Saturday, January 05, 2008

My Conferences

I was out for a long time..coz of two back to back national level conference in which i had to present my papers.
And also I was organiser in one of that..So starting wid the fst one..

IPC~~> It stands for Indian pharmaceutical congress. It was a lovely conference where one of my junior and me presented a paper on Probiotics.. I was organiser in this most of the time i was behind da desk working my ass off...and missed more than 90 % of programs, suffered from dysentry and dehydration due to over work load and high rich food..and den also working for 4 days and more before the start cause the function was in BHU only..there were more than 6000 delegates...a vast number...and since i was in help desk..i had to deal wid 6000 and more problems..wid some funny peoples guys from PUNE and maharashtra..dey always come to say that ur arrangement is bad..and wat they did in PUNE was awesome..I neva attended the PUNE one but wen i asked the organising secretary ..he told me "beta, maharashtra walo ko burai nikalna and apni badai karna chhorkar kuchh nhi aata... " :D.
Then there was Jagjit Singh... I know that he is favorite of all the bloggers..but i cant help it..coz i literally hated his live was so boring..that i had to escape in 30 minutes..blame it to my over rock hearing skills :D..

CHEMCON: Stands for Chemical Congress organised by Chemical engineers..So went there to present my Master's dissertation on Nanobiotechnology..It was in Heritage institute in Kolkata..It was kool conference..there were problem in traveling to that remote place..but rest it was ok..the food was awesome..i stayed in my DIDI's I dint had to taste the accommodation dey had given..which had lack of water as one of the acute problem...:P
On four days of the conference, I attended the conference , went home to my dad n mom..did soem marketing in was all tired..and returned home on 31st train my new year eve was dere in train only ...and i reached here on 1st..

There were some funny incidents in both of the conference..but I will give each confy a full space in my blog...take care..


  1. hmm...tu kaam bhi karta hai....

    do post the details soon...

  2. likhoonda di..time hi nhi milta tafri blogging karoo

  3. almost everyone is busy during year end... busy partying, busy doing nothing... and i was busy too. busy with my shopping in singapore.. :P

  4. seems like someone had some stressful time. 2 big events to participate in in a row, must be tiring.

  5. drama diva

    i was in train...sleeping :P
    nd shoping i hate so much.. :P

    was really tiresome..think of it ..skipped couple parties .. fst day of new year .coz i was too exausted.. :P


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