Thursday, February 28, 2008

Death Moves in a Circle

I dont know wat to explain....
My helmet saved my head..but yesterday God was not that merciful with one of my Institute friend..
He was riding a bike on highway..where a truck hit him ..splattering is brains all over..and he was lying dere for more than four hours.. :( and was brought dead... :(
My hands are trembling...
God be merciful and let his soul rest in peace.

Plz frnds if not for ur own least sake for ur loved one..wear helmet and avoid highways unless necessary.....:|

I am scared..literally scared ... :|


  1. GOd! thats so sad.

    In my college days there were two of my friends who died because of almost the same reason. They mixed a little bit of drink and when we saw them... after their death.. they were unrecognizable...

    I guess they never had a 2nd chance.. or maybe they were given a 2nd chance and they chose to ignore it.

    may their souls rest in peace.

  2. Condolences. Hope you recover from the trauma soon.

  3. veens

    jus fw days of the guy was speeding and got crashed and dead..then also ...
    I jus don wanna say him anyfink coz he is no more and at least his soul shud be spared from criticism..let god rest him in peace

  4. solitaire...
    thx..but everytime i think abt it i jus feel sad dat even i cud hav been the one...and get more scared :|

  5. anjuli di

    u jus drive carefully ur scooty nex time...and billbord mat padhne lagna :|

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