Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The trip back home

Last week, I went home... after 4 months ...ok! mom was here jus few days back..but I was not in home na! So 4 months :P..So I went for Durgapuja. ...taking leave for absence for 5 days...

The trip was lovely..I saved a lot of bucks during the travel. I was supposed to travel by AC but instead I went in Sleeper, I was supposed to catch a Taxi but I caught the autos and busses I think now m becoming more n more economical...good na...i don't kno if the current depression continues won't be long wen I have to use the money i saved :P...okay not so economical..i purchased a brand new RayBan Shades...

I've a very strong passion for beautiful women and shades...So I saved my tour expenses to get a new Rayban and added it to my shades collection...

So start of the trip was economical..but it was jinxed too coz I havn't paid full fare to the auto rickshaw guy coz he inserted more passenger than the numbers he was allowed to take i paid him12 instead of 15 ..and may be that's why my tour got jinxed and everywhere I tried to save my sumhow got spent up and I overdid my budget..but i will mange...

Mom n dad were as usual very pleased to get home for the puja celebrations but the surprising more was the fact that my tour was well planned and in 6 days I had to visit 5 girls

I was surprised myself..coz noone told me about it...but I got the explanation that mom n dad are not pleased with my disheveled life they want a caretaker for me...

So alongside the celebrations ..i had to visit gals...2 of them I knew..coz they are family friends...but I ver knew that those two hotties who never gave me any atention during my rising hormones level age..was keen and interested to marry the three were mom's frnd's daughters..and it was hell
and guess wat one of the girl's parents were so interested that they started pressing for an early marraige...and i was like..." mom m i not too young to marry :-/ "

But it was fun least I had a nice time with 4 out of the  5 hotties..

except the one who started fighting even before we started to talk freely...  
but sumhow I liked her more than the other..may be i do like Junglee billis (wild cats) like our Don :P but m not gonna marry as usual...coz wateva u say m too young to be thrown into ocean of responsibilities.....

Then on the 7 th day..I moved to my sister's she had a major computer the the evening  that day ..I spent sleeping on her computer table while the system was being formatted and reloaded.

And on the 8th day I returned back to here...and the return journey was cool...I had to share the seat with a beautiful girl ..coz she dint got i offered her the seat in my berth....and she happily obliged,,,and I did got her phone number and as usual I won't dial :D
So it was a pleasure trip with loads of gals, food and of course the parental affection....and I m so home sick now :(


  1. Oho...bhaiya...ladki shadki dekhna...kya baat hai!! Shayad meri DIDI (?? ya bhabhi) ki kaamna poori ho jaaye LOL!

    CONVEY love to all :) CUte psot :P

  2. lol

    tum pehle decide karo usse didi bolna hai ya bhabhi...:P

  3. WTF are u doing, dial that number!!!!! U re not gonna stay freakin single ur entire life Sou!!!!
    Dial Dial Dial Dial Dial Dial!!!!! I told u to keep ur options opened!!!!!!!!!! :D


  4. hmmm....i never had any hooties or cuties spoken ...ur some lucky guy :)...shades cool :)..u r some guy having fun....ladikiyo ko pataneka way batavo naa :P..


  5. wow sounds like a very interesting trip home this time ha ;-)

    Nice shades man!

    **But it was fun least I had a nice time with 4 out of the 5 hotties..

    so u got both ur PASSIONS fulfilled this time? Thats what I call LUCK! ;-)

    Bro, so how many women r ya gonna marry? haha!


  6. cessyyyy...

    m not gonna dial...I don dial any gal's nummer first..unless she calls...

    oops I 've not given her my nummer :P


    m not gonna dial :P

  7. Hemu

    yaar ladki patane ka fst n foremost rule...

    don't ever let her feel that she is the lone fox in the soon as u let her feel that... she will run towards you :P

  8. Sissyyyyyy

    yeap ..wonderful trip...all the dreams fulfilled....:P

    it is better to court loads of gals before zeroing on the saves a lot of trouble afterwards :P


  9. Hmmmm....toh jana shaadi kar rahe hain, hein ?!

    Ladki wadki bhi dekhj kar aa gaya aur bataya bhi nahi ? CHor !

    Hey btw I recently got myself a nice pair of titan shades-3 new pair of jeans-a knee lenght button up sweater....thats my dusshera shopping.


  10. shadi :O

    main :O

    aajkal cindy tu meri post wost dhang se padhti nhi :P

    ladki dekhne gya tha shadi thodi na karni hai....kaun karega shadi...apne aap ko sambhal sakta nhi ek aur wo bhi ladki ko sambhaloonga kaise :P

    and batane k liye mam kaha rehti hai aajkal...pata nhi kaha busy rehti ho....teri shadi bhi toh nex year hai na???? plans bane???

    waise btw cool shopping list..ab main sure ho gya tu ladki hi hai :P
    3 jeans :-o
    inno ka karegi kya??

    titan k shades...kool..mujhe bhi ek unisex uthana hai...shayad nex month taksko utha loonga...

  11. omg thats such a GUY thing to say! lol!


  12. That's not guy thing..that's a gal thing that I learned.... test before u own the thing..

  13. Ah!!! I completely understand how u r feeling.. it will take some time to recover for sure...

  14. yeah.....

    it mite take the time upto the another trip...and that will make me homesick again...a vicious circle :P

  15. Maine kab kaha shaadi kar liya karke ?! I read your posts with as much attention as I write mine ! Keep that in your head, samjha ?

    Serioudly, khud ko sambhala jaata hai nahi shaadi kaek mathhe musibat lane jaise baat hai. Main next year nahi uske agle saal musibat ghar laa rahi hu, or rather musibat k ghar jaa rahi hu....abhi nahi. Zindagi toh bas shuru hui hai yaar.

    Tu hi aaj kal kahi gum rehta hai, na mails na ol aata hai, aur mujhe bolta hai.....aus ki behen mil gayi aur dosto ko q yaad rakhega !

    And about the jeans, I needed new pairs....the last time I bought jeans was like 6 months ago !!!

  16. Sourish! I am a dialer! hahahah
    I am not your average gal! If I like you there is NO way I am gonna let you get away..... DIAL THE DAMN NUMBER!! hahahahahaha

    Glad you had a good time.. So Marriage is coming to you soon Eh? HMMM! Am I invited to the wedding?? hahahahahah

    Okay back to my drink!


  17. OH BTW! Hallie Berry In the Cat woman outfit.. IS HOT! hahahaha

  18. cindy bhindi.......

    yaar..ek hi toh reader hai meri jo day 1 se saath hai uspe shak...pagal hoon kya main...u were then a true frnd ..u r now a true frnd..teri posiion meri life mein ek dum alag bani hai...uss position mein koi bhi world k kisi bhi corner se nhi ghus sakta...

    rahi baat online aane ki ..main jis time online aata hoon that time u r busy in ur work..aur main ghar par net nhi le rha ...coz time ki bahut barbadi hoti hai...and mail..seriously boloo toh messenger aane k baad mail likhne ki habit hi chali gyi....

    seriously jiya hi nhi maine... abhi se sabji khareedne ..hisaab karne kon baithega...abhi toh paise hai aish karo..udao fir aish karo...I m not giving up my freedom so soon...but karna toh hai hi ek din....tu next to next year karegi??...chal kam se kam ek saal toh hai ..full life ji le..fir toh bartan bachhe yehi sambhalte rehna hoyega :D

  19. Nehya...

    atilla the hun..this is india..people here rarely exchange numbers...leave alone dialing see :P

    but u r a dialer and u havn't dialed infers u hate me :((

    buhuuuuuuuuuuuuu :'(

    not marrying now dear...but surely i will invitee u to the proceeeding..if u can come :)

    enjoy ur vacation

  20. Ya right !!

    I agree about the mail part...but I never see you ol, even when I log in from work at times. Anyway. Not getting net to home is a nice idea, seriously you do save a lotta time.

    Hows everything ?

  21. Ladki dekhne going,ha? :P
    Good goooood..Besta luck :D

    And btw..meko photuu dekhni hai shades ki!..I love them too..;)

  22. all I can do is smile reading this post....

    you are having a good time....and since you ARE aware that you are not ready....dont get into it...

    reminds me of the serial mr. yogi...I guess you did smg similar to him....seeing 5 girls - lol

  23. Cindy

    I log in invisible...coz gmail par bheed list bahut hoti hai...

    everything is fine here but health kharab hai ...common cold I guess...

    tu kaisi hai ?

  24. aanyushii

    arre ladki dekh liye abhi agli baar jab jaaaonga ghar tab wapas se de dena besht of luck :P

    and chashme ka foto ...soon i will put it up :D

  25. Ceedy bhai

    mr. yogi,..heheheheh ..yeha i remember the

    bhai life's already so much pain...who wud want some moe pain in the ass :D

    aap hi se seekh rha hoon:P

  26. good to read this...

    sahi hai re....paanch ladkiya ek trip wow!!!!!

    rofl...@....ocean of responsibilities...kya analogy hai...edkum rt on target!!

    glad to see you had fun....


  27. lena

    I have his stupid principle ..never to give an upper edge to any gal :P

  28. Vanilla...

    arre yaar ghar waalo ka bas chalta toh swayamvadhu hi karva dete...thank god !!!!!

    and sahi mein marriage is loads of jhamela in package... :P

    how was ur dandia ttip???

  29. MAaaaan..
    I always wanted to do alot of this official flirting without spending money :)

    But now my parents say that they have shortlisted two and i have to marry one of them..

    Am tensed and confused..

  30. dandiya was awesome yaar...mumbai se bhi better hua....awesome crowd, music, friends....aur kya chahiye:P:P

  31. boyosh koto je eto meye dekha dekhi?? :o lol... atlst u r getting some hot n happening materials for ur new posts... so do post something solely based on thz experiences :P ;)

    cute post.

    take care

  32. 6 days and 5 girls.. hahaha, ofcoz miss home terribly

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  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. preetilata.....

    my age
    if I tell u ..I have to kill u :P



    guess wat..i m in phd...doesn't sound so...but I can be deceptive :P

    personal experience on
    defn...I will come up wih one soon...:P

  37. Vanilaa....
    ladke nhi the??????????????
    fir kya dandiya kheli :O

  38. alameen...

    bro...long time.... whre were u?

    mann it's more embarassing than fun...and all i have to ask stupid questions....

    poor luck man...only 2 :o

    choose the hottie of that too...i can't really help u much in choosing if u have such a lil option :P

  39. di.di.


    hehehe..must be one of the reason..may be the only one :P


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