Thursday, January 18, 2007

I hate wen I don get to sleep

In The morning, When I checked in via my frnds account..she was gone ..gone from the orkut..may be orkut has certain problems..but I cudnt find her anywhere..I was so shocked..
She did uttered da word
"Chhorna kise kehte hai yeh ab dekhoge"
Now I really fear..did she meant it :(

Uff its pathetically sad...and how hard I wanna pen down a letter to her..asking for her forgiveness..not to talk to her again..but jus don wanaa end like dis..
Ireally don understand..when i confessed earlier to her..dat I did flirted wid her..oops it was written in my farmers italian..I think she dint got it den..but the way shereacted ...dO I deserve it..yeah may be i had some tricks on my gloves..but I don remember I used any to her..I confessed her my feeling..I cried for her..I drank, i slashed down my wrist...I don kno wat to do abt it...

I jus don understand..when i agreed to the fact that we wont be together..y she is thinking dat i played wid her...

I did called for it..I kno the exact words..I really penned down dat she can leave me..and even wen she was back...I wud hav eased her pain..but I knowingly dint stopped her..coz I really don kno ..wat will happen next in my life...
But I must confess..I dint took it well... :(..M I still not over ...
But i shud go on wid it
Coz I kno..she hates me now..and I kno I called for it..
Hope Almighty forgive me for wrathing her to leave me

God bless u son
Take care..

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