Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Last Saturday Night...

If that feminist comment hadn't been dere on my last post..I wudnt had broken my silence...
Everyone is interested to know wat here it goes.....

Last saturday..I was returning from a hotel after giving my juniors treat which was due for a long..I was riding on my bike..the road was decently empty..I was riding at a speed of 55 Kmph..suddenly a scooty whisked by my side..two girls were screaming and riding..they were pretty decent on a speed 60 or above...I was behind dem at a distance of 15 -20 m ..suddenly they stopped in the middle of road..since I was tracking the road and dere were no obstruction ..I hadnt expected such a halt all of a sudden..I applied my brakes...but the bike was getting closer to them..their rear mirror.. I think was focussed on their face..they were completely oblivious that I was going to crash on their scooty..still the gals were on a stop.. in the middle of the road..I had to forcibly crash skid my bike to another direction and in the process I went up in another direction..and hit hard..I literally skid a distance of 10 metres before banging my head on Lane impact so hard..that it broke my windscreen of the helmet and and helmet got tappered..and the shock caused a neck and back sprain ..apart from other minor bleeding injuries..if I hadnt wore any helmet...then I think there wudnt been any comment on those stupid bitches who drove away hastily not even checking whether I am alive or not..I lied there still... for a minute or two before accessing whether me and my pillion rider was OK or not..Thank god ! he was OK too..Right now I had been prescribed a battery of meds and a neck wig...but m OK was nuffin that serious ..upto now ..wat I think.. :)

On the comment that wat if my mother , sister, my girlfrnd or my best frnd was riding in front..I just have to say if u had been in my situation or if I hadnt wore any helmet..i don think u wudnt had drawn the same analogy...and one more thing i want to add up...if the rider wud had been my mother sister..or my gf or bst frnd... I don think so.. that they wud had drove away..widout checking on me..that m alive or not... whether I need any medical attention or not...Aneways..
I am is my pillion rider and so are the two dumbheads.. who were not even wearing any helmet apart from being dumb on road safety guidelines if i wud had crashed on them....I don kno abt me but ....u cud have found dem in hospital for sure...

Thank God! I am alive..and I urge u all.. to wear helmet..becoz if it hadnt been on my head that day..the impact wud had wedged my head in two halves.....


  1. The accident is traumatic but that still does not give you the right to make a generalized comment.

    God bless you too.

  2. it was not a generalised comment...these were specific to those who dont kno how to ride not about the entire womankind for which i have a deep respect..coz in their oblivion..they are actually a killing machine set free on roads ..

  3. And that was cold..a person may had died..still u care about the stupid words..aneways I have removed that respecting your concern and will love to get the answer on the new ques raised..thx for visiting the blog :)

  4. That was dangerous accident.
    But honestly yesterday, when I visited and saw that on your blog, I promised myself not to come back here again. But then, I guess it is humane to come and check out if you have it on still.

    Well helmets are important.

    I guess, both men and women are culprits when it come to rash/nonsensical and mindless driving.

    I hope you are well and will be better soon.

  5. You are right. The words were indeed stupid. Will think about your latest question and respond later.

  6. wat the heck.. bhayya u were with mechies for 1.5 years.. sala ab bhi dunia ki padi hai aapko.. crash marna tha unki scooty mein.. let those bitches also taste the joy in pain n bruises..

  7. Riding a motorbike is statistically slightly more dangerous than driving a car, and with those kinda gal around.. so stupid selfish moron.. Thank GOD you're ok !

  8. man, it gives me chill to read this. had been once in same kind of situation, but not serious - the culprit was a dumb guy on an activa - that stupid didnt even had a licence. I hit his bike, but we didnt fell down (thnx to disc breaks, i slowed down, but gravel in the road made my bike move and hit his activa).
    riding without helemt is one of teh stupidest thing to do. and deserting the accident spot is most inhuma thing - atlest they should have alerted some police...
    happy to know that you are safe... dumbos like that will be tehre - and i dont think it have anything to do with gender. ride long and ride safe, man.

  9. @ XH. thank you for sharing about your accident where the moron was a HE!

  10. veens..
    thx for dropping by..its jus that ki..i was hell annoyed that there was that comment...rash driving is indeed bad...but mindless driving is dangerous coz it may kill the other person who is practicing safe guidelines ..

  11. solitaire
    u r hell annoyed abt the finger pointed to fairer sex..
    tum mahila morcha meein register ho jao ...they will all be benefited :P

  12. khanna

    yaar thok toh mein deta...par uske bad publik ki pitai bhi khani padti..janta hai na..agar ladkiyon ko lagti toh log kehte pichhe wala rash driving kar raha tha :P

  13. diva

    thx for ur concern...i kno bike accident are dangerous..but if u own a car...ur entire safety thing also get elevated..coz for car u wont b able to street ride so u hav to check on highways..where biggy vehicles are there...last sunday 6 person died in two separate car crash in delhi...

  14. xh..

    it is really dangerous to have dumbos bike also had disc..but their stop was so unexpected...that my discs even were unable to protect...but gals on activa are really like killers set free..jus someday u check on their speed... :D

  15. Solitaire

    consider the Mahila morcha :P

  16. Anjuli di

    will defn take up the tag soon... :)

  17. what should i say
    i was the dam well witness who was sitting on the back side of the bike while this mischief took place!!!

  18. Kunal..
    m sorry.. that for me ..u hav to go thru that trauma :|


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