Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's day

Jai Siya Ram

** Hope by reading the above..Bajrang Dal and Shiv Sainiks..won't kick the stomach outta my blog :D **

Happy valentine's day to all of u and especially to my sweetheart ..who is right now giving false direction to every software enthusiast...and she is so damn irritated that I kno one more mess wid her..she will kick out everyone...but I kno in evening wen she will read it she will be happy like anything
Muaaah Shweetheart !! I love you vey much :P

Just before now I was in Police station to take out one of my juniors who was with her girlfriend wen bajrang dal hit them... and Police wanted to call their parents but before that he told them to call me...and I have to rang all my contacts so that they dont register any case against him on any charges....God!! kahi bhi privacy nhi hai world mein...........

I just dont understand wat the hell people have to celebrate the suicide of a saint and moreover even they dont kno why he died...No!! I m not saying ki that u sit in ur home on dis day fearing the ultra culture preventive morons..but wat i say..why take trouble if you can spend a very cosy moment anetime wid ur love except this day...364 days out of 365 days u hav the time to love and spend ur cosy moment..y the heck u have to spend dose on this day...
I jus cant understand the need of it...
enjoy the most everybody..but for god sake dont mess up wid dose people coz it feels ridiculous to get bitten in front of ur girlfriend and den also spending ur nex moments for ur parents in police station

Happy valentine's day
Love n carez


  1. hahah

    jay siya ram!!!!!

    yeah this day actually all lovers shld take a vacation from each other....agree

  2. I hate this crap that happens every year !!!
    I fail to understand why...though I aint the one to participate in all the hulaballoo.
    Jinhe celebrate karna hai..karne do na. Its a free country.
    Damn !!!

  3. ceedy

    heheheh..i agree completely :P

    Cindrella :P
    woh news padha..jaha bajrang dal wale jabardasti couples ki shadi karwa diye :P..achha hua u dont participate..nahi toh meri toh guiness book wali party chhhoot jaati :P


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