Thursday, January 10, 2008

How to write a love letter :P

The present technological advancements have changed the world for good or bad...i don kno..but it has completely destroyed one sweet litlle phenomena from the world and dat's Love Letter...

So the story started when S told me..why I havnt wrote her any love letter..I was amazed by the request..coz her mailbox was always full of my emails..which I was later clarified..that she wanted a traditional posted letter...

All the funny thoughts started flying over my mind..all the stories like how some one wrote letter wid chicken ppl draw beautiful shapes when the commit any error in writing ppl used to splash water on the that ppl hav the feeling dat he/she was crying while sweet imbalacemnt of high speed emotions :-}

So I thought ki chalo love letter likha jaye :D

So the points which I considered where

1)I must use writing pad..wid love u miss u written on it... :P
2) If I can find any scented wud be awesome..
3) Last but not the m gonna send it to her house widout jeopardising our secret affair from being public..:D

So I thought.. I will send her a new year card..and will conceal the letter inside the cards "inside pages"..So mission 1 was to find such a cool card..which is good to send..can best show my feeelings and more or less should be so formal that it dont implicate I went to card shop around 9 had to roam for 1 hour to wait for the shops to open and 1 hour to search for such cards ..coz due to recent advancemnt in case of e cards people are not buying any so the price got steeper and supply got down...and dere were all cards like " mere jijaji", "mere bhaiya bhabhi ji" ..mere pujniya mataji avum pitaji "....baap re was so hard to find a card for a friend..leave alone make her special.. Yeah dere were cards for lovers last went to Expressions to find a card having good more or less formal words ..having inside pages to conceal my letter..and shud be big enough to hide my snap.....phew!!!! ....

Then came the harder part..dere were no writing pads which hav decoprative had to move 30 kms to go to Archies main gallery to get the pad..coz none of the shops hav dose coz of advancemnt named email :P....

After getting both the card..i went up to hostel ..and in night I started thinking.....wat to was my fst love it shud be spent more thant 3 hours wid my printer to have special watermarks on the letter papers..then I started to write..but as in love..once u start writing words flows like wind...even if the wind speed in 5kmph only :D

So i wrote three pages of letter..wid some deliberate mistakes so that i can draw heart shape on dem.:D..and folded it nicely ..kept it inside the cards..and sealed dem wid fevistick.Den i wrote the header and footers:D to and from..wid best of lucks and all...and sealed the envelop....the moment i said ahh in relaxation ..the moment i saw that the third page had sum how found a gap to slip through..and it was lying dere as if to mock me..Ahhhhhhhhhh I had to unsealed the whole damn envelop and the card..then i inserted it in the gaps..sealed dem back..Then went to next day ...DTDC courier..and posted it to her..

I was happy that an ordeal has as usual it took two days to reach it to Delhi..wid 'S' opening it..but my sweetheart was so anxious about the card..and known that card was deliberately searched to be non implicative..she literally announced every1 in home dat her card is coming...:D

Within a few minutes..she rang me again.."Betooo card mein background mein valentine likhahai..and dher saare love u and all likhe hai " ..Gosh..card was written frnd only..wat happened..then i came to kno that the cards background picture was all hearts and love :D



She is right now having a turmoil in her house due to dat letter :D..yet she is so sweet dat she said " ok beta! koi problem nahi ."

Muaaaah!!! shweet heart!!......and abhi uska fone bhi aaya tha :D


So if u want to test your love..write a love letter:D

take care


  1. but each effort was really worth it :D.
    kping d fingers crossed and hoping dat u wud continue d sweet tradition of writing letters :Din future

  2. you're such a sweet bf and your gf is really lucky to have someone like you.

  3. Sweetest post ever. Rightly said...letters ka zamana tho kab ka kho gaya :( but seriously emails can never match the happiness u get from reading a written letter. and blessed are those who actually receive them. Glad u did it for her. I wish u get one from her soon :P

  4. masked face

    Dats real sweet of my sweetheart..dat everything is ok..even she is in all troubles..dats y i love her so much


    thx for the compliment..
    Luck is all hav her in my life


    sachhi yaar..emails destroyed da sweetness of letters..nd wen i was writing one.. it was really very joyous ...
    I m waiting for hers :P..thx for the wish

  5. This was the sweeeeeeetest post I have read so far.....

    dher saari puchhiyaan tere ko...

  6. Anjuli di :P

    thx ..jinna sweet padhne mein tha na..usse far sweeter were da moments jab yeh sab ho raha tha....
    I was so spirited dat time :P

  7. choooo chweettt!!!!!
    yr gf is very lucky to have u!

  8. thx shweetoo...m lucky too..nahi toh mujhe jhelna bhi koi asaan kaam nhi :D

  9. sahi hai :P

    i"ll pass this on to other

    F-O-S-L-A's like mee :P

  10. awwww...

    bhaiya...u r so damn sweet.. :)

    inna shallaa pyaal :D

    one of d best post of urs

  11. asha.

    ab aap bhi pyar karne lage ho..aise beautiful moments bahut se aayenge :P

  12. tht's g8 man..,
    hey, if at all i have a girl fallen for me..,
    i'd take a couple of your advices for my letter!!


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