!! LOL!!!

  16. Bro I cant think of ur every single day cos u hv eaten all my think-spots...meaning u live there 24/7. lol HUGS!


  17. Princess :P tohmain aaker loonga..award to tumhe mila hai :P

    and thx for updating it :)

  18. crasiezt

    heheheheh...agle award function mein khud ko nominate karna na bhoolna :P

  19. Ceedy bhai :O

    parcle :O

    jaanto ho DHL mein parcel karne mein kinne lagte hai ...bolo toh VPP mein bhej doon :P

    only if u had got million :P


    milega bhai..pehle mereko millionaire banne do...fir ek million toh aapki fees doonga..ek masterpiece ghar banane ko :)

  20. aqua gurl :P

    hehehehe high funda tere hi hote hai :P
    waise wo pun tha dumbo :P

    hehehehe u r most welcome :)

  21. Nehya


    ahhhh..i missed that speech then....nex time I will inform u prior in advance :P


    Ceedy bhai is doing a loads of discussion nowadays :P
    both the cinderellas are talking about him only..heheheheheh

    but believe me I never cud had guessed that u r a blond if u never had told me..... :P
    but u have a beautiful heart...m now sure of it.... :)

  22. Arti didi...
    u r welcome didi...

    and congrats..ruko main aaake check karta hoon :)

  23. Which other cinderella????

    Chelega VPP bhej de...will add it to your fees later...anyways

  24. Sissy..

    eaten ur thinkspots :P

    that's why ..nowadays I don't have any apetite for new thinkings :P



    love ya loads

  25. heheheheheh

    ceedy bhai..cinderella..aarre Nehya ka pehla naam cinderella hi tha :P aur ek apni architect cindy :P

    VPP mein bhej deta hoon aapka award :P
    fees* mein add kar dena...

    *Terms and conditions applies..... :P

  26. I mean I am not coming back to Yousaytomato...........

    I am gonna be at my wordpress from NOW on!!.. switch those links out for me please!!! hahahahahah

    Oh Sourish! Tell me your NOT a blonde PLEASE!!!! You are acting like one! hahahahah!!


  27. thanks a ton Sourish.....


  28. Nehya...


    me blonde by nature but alas my hair's black :P


    ok point noted wordpress ne :P

  29. anjuli di





  30. u dun? well eat some apples then :)


  31. :) well designed awards i must say :D

  32. Ya know Sourish!!

    My blonde kicked in and I forgot what it was I was gonna name you....

    Now I have to think really hard and or come up with a new name this is gonna be hard for me....

    Take care!!!!!


  33. keshi :O

    apples..if I eat all the will I be apple of everyone's eye :O???

  34. Nehya :P

    U forgot :P


    nowI m sure that u r a blonde :P
    defn it will be a hardwork ...


    love nn carez

  35. ahemmmahemmm....THANKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.....Love ya.... :D

    BTW, aapke aur cindy di ke beech ki relationship nahi samajh aati....itna ladte ho...taang kheechte rehte ho lekin phir bhi itne phool barsate ho!!! Ufff!! Bade log....bade. log!!!

  36. Dude, tu pehle Megh ko yaha reply kar le phir mera reply padhna thik hai.

    Kemon acchish ?

    Megh sweetie, I hope I could help you understand the deal.

  37. Aur haan sun, apne baare mein saari khushfaymiyaan apne paas hi rakhiyo...high level critic na aar kichhu !!!

    Idea lekin mast hai...sotti !

    Udhar Sarojini Naidu recite karegi idhar tu bolega abhi Shakespeare (tera fave - mostly cz tujhe aur kisi poet ka naam nahi !) apni kabra mein palti kha raha hoga...hahahahahah !!!!!

  38. thats nice of you :) im also an admirer of keshi's blog

  39. displayed with a msg on my side bar - the freaking hope wala million dollar BLANK check :)

  40. BAHIYA??? SHy bro....kya baat hai...reply anhi akr rahe...accha as di said...unka reply bhi padh lena!!

  41. meghna

    u r welcome..

    aur mera aur tumhari cindy didi ka rishta kya hai :O



    kuch rishton k naam nhi hote..yeh dil ka rishta hota hai..matlab I like cindy vey much...and this liking is similar to billi likes chooha.... :P

    samja aaya :P ????

    heheheh aur main shy nhi net use policy ka follower ban gya hoon :P

  42. Cindy..

    dekh maine uska jawab de diya..waise tu di hoti toh wo jyada khush hoti :P

    Me well hai toh life comfort mein hai :P

  43. congrats dude..there's another one waiting for you at my blog!!!

  44. Aw..:(
    I have no award here..hehe..doesn't matter!
    Congrats to all those who do.

    Btw,check out my blog..and collect your award :)

  45. Thank you SO much! Wow! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! :) A very sweet post indeed!

  46. wah wah.. sare inaam ladkiyon ko..
    aur mera naam apke blogrollse gayab hai !

  47. cindy :P

    le agar sarojini auntie recite karne kabra se uth k aa sakti hai toh mere Shakespeare chacha kabra mein palti nhi maar sakte...waaah waah..badi nainsafi hai :P

    and for ur kind info mujhe aur bhi poet k naam yaad hai:P
    ek ka naam hai na pallavini the meany itna complex likhti hai ki shakespeare bhi mango shake leke padhne baithta hai :P

    aur abhi uska bhai bhi issi league mein naam kama raha hai:P

    waise btw tum dono bhai behen dictionary bechne ka business shuru kiun nhi karte :P

  48. truthful ji :P

    thanks ..ab aapbhi nominate ho jaiey :P

  49. crystal :P

    arre tereko award milega na..agli bar pakka se :P

  50. crystal :P

    arre tereko award milega na..agli bar pakka se :P

  51. kash di :P

    u r so welcome..kabhi kabhi mere blog par aa bhi jayo karo :P

  52. sardar :P
    award tujhe :P

    arre tere liye koi mast award aaye toh..tu toh superleague ka hai...IIM type ka :P

  53. duh duh duh bro!

    **if I eat all the will I be apple of everyone's eye

    u eat all the apples and become an apple!


  54. I saved the image but it won't let me link it on my blog page! WHY? :(

    Thank you for the award!

  55. sneha

    wo na blogger k image picassaweb mein jate hai na toh waha se nahi link nhi hoti.. :(

    ek kaam kar sakti usko nam as pic laga lo..layout mein hota hai pic uploading & captions ka ...

  56. oye congrats P boy 4 ur awards, srry 4 nt visitin you. i did read ur post de flight of my life, started commentin n it ,but den v hd a power cut here. i cam bak den ,late at nght , ws sleepy den & found de post too hazy 4 my lil brain. lol!

  57. oh my mhy...sho shweet..

    it's okay..even i find it clouded..hehehehhe

    do drop feels good to be surrounded by lovely people :)


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