Friday, October 31, 2008

Please Help..... I m scared......

Now it was the turn of Assam....Figures says 68 or more died due to the serial bombing which shook the capital of Assam yesterday at daylight...and once again we proved that how incompetent we are to stop the so called Jehadis...

And I truly believe it's the work of HuJI, and may be ULFA aided them with the other support...and when the govt. thot the had broken the back of Indian Mujahiddin... the jehadis struck again....and this time with RDX instead of the crude Ammonium Nitrate...with a timer device..terrorism is changing it's face and now it's becoming more tech savvy...and we are still living in the old age era wen we talk abt the protection...

Today I was discussing, how this regionalism and this castism is eating up...I sumhow feel to blame the freedom fighters who freed us..coz we are so coward and so accustomed to be tamed... that we seriously need a marshal law to learn to leave in solidarity....

Last day , NDTV survey said that 89% of population think ..these bomb blast have changed our lifestyle...yeah I do agree...coz I m so scared to go in crowded place and the temples...God know when they will struck again and where...

I m scared....

Guess that my blog is becoming all political ain't the lake of my dreams any more...coz I m so scared only the nightmares are coming and I can't avoid myself to write and support the souls of the departed...I can't write or read or least when my brothers are being killed in my own homeland...

It's similar to the child abuse...yeah it is....when the home isn't safe where shud I run and hide wen m so scared...If I don't have anyone to whom I can cry for is worse than dying...coz dying scared and for nothing isn't my dream....

God bless the soul of the departed and help the wounded to recover fast and give them the strength to carry on...

Please help!!.. I am scared.....................


  1. i am in the same state dude...i too need help if some one does something to our city :(...

    i to am very scared...:'(...


    p.s have u taken ur gift :P..

  2. **only the nightmares are coming and I can't avoid myself to write and support the souls of the departed...I can't write or read or least when my brothers are being killed in my own homeland...**

    I agree with you on this word by word ya. It just gets better everytime, I think we need another freedom movement....liberty-equality-democracy-prosperity is all gone...

  3. Even reading about this is giving me a pain in the brother is an IIT student,and he's studying in Guwahati..we were all so shaken when the flash came on TV,that I started calling him immediately..thnkfully no harm to him,or his friends..all this is shaking me up,big time!
    And trust me..its high time tht we started revolting to all this..and now..the politicians can't say tht anymore tht other countries are disturbing our sanity!..
    Everything is evaporating into dust..even people's conscience.
    And I completely agree wth those lines of yours which have been quoted by Cindi..

  4. Really a sad state of affairs..we have so much of bad news floating around in our country ranging from terrorism to communalism...Cry my beloved country:(

    and a nice blog man

  5. :(

    yeah we need to strengthen our u said a tight marshal law...

    but is it implementable in a country like india...i doubt..!!
    we need another internal freedom fight..!!not fight, basically an awakening..!! this time our fight should be not against Brits or Americans..but with ourselves..!!and we really need strong leaders..!!

  6. It's really sad and stupid...all these endless bomb blasts and killing innocent ppl for no good.

    I saw this on the news...but now such bomb blasts r a norm in Sri Lanka. I dun mean to say Im getting used to em, but everytime I hear abt another blast in India or SL, Im like 'not again plz'...and I seem to run away n hide in my humor or something else...cos I feel the pain has reached it's highest limit and it has nowhere else to go! I dunno how else to cope.

    **It's similar to the child abuse...yeah it is....when the home isn't safe where shud I run and hide wen m so scared

    I agree...if ur home is not safe, where else can u go? Its very very sad!

    Bro, u care alot abt OTHERS...even tho u've never met those ppl. Thats why u FEEL for em and write abt em in ur blog. Not many ppl can be like u, cos most ppl dun care abt OTHERS. So I admire u. U hv a very big heart.

    Not that I never knew that before..cos in Blogville too, u LIVE ur WORDS. And thats rare.



  7. Hemu..
    I can understand ur feelings....and my help and cooperation will always be there for least a brother shud help another.. u wen u need it..that's how solidarity spreads...

    yeah I've taken ur gift and it was as usual lovely...
    thanx a lot :)

  8. Cindy..
    I truly believe so...and I guess it won't be long wen we have to raise arms against the violence...

  9. Aayushi...

    I can fully understand ur dad served a lot of time in Assam and every time a blast occurred..we faced the same pain again n again..

    we need to get prepared for the fight... coz if we wait for us to suffer to raise the voice it won't be long wen our voice won't be heard..coz we won't be there to raise it...
    give a hugs to ur bro from me..and tell him not to venture in crowded place

  10. praveen...

    yeah brother...this country is facing the brunt of insanity...and I m feeling really helpless...and I believe several others are feeling the same....

    thx for liking the blog...and u do have loads of blogs worth of admiration :)

  11. Vinz

    I second with you on this..

    I don't kno whether marshal law is possible or not but at least a tighter leash on infiltration and security affair can solve this prolem...look america is fighting the world..yet it's homeland is safe..coz they are controlling with some harsh laws...and I truly believe sumtimes human rights needs to be leashed for safety of those human beings...

  12. Sissy


    I can fully understand ur pain..ur land was torn in civil war for long..and I sumhow find myself responsible..coz wateva People say India did had a role to play in that war and now wen it has gone out of's not willing to intervene...and being an Indian ..I think I m too responsible for that...coz we chose wrong leadership which believes in very wrong foreign policy....thought it pretends to be good....

    but India is now suffering too the same's neighbouring countries are harboring and aiding the mercenaries..

    and we feel helpless....
    coz the person whose decision gonna count are enjoying z plus security cordon and since they are not scared..they won't do anything...coz untill u face the brunt for urself u don understand wat pain is.....


    I don't have words to thank ur appreciation..only if u had seen my face now u cud had seen.. it was all smile and blush...blush coz seriously I can't take up the appreciation so well...and still people think me as an immodest :)
    and I myself believe u r having the purest of soul..coz writng reflects the soul...I believe it...


  13. Come gve your share on my latest post,bro..

  14. no bro ur not responsible for any shit...just cos the leaders screw up, that doesnt mean the public who voted for em r responsbile for their deeds. we all vote for a leader expecting em to do the best..not the worst. but they go n screw up and thats not us doing all that is it? so ur alright bro. Its the leaders who r playing with lives.

    **coz the person whose decision gonna count are enjoying z plus security cordon and since they are not scared..they won't do anything...coz untill u face the brunt for urself u don understand wat pain is.....

    I so agree. SL is the same. All the top politicians r SAFE and enjoy a rich life...whereas the poor man is struggling to survive and in the end, its he who has to die too! SO UNFAIR.

    awww but I wasnt just praising ya...always know that ok. U deserve the best, cos u hv a heart of gold. HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ! Im glad I made u smile across the miles :)


  15. Very very true!!
    I'm scared too!
    Is this how life is going to be from now? Or worse?

  16. Sissy..

    I don kno but seeing bangladesh and srilanka ..I sumtime doubt Indian policies...

    the world is getting meaner n meaner everyday.....everywhere situation is same..may be world needs a new order...

    and thx again
    u kno??? u r a sweetheart... :)

  17. Macademia...

    GOd knows...if I have to live with fear..I don kno how much time I will hold myself to do sumthing against the ethics...
    and i do pray that things don't go worser...


  18. It's like a civil war, this situation...

    What needs to be done about this, I really don't know. We can't stop living our lives and start living in fear, trapping ourselves in our homes. That would only mean a victory for the terrorists.

    What we can do, however, is be more aware, and spread awareness. As the Mumbai police posters inside BEST buses say, "Instead of looking outside the windows, look around for suspicious bags."

  19. Alok...

    so true u r....wat we need is a serious campaign on awareness...I hope people realizes soon that instead of looking for good things they shud be aware of the bad things...

  20. **u know ur a swt-hrt

    bro cud u tell me something new? *smirks*

    lol kidding!


    yes the world is getting meaner n meaner...mebbe she needs a Magnum? :)


  21. do wat ..aim n shoot????

    I was thinking to nuke them out:P

  22. Even I am scared betu....we all are....someone needs to do something about it, not for just a city or a country but for the whole world!

  23. Magnum choc icecreams I mean!! :)


  24. Anjuli Di....

    Didi....surely...par karega kaun...none with powers don't want to change..and we are so powerless that we can't d anything :(

  25. Sisssyyyyyy..

    ohhhhhhhhhhhh dat.....yeah surely it will help :D

  26. where are you.......long time no news....


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