Monday, January 22, 2007


Yesterday ....was da revelation day...
lots of facts got revealed to me....My dearest frnd is not doing reports are not so good...and dere r people who still care...

My two day net black out..caused so much misunderstanding...dat it was nearly devastating..
But all wells dat ends well..after a long tusseling and wrestling session..jus like always we are frnds again..dats I like about sara...dat she never leave me...even wen m hell like to her...really I think I need to thank da almighty ..dat he made me so llucky dat m so close to her...

wat was dat ..yeah 11 or 12 th in her life

oops ....she dont prioritize :P

And dere's my son..yesterday we had... I nd sara had a fight cause of her..coz i don wanna discuss her..coz her relation to me ..I havnt given any 1 rights to discuss..jus like I don like any1 discuss sara..

They are the two poles of my life...widout dem..I m jus a mere loadstone...

Going to skoooooooooool
Take care

1 comment:

  1. only a draconian angel can write a blog before leaving to sckool:P


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