Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Joy and sorrow

The cycle of joy and sorrow is one , I always find myself amaze to see....
I just can't imagine when I jus shed a tear for the victims of the recent bombings throughout the world even if it was in Sheraton, Pakistan, the world is celbrating kiss day, love day and other freaking days....aneways..the world won't stop...
But the world is defn going for it's end as expected in Mayan's calender on 2012..though I don't believe but I can sum up with sumthing closer a date for our extinction or a world without sun...

So let's see the comparisons of today's sitaution with that of the days before the Second world war...

1) The world was facing the shortage of coal then as what we are soon gonna face with the oil, as soon as oil start vanishing, govt. will leash it's sale to run the oil dependant war machineries and that will result in war to take control of the oil field and soon it will blooom into a full scale nuclear war...and the sum will hide behind the nuclear dust...and we have to face the extinction..

2) The aiding factor for speeding up the date of extinction is the ongoing economic falldown, which is slowly started to engulf europe after america..and even indian stock market saw a plunge due to heavy selling of stocks by giants to gain some liquid money to run their operation . and after America it will defn create a huge economic depression worldwide..and then civil wars or a full scale war...it will be all the power show...

3) And last but not the least..these stupid terrorists will act as the ignitor , as they will either a wage a war soon or unleash a war opun themselves.

So see the world is not that simple and beautiful as we are seeing it now ..everything is suppressed..every country is preparing for the war...the destrcution is eminent so live ur life fully now...so that wen the war brokes and a missile lands on ur steps...u shudn't be shouting.. " Oh lord ! I hav't seen the world fully yet "

Signing off for a few days....As I m going home on Saturday..and there are loads of holidays in between in which I will be off net... So
in advance
Shubh Navratri and Shubh Sharodiya to all of you...

and in an advance
Happy Dussehra and Shubho Bijoya....

May god bless u with all the happiness , fill up ur life with fresh fragrance of Sheoulis and cool breeze of Sharad...

Love and carez


  1. Ur right...not only the world, even mates r up for war. So wut hope do we hv of the world? :) I dun hv much hope. I just do my bit, thats all.

    Joy n sorrow follow each other like the shadow. Thats life.

    Hv a good break, unwind, chill out with fam & friends and be bak all fresh and in JOY again :) HUGS bro TC!


  2. sisyy..
    yeha I agreee..we all are doing our bits n pieces..let's hope for the best..

    and thanx a ton


    U too have a good time ahead

  3. here thru kesh's blog...

    i cast aside the newspapers tdy coz the whole BIG story about the US and EU finacial crisis made the morning seem so gloomy ...

    ended up surfing blogs to feel a lil btr...and got here only to read a post on the end of the world!!

    But yeah...reality bites! Can't get away from where we're heading...can we?

    on a more positive note... hope the break does u good and u have fun with the fmly :)

    Shubho bijoya to u too!

  4. i know u came to know abt the kiss day in mine lol :P...i dint want to offend anyone through that..but guess wat there had been a big fight with that post which eventually i had to delete the total post..

    yes ur points on todays world ..but there is some happiness also ..not always sad..

    and there is lot of issues even between frnds these days as kesh said...and i am one candidate in that...and lost soo much and now stoped caring abt it...:)..

    and have a good time at ur home dude..tell ur parents i asked them :)..

    and happy dasara to u too :)..


  5. Ishita..

    welcome to my blog....and I m sorry that it wasn't a pleasant experience for ya.....may be if u had hopped in .a day before..U cud have seen the humor side of me...but today it was one of my routine mood swings..everywhere the death was evident..even I was feeling scared to go home ...I m not afraid of death...but I don't want die for nothing...

    yeah reality bites....but I hope if u go thru my other posts..u will feel lighter if not u already found sumfink to be light :)

    take care
    and yeah I hope this break wud do sumfink good...]

    Shubho bijoya to u too :)

  6. Hemnath...ooops Hemanth...

    it was not offending at all..but yeah I came to kno of it from ur blog...that u r rite.... :P
    but it was a genral comment and it include the stupid valentine day too...

    though there are happiness in the world..but i think it is the veil hiding the upcoming major sorrows...

    ahhh ..seriously man..I need a break for sure :D

  7. Hey Sourie,

    Yeah the financial turmoil has been shattering a lot of things in this part of the world...and its getting worse.

    Btw....enjoy ur days off and have fun...going home is the best thing everr!!!

    Shubh navrathi....yeee....i'll be attending it on sat...will be writing abt it....:):)

    Take carezzzz...


  8. Kewl post likh ke...khud chala gaya "life live karne fullest"

    enjoy bud...yes agree to every word you put here :)

  9. i like yur tempate mate...for once i can so clearly read

  10. vanilla

    yeah I can understand the effect of the economic depression and I m myself closely following the developments...I hope it solves fast...

    and shanivar ko navratri :P
    daandiya nhi khelogi...pakka ghaghre mein ek foto khichna ..dekhoo toh cute vanilla kaisi dikhti hai ghaghre mein :P

  11. Ceedy bhai :)

    4 ko jaa rah ahoon..aaj eid cancel ho gyi :(..so waps yaha munh utha k chala aaaya :)

  12. Bro I'd choose u anytime over John Abraham! but r u an actor? ;-)

    btw I cant do that NEED tag...did u read what I said to Cess at the beginning of my current post? :(


  13. hehehehehe
    sissyy...I kno..but did john ever told ya who taught him acting :-s
    of course not me..he is poor actor :P


    yeah I read it..but there must be sumfink there :-s
    weren't there???

  14. Bro u do look like John..rem I told ya that? :)

    no there was nothing at all for KESHI NEEDS...lol u check it out urself!


  15. ahhhhhh,
    correct it..
    john looks like me :P

    wait ..lemme search it for ya

  16. u look like him in this pic!

    omg dun tell me Im falling for my bro lolllllllz!


  17. I Understand Joy & Sorrow.. And you are right, when we are in the midst of something horrific The world keeps on going does not even think about stopping!

    It happens in family and relationships.. Life goes on and even tho "WE" don't want to "WE" have to.. I guess thats life!...

    Oh I have been around even tho I have not posted on my blog or anyone elses.. I try to comment 2 aday until I catch up...

    A Lot of things going on! If You were on Gtalk when I was.. lol you would know! hahahaha

    Be good and have a safe journey home!


  18. ur user name's indicating that things not usual for ya...but even if m not there.. u can drop me a mail..u were supposed to make me abreast ...weren't u

    nowadays m neck deep in work..coz as i m goin home..I want things to be ready wen I come back...

    u take care of urself...my dear attilla the hun..and that means really to take care of urself...

    waiting for ya mail...
    love n carez

  19. y is there fightin he looks like john ...i am here y did u forget me kesh ....tupid ...i am the john here ...srry the hemz here...:P..lol..

    and he was inspired me to go into movies :P...becuase of my poor acting hehehh:P..


  20. hallo cheta! Howre u doin? I'm Adi... maybe you already know me. Im a frequent visitor of Meghna's blog. Jus thought it would be kinda bad of me to not visit the blog of her brother. Great blog there!
    And doesn't Meg visit your blog? Saw none of her comments....
    See ya later!


  21. omg I hv 2 Johns in Blogville now...Bro and Hemz...omg omg its too HOT to handle!


    Bro I'll HOLD on to something yes...lolllllllllllz!


  22. @keshi..

    lol...u sure do have 2 john's..:)...try to handle it :D..


  23. haha Hemz ur spying on all my perving ha??? OMG I just got caught! :(


  24. Bro come n check out my newfound celebirty status.


  25. Too good post.
    Claps for you...

  26. hemanth....

    maine kab kaha john jaisa dikhta hoon...john mere jaise dikhta hai..yeh important hai :P

  27. Adi...

    heya lil guy...thanx for the visit...and it's really lovely to have young readers here :)

    meghnavists my blog...and why she seldom comments :P..it's a question u better ask her :P...
    but u do keep visiting... :)

  28. **dun be naughty

    now ur telling Keshi to be Unkeshi?



  29. lol

    oh that was brutal from my side...

    apologyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :P :P

  30. no need to apologise...how abt a hug?

    hey when r u going home?


  31. *hugz*

    for u anetime :)

    home??...leaving tomorrow evening for a week :)

    miss me..ok??

  32. @keshi..

    ehehe i caught ya....lol :P...


    dude....that goes for u to u like mee..john looks like u..so obviously he imitates me :P..


  33. fuck Im missing mah bro already



  34. lolz Hemz yes u caught me hanging ard John-Abraham-lookalikes' blogs.

    o nos!


  35. bro when u go home, eat some of that fried fish for me too ok :)

    Its a long wknd here too..

    TC, chillax, hv fun and come bak soon HUGGGGGGGGZ!


  36. @keshi

    hahaah...yes sure..i caught u ..:)..not john look alikes ..its john who is looking like us..lol ..:P..


    so u leaving to home..have loads of fun buddy..and tell ur parents i asked and special hi from a blogger friend :)..


  37. hemanth :P

    i don't look like u ...but u do have a resemblance like me :P

    so I guess..it may be john imates u but u r also inspired by mine looks :P..and that's why john is imitating u :P

  38. sissyyyyyy...

    u already missing :O

    let me go first :-s

  39. *hugzz*

    i will defn eat some fishes :P
    with some exotic dishes...

    love ya loads


    have a happy weekend :)

  40. :)

    this is a part of modern life..
    will have to live with that..!!

    nicely vented out..!!


  41. nice comparisons... ya d world is not that simple.. one day i wud not be surprised to see missile landing on my steps..

    bijoyar ekhono dher deri tai ekhon durga pujor shubho kamona janacchi. :)

  42. Vinu...

    if u make terrorism a part of ur life jus like the other features...then it will never stop..doncha think???

  43. preetilata..

    thanx re...same to u....

    aar aami toh thakbo na bijoyar time tate..so ekhoni jaaniye dichhi..nahole..eshe jaaniye debo :)


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