Friday, January 18, 2008

Updates on my gf's "five days miss me" trip

We talked on fone at 4 :30...wen she was in her car drive to airport to catch a flight to kolkata.. for attending her brother's marriage on the D-day she deliberately delayed her tour from 14 to 18 for me...muuuaaaah :P.

She checked in kolkata at 10 :15 coz of her half n hour flight delay...and we again talked on fone :P
she said usse plane mein bada maza aaya...i was very worried ki wo plane ki khidki ya fir door na khol de ...ya fir pilot se kahe " oyee ..uthhh bey ..its now my turn" :-s ....luckily she dint.. :P

and m missing her so much..even we talked the entire day.. :P

will update her tour stay tuned :P

love u shweetheart :P


  1. Dude..U missin her so much !!! She will return soon and with a gift for will never expect....And she will love you loads of....

    Away from her and the second post already !!!!


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