Saturday, January 20, 2007

The dreams

Yesterday..I got my report..doctors are not happy wid the trial of their medicine...I don kno..wat will happen..but itz all resulting in erratic dreams..evn after gud 9 hours sleep ...I m feeling like to sleep forever....

In the morning sara wrote me offliness..dat m love wid my strawberry...Now the ques arises..m i ready to admit abt the love..but missing my son very much...
Last night I dreamt of her..dat she wanna kill me for she believes dat I m the one who played wid her life..I was so scared..even I had a gun in my hand..par I cudnt point in her direction...rather dan I dint ran away..may be my trust is still alive ...when she was bombarding wid was real paining..the pain in dose places are still dere wen m woke up..Now m really am sure that dese medis are taking thier toll..

Good day

take care

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