Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dat's y i love her so much :).......A post by Sarah in her pvt blog

Dis post is jus after we had fight today and like always ended up ...saying ..I love You.. and after that I got busy in my fest KY-08 after letting her sleep for the aftanoon nap...Dis is her post m sharing to let you ppl kno sweeet she is :)

While you were away...

Its not that I have never stayed all by myself. Not even that I do not enjoy solitude. But somehow I haven't yet got accustomed to the feeling of being all alone.

In the evening woke up with this really sulking feeling. The fact that nobody was there with a beaming smile, no one was worried that it was completely dark and I would be a grand feast for the mosquitoes, nor was a call to say januuuuuuuuuuuu I love you :'( made it worse than a nightmare.

I called up Ma, wanted to tel her how angry I was and How I felt that she only loves dada and its high time she must come back ...I cannot do without her. but only end up saying "everything's fine up here no need to worry" .

by then the feeling was creeping inside me , killing me, making me more and more sadistic . Called up Bhaiya wanted to say " betu main uthhh gayi ...koi bhi nahi mere paash , tum bhi nahi :'(" but alas! cleared by throat and said " beta khana hum bana lenge , u need not wrry ". grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

By the time I turned down the fone, felt something warm on the cheeks , was I really crying ?
Probably coz am feeling miserable DD isnt here with me .

called him only to say "I really need you in my life now and forever and no matter how bad the day is , how much angry you are, I don't want you to ever ever stop talking to me". Can't do without you . >:D<
Only to whisper "I love you ...bas yehi bolna tha ":)

I may not ever tell them how much they mean to me but its true that every smile I smile , every tear I cry it its because of them.

And I miss you .



  1. I totally know what it feels to be like that ya.
    Yes, sometimes its just an "I love you." that you wanna say,
    when you wake up to a beautiful morning,
    when you go to bed with a love-song in your head,
    when you wake up in the middle of the night,
    when you have had a terrible fight,
    when he doesnt sulk and you'd thought he will.....
    The list will go on and on.
    Love is priceless. Guard is with your life.
    I'm happy for you.

  2. thx cindyy...

    i m guarding it real strong :)
    nd I kno m real lucky to have sum one like her :)

  3. How sweet,Bhaiiyya!

    Bhabhi really loves you! You are very very lucky!

    Though after my breakup,my faith in romantic love is a little shaken, I will always wish all the happiness for you.

    All my prayers for you both. :)

    And yes, hugs to bhabhi!

  4. aarree shwwetheart..abhi tum inni chhoti si toh ho..abhi aur bhi pyare moments have faith in love n luck :)

    thx for the prayers nd my love n prayers are always wid u..and agar koi ladka tujhe pasand aaye to kehna.." saale ko uthwaa lenge " :P

  5. I wish u both loads of luck and happiness :-)

  6. thx di

    ** hugs n kisses**

    aap toh ek dum real sweetheart ho..agar hum kabhi bhage na toh seedha aapke waha chhupenge :P

  7. Chalu chalu! biye kore paalabe taale aamar treat er ki hobe?


  8. most welcome, inna bada ghar diya hai mere office walon ne...kisi ke to kaam aaye... :-)

  9. Anjuli di :P

    aapka bada ghar ab se mera B-)

  10. bhaiya..u havta teach him few lessons....n i gotta learn few lessons from S...seriously...evrytym i read somthn bout u both in here...i jes thnk hw cute dey both r 2gthr....:)

    i pray dat u 2 b like dis always..

    God bless ya both :)

  11. asha
    betu..time do time..wo bhi romantic ho jayega :P

  12. Are things not ok with you and your gf anymore?


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