Monday, January 21, 2008

Day 3 ..widout her

Day 3 is over.. i got 3 calls from her..yet i m missing her...i think i m missing her wid jus the feeling dat she is away .. jus becoz she is not in the place where she shud be...
I don kno wat does it matter if she is in kolkata or in delhi...thing is the same..she is far from why m missing her so much...
she asked dis question too...and all i came up wid .."u r my smoke stick...i m jus addicted to u" ..a lil change in schedule..makes me begging for her...I don kno whether its right or wrong.. and I was always advised not to go dis further in any relationship..


I trust her....

I think.. rather.. I believe that .. we will always be wat to worry!:)

Please God!! Bless us to be together !!Amen

Its her 4th call.....and she confirmed dat she ain't coming back for 7 more days...
So its extended to be her "10 day ..miss me trip " much i want to say I m angry dat she extended her trip..all i cud muster was " u take care of urself"

and she caught me crying..even i had jus tears sobbing sound :|..dats wat love really is..isn't it??


goodnite n lovely dreams...


  1. this miss me trip has extended a lot...hope the days go by soon....
    u take care of yrself...

  2. day 4 was also a hell miss me :( she jus called twice..dan also 4 a minute :(

  3. Awwwww..don't worry! you guys will be together forever!


  4. m soooooooooooooo happy dat she is back :P
    thx for the wish clouds :P


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