Saturday, September 20, 2008

Did ya googled it??????

Just few years one knew wat is google...means wen I was first introduced to it..I actually laughed reading google :P
But now it seems... this word has inserted itself so strongly that it is now used as a ya googled it...oh man just google and u will get it...i will google her...and the other things....

and there is a funny tag that i have been tagged with... :P....courtesy to my new blogmate Cecile ( with a inverted comma over the first 'e' .. ..sorry Cess I can't type it from the blog post editor :P)
To check out wat google think I need .....

So I typed...
Daydreamer needs.......
and the following 1o answers came........

1) "Daily Thoughts of a Daydreamer. My brain is leaking…straight to YOU! ..... And don’t forget this needs to update all websites extremely frequently,"
Gossh! brain's leaking :-s..somebody help :P?'s leaking to ya..Please collect it in a cup and send it back to me :P

2) Creative Daydreame Personality Adaptation - Issues of Personal Growth :O
Further, it really is okay for them to have feelings, needs and expectations
How considerate ..Huh!!!

3)There is a time when every man needs a woman...
LoL..looks like I m so desperate now my time has come..please find me a gal

4)Daydreamer is getting ready to leave for Canada to work at a hunting .
Hooyaaah! Hunting trip...and that too to Canada...Valencia(aqua gurl)...main tere ghar aa raha hoon..we will hunt everyone in Canada :P

Daydream Island Resort and Spa is a beautiful island to hold you next ... is placed on your individuality - your body and its needs are unique to you...
LoL if it's my need's gotta be mine only and unique of course :P..and my needs of can't resist :P

6)Questions needing Daydreamer's attention. by relevancy, by status, newest first, oldest first, recently updated first. Status. Open Needs information...
I got a entire website for my needs :O

7) Needs to be heard -Daydreamer is very professional in both lyrical & musical skills.
lol..I agree even the dogs of my streets will agree..they sing with me in woofs wen i start singing :P...

8)daydreamer needs a life!...
LoL...seriously man....I need one soon :P

9)What collection of needs and goals should DAYDREAMER have? Is there a basic set of needs from which all other needs derive...
I Don't kno....u r THE can i answer wat basic set of needs I need :P???

June Etoile's Daydreamer Deluxe Journal View Larger. front image Front. Additional View ... From June Etoile: The June Star for your Fashion Needs .....
How much larger u gonna view :P ??huh??

hehehehe so see google knows every thing abt me and has given 164,000 hits...I hope I might need sumthing outta the first 10 I shared :P

Now tag time:P
and I will tag to only one..and that's my sweet friend Valencia...Let'c how google cater her :P


  1. Google can be mean sometimes ;) or don t have all the answers ;)
    Seriously even Google thinks u need to find a girl, so u can cook for her nice dish ;)
    So what are u waiting for ??? ;)



  2. btw I love ur template, prefere this one to the previous one, and thanks for the accent on top of the é ;) in ur blogroll ;)
    It means a lot for me :DDDD

  3. Cess

    hehehehehe is always means :P

    and I can see google thinks I need a girl but problem is that it is not hooking me up :(

    I need to have a girl first..isn't so :P ??

    Thanks for loving the template.. and no need to thank me for the accent's ur name and i shudn't be killing it.. :)

  4. @ τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя

    Well i can t really say he is always mean, he is the one who give me my payslip at the end of each month ;)

    i don t understand y u can t seems to find a girl, u seems perfect ;) What s ur teknik to pick up girl? where do u hang out? how about at school/work?

    feel free to mail me if u wanna discuss about it longer ;) i love to know the way relationships is working in India ;)

    And don t worry for my name i m used to it, and I understand than foreign people don t know how to write it or pronounce it, even some french people don t know how to write my last name (cause it s a spanish one ;) most of my foreign friends call me Cess ;) easier !

  5. Cess
    oho google employee :P

    I have relationship issues :P

    I can't stick to people for long and so the others cant stick to me..i will mail ya da details..drop a mail at that i cna kno ur mail id..

  6. Google is evil ! Atleast it was good to you dude !!

    I have been tagged for this one too, just read my is an ass. Bigtime !

  7. I think after this tag I feel like going to the google headquarters with a placard..."hamari maange puri karo"

    chane ke jhad pe chada diya...;)

  8. @ ceedy
    I m sorry for my lack of knowledge in terms of indian lg, what""hamari maange puri karo" means? ;)

  9. @cess

    I meant to say that since google is giving us such audacious needs and wants...I feel like going to their headquarters and protesting with placards saying "Now honor our wishes and wants"

  10. omg.....i am happy to be tagged yet again:):)

    @ you coming here:P:P..hollaaaaa...yeeee...sach mein ki mazaak kar raha hai..?!?!?! lekin sun, india ka kya hoga without you..:O:O:O :P:P but m happie:D:D

    btw google thinks you need it or you think u want to:D:D

  11. It has been years since ive typed anything in the address bar. I google everything :P


  12. @ Ceedy
    he he ok, I should do the same too :P

  13. Cindy..

    heheheh...ur nickname is quite used in adult film industry I can understand wat the result can be :P

  14. preeti...

    lol...I 've been spared....if u cud had seen the others doing it.... they are hilarious :P..if u want u can take up the tag

  15. ceedy bhai..

    chane ki jhaad.... :O

    lol ek bhi toh maang dhang se puri nhi ki,...haan yeh usne ek dum achha kaha u have to hear me singing :P

  16. Cess and ceedy...
    u r going to google HQs... :O

    take my demand lists too :P

  17. Numb...

    me too have the same practice..I don think anyone type sumfink in adress bar ..except blogtitles or mail login pages...

  18. Well, I never came across anything like that - which you'll see when I do the tag - Cinderella is a name ppl will hardly consider pertaining to purposes mentioned by you...but that sure tells us how much of porn you still !

    ANyway, you have questions. COme n answer couldja ?

  19. Aqua gurl...

    hehehe u r so sweet...tag lene k baad koi khush hota hai yeh maine sirf tumko dekha hai...

    hehehe keh rah ahai ki I need to be in canada to i think I need to nonor the deal..toh tum hunting ki taiyyari karo..main aata hoon canada :P


    I wud defn like to visit u sunmday..pakka se..:)

  20. Cindy...


    I was talking abt the name Cindy...bolo toh bhej dooo do tin link agar tumne preferences badli hai toh :P


    yeah coming to see....yaar mere se koi sawaal kaise puch sakta hai bolo :O???

  21. o man Im yet to do this Tag...I so love it! :)

    **There is a time when every man needs a woman...

    wut? LOL!

    bro sounds alot like a daydreamer, yes!


  22. Canada calling???

    masti eh...

    and daydreamer needs a gairl ;) good hai!

    how are u doing?

  23. Sissyyy...

    that's not me :P

    that's the goooooogle :P


  24. Anjuli Di..

    me fine shine....aur yeh google hi badmash hai..maine kuch nhi kiya

    *makes puppy face*


    aaap batao..aap kaise ho???

  25. google does not have answers to me lol....i am happy u dint tag me lol..otherwise i should searh the searh engine for my answers..;)...tag nicely done dude..:)..


  26. Dude, Trace n an anon have wques for you, come n answr will ya ?

  27. where in the heck have you been? I have not seen you! well we are on different time zones.. so I will zip it! hahahaha

    Anywaysssss Your tag was great! I need a life also!

    Sooooooooo ummmmmmm yeah
    I have ran out of something to say.. but I will not leave here without saying BE GOOD!


  28. Hemnath will defn have answer to u :P
    why don't u take up the tag ???

  29. Nehya..

    U r sleeping now on my gtalk :P
    so can't say much abt the availability :D

    May god be with u always..

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  31. I always said.. GOOGLE KNOWS IT ALL :D

  32. so bro dun day dream? awwwwwww...

    Im a Google addict too and Im gonna do this tag next week...Cess tagged me on it. :)


  33. waiting for the execution of ur tag :P..let'c c wat google do t u :P

  34. dude u really killing my name :P...its hemanth not hemnath...

    hemanth means winter i dont know wat hemnath is lol :P..


  35. koi nhi bhai...hemnath is kooler

    i will correct it winter

  36. HE HE , so y don you go gal hunting in canada;)

  37. gal hunting in canada :O

    idea bura nhi hai :P

    par unni thand mein rahega kaun :O

  38. Googled it?
    Sounds shoooo weird,no? :I
    And network ka kya hua ?

  39. Google cant screw me like it did! I will do the tag next :)

    btw check out my today's post Bro.


  40. Aayushi..

    yaar network mein bahut problem hai yaar..slow hai isiliye pics display nhi hoti :(

  41. Aqua gurl..
    seen that...
    it was so sweetly done..

  42. Sissyyyyy...

    hehehe let'c wen u do it.. :P

    I've seen it...u kno jus a mere mention..increased my blogtraffic :P

    thanks for the dedication :P

    love ya

  43. **u kno jus a mere mention..increased my blogtraffic

    like how?

    and duncha dare smoke again, cos if u do, I'll put up a vengeance post lol!


  44. Damn You Sourish!!! where are you at??? LOL!!

    Hope you are well and being good I need a new post from you! Even tho I know you are taking time away from the computer.. since you are addicted!

    Miss ya come back soooooooooooon!


  45. Sissyyy

    vengeance post :O


    I won't dare to see i will stop smoking :P

  46. Nehya...

    I m tired of the blogville..everywhere I see either hatred or I need to refresh out my soul to give sumthing new... :)

    But I hope the time will come soon... though u shudn't be complaing..coz I don't see my blonde frnd hopping here nowadays and also not in her blog... but I m happy that she is taking care of herself :)


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