Sunday, March 09, 2008

The End of the Satan's Pride

It is a piece of work that I wrote about how American troops overpowered Saddam and captured Iraq. This piece depicts the real story of agony and war and the reason behind all these that's the oil- the liquid gold..and the ongoing guerrilla war..... Dedicated to the brave people of holy city of Baghdad

The night was haunted by the prowls
fierce and powered were the howls,
breaching the silence of the night
pouring in the heart a shriek, a fright.

Whoosh! a streak passed through the sky
the power gone within a while.
Siren blared across the night
the god's wrath was falling with a might.

The white light banged the ears
no body slept amidst the fear,
The sky was all lit up like a bride
This was the end of the Satan's pride.

Boooom! was the sound nearby
God's arrow has fallen from the sky,
the silence turned in scream and shout
the light disapeared before it sprout.

The morning sun was hiding behind the clouds
the clouds of smoke, the clouds of shouts,
the whole kingdom was in grief
they called it, "we destroyed it within a brief".

Here and there were the Iron pieces,
Here adn there were parts the body misses.
The long awaited freedom has arrived,
This was the end of the Satan's pride.

Three day and three nights
streaking and shouting was the lights
Every soul was praying closing the eyes
but were somehow happy to see the end of the pride.

The next days were silent,
agony was everywhere evident.
no more light across the sky
This was the end of the Satan's pride.

God was marching across the city,
helped every one with a soul and pity.
He was saying, " God is really big n might"
"He ended the long dreaded Satan's pride.

One month one quarter one years had passed,
The god's force with weapons still marched.
They were treating everyone now as foes,
keeping everyone in their toes.

A man shouted, " No they are not the God's force."
" They came here for the liquid gold."
The words went silent yet felt by all,
The holy city was turned in a mall.

" No they are not God! they are the next Satan's might "
"They came there to steal our Pride."
The words got lost in a shout of pain.
He was shot straight splattering his brain.

The day of the freedom was now locked
every street was barbed and shocked.
The holy city was fully looted,
the liquid gold was started to get diluted.

A sound blared, " The time of our sleep has gone"
"the time to die and protest has come".
"we'd have to save the city."
"We don't need anyone's pity."

The deads rose back with a cry,
Once again the war is in the sky.
they are striking now the next might,
to see the real end of the Satan's pride.


  1. Oye, kinna achha sonnet likha dude !!
    I really loved reading it, not a moment of was so fluid..

    Aur kya bol rahe the bahut lamba post hai karke, kuch bhi toh lamba nahi tha..?? Inface the length justifies the content completely.

    Nice read and kudos for your thoughtfulness. And I do hope the Satan's pride is crushed someday.

  2. thx cindy :)

    I wrote it in one of my structural biology classes during my Btech days..jus found the note book where i was supposed to keep notes but most of the time I ended in something like that :P
    I do hope it every pride has end ..hope it dont turn aghast for the other citizens who are soulful

  3. I'm listening to Avril Lavigne - Complicated...
    Coincidence !!

  4. Hope
    it doesnt become that much complicated as it already is.......

  5. some how i loved ur poetries on these issues more. it's like a change of air coz no body else writes these kind of poetries much.

    just amazed by the way u have described each and everything. i cud never write such a long poem on these issues coz i will lost my way in the midway :D

    kudos to ur thoughtfulness and ur ability to play with words. not even for once i felt bored coz it has been weaved to beautifully and interestingly.

    i want u to write poetries again. plzzzz :)

  6. ek aur likha tha ..I don't think u read that...

    the land of two sun.. it was based on hiroshima....

    btw dekho tumhare kehne par likhoonga...koi hadkayega toh i will refer them to u :P


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