Thursday, February 07, 2008

Money has wings :P

Two days before , I became richer by 63k fellowship of my PhD for past 5 month jus checked in...I was very happy :P
Then I came to kno that every one remebered my promises dat i made..
Party..fellowship toh aane de ..pakka se..:P Now the list is of 25 person with each one personally invited himself and I m expecting a bill of no less than 4k :|
I promised to give back 25k to Papa that he spent extra for my new bike.
I was thinking ahh it all okies still 30ks left...but the way i spent 1400 in two days...I m afraid dat dey wont be dere for more...
oh haan! I promised Mom dat i will give her a gold bracelet dat she once desired for ..dats no less dan 20 k...she reminded me yesterday indirectly and den blushed and said " no beta..tum apne liye kharch karo :) " ..dat was real sweet and if not for anything she desreve dis bracelet only for this..and listening to it..didi also got a revelation that she don't want any DV cam..but a similar thing that i promised to that the gold can stay wid her all the time :P and become priceless :P so the 63ks are about to be gone widout any wait..sooner if not soon :P for my nanopod ..I think I hav to wait for my second installment :P..I m praying to God to make it happen soon :P


  1. wow. very sweet. more than anything else, get ur mom her gift :)

  2. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mera gift/treat?

  3. hey...And dont think you can get away without buyin me a gift...hehe I dont mind one form anyone !!

  4. @red
    thxxx..yeah pakka dena hai mom ko toh :P

    treat k liye yaha toh aaoo :P

    gift tumko nhi bhabhi ko hi doonga :P pehle propose karo jaake :P

  5. Aaargh...this post makes me green !!!
    But I'm glad for ya, congrats.
    Aur haan, sabke liye bol diya kya kya karna hai, apni soniye ke liye kya karoge wohi nahi bataya...?
    Have fun, ba careful with the expenditure !!

  6. Hope you do not make any more promises in the meantime!

  7. well done, it's always a great pleasure to give than to receive, You know in yourself that once you have given something to someone, how happy you have made them feel. but dont forget to save for a rainy day since you clearly didn't forget to enjoy the dry ones...

  8. Cindy

    Soniye k liye kya karna hai yeh toh mujhe bhi nhi pata..lets c havnt decided yet :)
    par soon i will give ya gud news :)


    Naaah.....No more promises...paaka se..oot bhi ek hi baar pahad k nichhe aata hai :P


    Thanx gal..its true ..
    I had a long span of dry i will defn go for my Mcdowell no1 :P
    jokes apart..
    one should always think ahead for the rainy days :) many promises i will break for sure :P...

  9. Aar haan...aami tomaar chhoto,sweet aar cute bon.

    *indirectly asks for gift*


  10. Aamaar daanth gulo baaje... :(

    You made fun of my teeth.

  11. tomar daanth sotti bhalo..aaami tomar jonno daant paste niye aashbo:P


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