Monday, January 15, 2007

deleting orkut :O now wat happened :O:P

Two of my frnd left me today
reason i made da joke out of dem

dey gone crying
n m her drinking
n deleting one more orkut account

i will get a diploma on deletion of da profiles


take care all
again itz paining me so hard..m a grt addict


  1. once a frd always frds dey dunt leave u ...sumtimes dey do get angry but dey dunt leave shupid :p dunt u know dis even

  2. Traitor!
    yes thats what you are!!!

  3. Lolz

    the two gals m talking abt
    here are da comments of the both

    itz so funny

    isn't it

    one thinks m a gud boi

    err she wrote prolly m a gud boi

    and another shooted me off wid a label of traitor

    but the better word should be dishonest betrayer ....

  4. The art of love is lost sumwhere

    Hope i will search it out sumday

    miss u


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