Friday, February 29, 2008

TAG...random things

Anjuli di tagged me...nd really..Writing 7 random things about me is really tough...


1)smoker..i have tasted nearly all brands and weeds :P and can gulp down a packet in hours..then also i don smoke from 9am to 6pm :P...

2) I have a fluent and yet uncontrollable bad mouth..main kab kya keh deta hoon kiski khich jaati hai..i really don kno..maine do baar apni supervisor ki bhi khich li thi..and he warned me..don try ur limit :D

3)Most of the time meri maar pit se phat ti hai..par fir bhi mai har teeesre chauthe din isi mein phas jata hoon...

4) i can mimick anyone so fast dat within few minutes i end up saying like the other person in any conversation :P and for that in my BTech days jus before my grand viva..whole of the dep teachers locked dem wid me..and had to mimick all of them... otherwise dey told me that i will be given a D :| so I mimicked dem nd scored a A was real fun..i left one teacher for the last whom i used to mimick the best..he was laughing and saying to others i kno m hard to mimick..and wen i mimicked hom..his wife ..another teacher...was in all blast followed by others...nd he quicky left the room..I got C in his subject :P

5) I m nearly dabba in all games...nd most of the time I used to be fielded in No Man's Land..then also ball always found me there was always another guy beside me to back me up and catch the uncaught :P

6) I m quite popular in married men's circle... :P
thanx to Naughty America :P

7)I am a proficient liar :P
nd most of the time get goofed up ki kab kab kise kise kya jhoot bola hai :P

that's all :P

Now ur turn..

Mahila morcha...oops Solitaire :P


  1. about the accident incident !!
    WTF !!!
    Couldnt those girls atleast get down and come to see you guys...? How ghastly...!!!
    Thankgod, you were wearing a helmet. And my condolences for your institute fren..may his soul rest in peace.
    And btw, tag karne ke baad batana bhi padta hai, rem'ber ?
    nahi toh prani janega kaise ke tag kiya hai ?
    Anyway, you take care.
    And oh, linking you.

  2. well 1 more thing to add in this list
    he talks too much and has opinion on almost every thing existing in this cosmos
    and hey u r tagged

  3. also not only married men he is more than popular in bachelor boys circle:P

  4. Mahila Morchaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!????????

    Anyway, I did this tag just 2-3 days ago.

    Check it out.

  5. Dada...executed your tag !!
    Check it out.

  6. if im not mistaken, i did this meme before

  7. cindy.....
    maine padha tumara wala tag it was vely sweet :P
    aur think
    ek toh meri jaan chali jati unko bachane mein aur wo ladkiyan bhav tak nhi di :P


    bahut bolti badh gyi hai teri bhi..besharam party kab dega icecream wali..aur tujhe kuchh paise milte hai na...???

    bachelor boys circle :O log kya sochenge mere baare mein :P

    ab main kya karooo ..mujhe thode na pata tha ki tumne pehle she kar liya :|

    diva :|
    do it again den :P


    di ..usne kaha mujhe chhor do

    unke gharwalo ne kaha unki beti ko chhor do..papa ne kaha gf chhor do...aur aap keh rahi ho ciggy chhor do
    kisi din log kahenge ki duniya chhor do :P

    main kuchh nhi chhorne waala:P

  8. Ha ha..that mean, dear boy, Update karo !!

    Madi = Karo

    Learning kannada these days...he he !!

  9. arre yaar hadd hai.......

    khood seekho kannada and try marne k liye main hi mila hoon :O


    jaldi hi mein kuchh hai hi nhi likhne ko ..aaj kisi se maarpit kartaa hoon fir raat ko detail boloonga :P

  10. Yaar...This dangerous experience,...Dont know ...It once happened that one of my fren i talked just yesday died of car accident on the high way...Felt so bad..

    My condolensces wiht your firiend...God rest him in peace.AMen!!!!

    And rahi baat tag ki..I can identify with it as i am myself an engineer !!!

  11. hey nice tag!

    loved going through your blog..this is my first visit here!

  12. Zahid

    yeaps its very difficult :|
    nd abt tag...yeap engineers ki same katha :P



    nd u r welcome again n again ;)

  13. Ha ha...haan try toh main tumpe hi karne wali hu tab...tume irritate jo hoge..!!!


    And hey, Anjuli ko kya kaha hai, uske comment ke reply mein ?

    Sab thik hai na ?

  14. cindy :P

    u r most welcome to bug me :P

    and abt that..everything is blurred but more or less fine for the time being

  15. and i have completed the tag sir!

    i know so fast!!!1


    click here

  16. venns :P
    nice tag completed :P

    hope u enjoyed the wierdness of the tag as much as I did :'P

  17. Nahi pata tha toh thik hai na...its ok!

  18. kiun thik hai....
    ek dum galat hai..main kisi ko tag karta hoon ya toh wo nhi karta hai ya fir pehle she kar liya hota hai....
    bhery bad


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