Tuesday, September 09, 2008

When I Looked at the World...

First of all two of my sweet blog mates...Rahul (left) and Crystal (right) gave me one awards each. ...I felt very honored and much elated to get the awards...and I sincerely thank them for the noble gesture...and I will treasure these forever...

I was jus reading an article on the biggest experiment of the world....the 7 billion dollar ..Nuclear particle accelerators and was amazed to see a young scientist involved in that...He is Dr. Brian Cox who was keypad player of D:Ream in 90s and had a place in U.K top 10...and at jus the age of 40, he is leading the project which mite solve the mysteries of gravitation and give insight of the birth of the universe...this man who played in a band and then studied physics to be at CERN..he needed to be saluted for his effort...

Then the movie "Rock on"...the movie was another dil chahta hai type flick..but only one thing that made me smile in utter surprise was it'star Farhan Akhtar....and very few of u mite be knowing that all the songs he sang himself.. he is a director, producer, dialogue writer and now a singer...god! world is full of talent...

And then I looked at myself and I found myself to be so full of false promises....I've been gifted with so many good talents...but I never took any risk..and wen I watched "Matrix" ...I got only one line that suit me best...

" There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path"

and I devoted all my time knowing the path but never took the risk walking on it...and seriously...today wen I read Brian Cox's..I felt who will read mine..wat's there to live a life among the billions if not a million know me and admire me....

Now I think ..it's time to be serious ..
So wish me luck and pray the God that I find courage to walk the path....
Love u all...

got two more awards...
One from Mia
of blogging friends forever which is posted below and One from my lil sis...Meghna..which I will post now..


  1. It will happened, does not mean It will be as brilliant as the ones u named in ur post but it might a great achievement for u ;)

  2. Tere dimag mein to bhusa bhara hua hai, fir yeh sab kaise ? Kahase copy kiya hai bata ! Mujhe malum hai ye tere dimag ki upaj toh ho hi nahi sakti..lol !!!

    On a serious note, a very honest post. Goodluck for your pursuits mate !


  3. Isn't that so true about most of us ... nice post man .. wishing u all the best .. :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. congrats on the awards re:D:D

    itna senti aur serious post....woh bhi tere se....I am still figuring it out:D:D:D

    And i am sure you'll find the courage to walk the path...

    God bless, hugs and love!!!

  6. Yeah man, same here it seems
    knowing the path, not walking it.

    Maybe the problem is there are so many paths of preference!

    As concerns the current path I walk, don't like it much, although its quite parallel to the one I would love to walk. don't know if down the road the two shall meet.

    Meanwhile I see so many sidelanes I like. Each needs its own unique vehicle. I have the license for some of these types of vehicles, but fear I may not be able to handle the terrain

  7. Farhan Akhtar? sounds familiar.. must be farah khan's cousin rite.. if yes, he is my BIL's cousin toooo

  8. Looks like I entered a Sarkari Office....NOTICE reads in bold....

    best of luck....

  9. HON! I wish you all the luck that you can handle!! You will walk the path!! JUST WAIT AND SEE!!!!

    Oh and I did my acceptance speech so look when you have time!!

    Luv ya also!!!


  10. cindy

    copy :O

    maine :O

    oye me complete original..main koi shakespeare wordsworth ki copy nhi karta samjhi :P

    thanks for the wish re :)

  11. descrying the shadows....

    thanks a lot..and welcome to the my web space :)

  12. whoaa good post bro!

    **" There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path"

    I agree! It's like saying 'walk the talk, not just talk the talk' :)


  13. aqua gurl

    thanks re..i kno I can count on u for any good wishes for life :)my

  14. stupidosaur

    bhai..i don kno whether i m walking the path parallel to it..I always thot that that I shud be content with life has given to me...but i think the world don't recognize the mediocrity ... so i need to start afresh...I also feel the same wen i see the pavements and sideways...but I always fear ..or may be i m too lazy to start new..god bless u too

  15. sarah

    double thanks re...seems like u were correct all the time..may be it's not that late..

  16. Diva...

    ohooo..someone has someone close to bollywood..:)
    naah he is not bro of farah but he is son of Javed akhta ..the famous storywriter and lyricst...

  17. Ceedy bhai...

    baabuju sarkari..main bachpan se sarkari school and sarkari college mein padhne wala...isse jyada aur kya karoonga batao :P

    thx for the wishes..

  18. Ne...

    I will defn come to see the acceptance speech....and thc for the wishes and love..I kno u r a sweetheart

  19. Sissyy

    thx for the wishes..and as always u r so true to guess it rite


  20. yeah..its right.
    realisations r gud...its nt jus ur case i guess..
    anyweys my best wishes!

  21. all the best neo

    n hey didnt u check yur award on my blog ;(

  22. Bhaiya movie kaisi hai?? ROCK ON dekhne jaaongi jaise hi exam khatam ho :P

  23. Movie thodi si slo hai...but achhi hai...mujhe toh achhi lagi...worth watching..


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