Friday, January 18, 2008

Her Love letter to me...

She ye..but after 5 days of getting my letter...and we were supposed to post at same dat it aint an inspiration from the fst :|

but letter is shoooo muuuuah :P

some quotes i will remember thruout :P

"I never thot in the wildest of the dreams that someday you'd be so close to me that i'd end up writing a letter yo you " comments :P

" Despite all your so called online affairs..there was this strange sweetness in the relation "

---- no comments again :-s

" there is not a single moment which i want to change..not even those wen i made u cry "

ok dont laugh.. i kno m a cry baby ..u all dont hav to tease me on dis :|

" I really love u even when u say dimag mat khao "

:-? love-letter mai bhi complains :-s :P

"I love you"
I told you na :P..she is a real sweeetheart

I m missing her so much :)
love you shweetheart......

kaise rahoonga tumhare bina ye 5 din :(

i will miss you :| nd missing you sho much now too :|


love you
love you more dan you do...


  1. i love u >:D< inna sara :P
    take care
    nd i'll mis u too

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. in sab kae barae mian jayda to kuch nahi pata , but one thing :

    the memories bout something gives more happiness then those moment spent with some-one
    memories gives u the luxary of remembering n living every second again n again n in a slow-motion

    while sponteneuity is required when u'r with a person .

    btw as abouve said
    nevermind , it's a moronish imagination with practically zero experiance

  4. sarah :P
    m missing yaaaa :(

    tum jaldi aana na :|
    love u

  5. niraj...

    inna toh pata nhi..but love letters are really a prized possesion :)

    bhagwan se prarthna hai ki tujhe bhi koi ll likhne wali mile :P

  6. am happy for you...u have the greatest asset 'love'
    :) keep smiling

  7. thats sooooooooooooooooo sweet!! :)
    even though missing someone is always like hell!

  8. lena

    m missing her reaaly like hell :(
    ..i kno even if i wud had read it sumwhere..i shud had written sho shweet :P


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