Tuesday, January 30, 2007

One more gal added in "hate u sourish" list

Last day was a bit of a turmoil..
I dint took da dream stop pill...and i had a nasty nite mare....and dat resulted me falling from my bed...even wen i fell down..it really took me an hour to get to kno dat..I m in reality ..not in dreams..only wen da pain became unbearablle..I realised dat its a dream..lolz

i fell on my fractured hand...and da whole 3 weeks of patience gone in haywire....and I got da inflammation again...lolz
So i went up to the doctor..and dere i got the fone of a gal....she said me..dat i rang her few days back....oh forgot dis was da gal..who was quite a fone frnd..and I stopped calling her wen she had grown obsessive of me and confessed dat she loves me...and I knew da best solution is stop calling her frequently...
and here came her blasting fone..if u don hav any thing more to say..I m puttin down my fone...coz i don have money and time to waste on ya..I hate u coz u used me as a time pass...

Now tell me...I used her as a time pass..we met in orkut..she dialed my nummer first..we were quite a good frnd..so i called her back...she had some family troubles..so I called her few more times..and ended up in talking every alternate days..jus wen i came to kno dat she loves me...So wat shud b my reply..I love u tooo..??:O ...Now if a gal says m not in love wid u coz m in love wid any oder guy its justified..and if a boy says dat..den he is fake , flirt, fuker...and blah blah..

If a gal says..u took advantage of my frndship..den da gal is rite..coz she saw da boy wid her frndly eyes..and all curse falls on da boy..who hav lusty eyes... and in vice versa..if boy says i took u as a frnd always..den da gal is a poor soul..and da boy da crookest ..and flirtmost soul of the universe..... such a descrimination..den also we say its a male dominating society...:D

So i put down da fone..coz as I was wid da doctor..i cudnt say more to her..except bye..coz..she brought da issue of money and time wid our frndship..and I don liked it..moreover i cudnt pacify her..coz i was in docs chamber..who is quite a busy soul...

In the evening ...sara came..
and wen i told her abt da gal..she asked me a funny ques..
do u fake ur realtion wid me too??? ....

The whole day i was disturbed loosing a frnd..and she came here wid dis ques..now wat shud I answer..we are talking for last few months..non stop..I never asked for anything..she cant show me her foto..cant tell her name..even cant give me her nummer...coz some psycho is manhandling her fone...and she don wanna increase da list.....Did I ever asked any more..neva..so wat do I get in faking wid her..I cant understand...wat shud ...i need to do to prove myself to dem..every1 needed me ..so I was frnd sumtime more dan a frnd to dem..and if i need sum1
den i hav to pass exams...I m sick n tired of saying dat i m not faking..and my cares are not fake...

And here comes da magical answer of sara...
(11:40:30 PM) saarah: u can widout eating u can widout slping too
(11:40:36 PM) sourish: a relation is need to be taken seriously by both sides
(11:40:44 PM) saarah: c ya dd
(11:40:51 PM) saarah: yeah ourz was never was

Now tell me..after so much time..and so many things...she is saying me dis...

All gals are same..dey all are jus same..
Dey jus think dat boy are exploiting dere meekness and hav fun in exploiting dere sisters..lolz

Boys dont hav any oder work.. :D

And here is my sweetheart..she dint ever cared to reply me..coz she thinks ..I made her fall in love wid plannings...
One day i will hang myself.....X-(..
M really sick and tired of getting dese treatments from gals..for whom i spent countless sleepless nites..an moments pacifying and soothing dere pain..


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  1. wht an eyeopening view infact quite contrary to wht i thot :D
    keep up the gud wrk :D
    too gud


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