Saturday, October 04, 2008

Missing your love...

It was Sheena's Aftaar party....I was sitting there gossiping with my friends and rite u guesses gossiping about the hotties in the party, who is wearing what, and how deep and correctly one can estimate the different estimates...suddenly a gal stood in front of me and blocked the site that I was having...

"Sourish! Behave boy ..behave...are u gonna eat that g
al alive" she smiled.

It was Ishita.....she was as mesmerising as like always...rite some said..'Love makes u blind'..and her captivating beauty was .... beyond imagination...or may be as because I was in love with her...

"I was not looking at her.",I replied.
"Oh! but ur face is on her shining legs."
"Of course! it is..I was just arranging my hairs,..I thot that was a mirror...Now I kno ..that it's a leg..thanks to u." I giggled.
"Oh my silly boy". She laughed and kissed my cheeks.

She was a gal whom I always she always took everything lightly ..even my oogling ...
and she was as loving as always..she was never jealous of any one ..may be because she knew that I love her beyond anything or may be because wen she was in front of me even if the world go upside down I never looked anything beyond her serene face.

" You are Late...again sweetheart" she smiled.
" Sorry! U know na I m so far from punctual" I winked.
" Ahh! don't be sorry..I just came 5 minutes earlier. I thought I was late."

I kissed her before she uttered anything more...

I was there half an hour before the scheduled time in the restaurant just across the Archies shop in which we decided to meet. We used to do on every saturday bunking our tutions..and then we used to go on to different places..u can call them funny dates....coz she used to spend and I used to have fun. That day too she came on time like she always as I knew she was punctual unlike me. But I let her that I can see whether she comes just 5-10 minutes before as like always she told me and as I suspected she lied like always just that I don't feel sorry about coming late...Watching her waiting was so lovely..she used glare at her watch every 30 seconds..and then she used to impatiently caress her hairs...I knew always that she hates latecomers..but she never ever complained anything about that...

" Sourish! u r supposed to do something.", she cried in my arms.
" I m just in B. Tech first year." I murmered.

" So wat! we can marry. We are least I am." she sobbed uncontrollably," I don't wanna marry some jerk even if my parents kill me."

She slept there in my lap. She woke up startled jus minutes later just to feel me so that she can kno m there and then she slept again..her dove black eyes were swollen ..may be that's why she felt asleep and I continued caressing her hairs. She was there sleeping for 2 hours...and then I kissed her awake..she left without uttering any word and that was the last time I was with her.

That silence still screams. 3 days later she was forced to marry a NRI jerk and 10 months later, I got her mail explaining why she left for another world leaving me in this world alone and shattered.. I wud had joined her in another world then only but....
Yesterday night I dreamt her.. after so many years..yet her love and beauty was as fresh as it was then..

Ishita ..this post is dedicated to u . I won't aplogize as I kno u always hate me apologizing to u...yet I always thought that can't get rid of the guilt if I don't...but now I think I don't want to apologize to u because I don't wanna get rid of the guilt anemore coz with this guilt ..I feel u everytime close to me... I love u and I miss u...


  1. :'(...that was really marvelous piece touched me some wer...u r lucky to have a gal like her :)..i wish someday i find a gal who cares for me ..:) ur post got me many thoughts now ...thanks to u my mind is little relaxed seeing such a heart touching post ...good one dude...really loved it :)..


  2. pain...!!

    i can totally understand you friend..!!

    take care..!!

  3. Hemu...
    Yeah I m lucky and unlucky too...
    it is said..we are destined to meet to our partner with time..I just met her before my time...
    And wen she is not here..I feel world is so empty...

    I hope u will find ur gal soon and u won't repeat my mistakes...

    God bless u...

  4. omg, it was so lovely and romantic, damn it, i don t understand the parents. It s like they don t give a shit about what the daughter really wants just because of society, tradition, rules, caste, religion etc etc. Hapiness of the person who will commit should be taken first in consideration :(
    I hope u will find someone who loves u and just u because she wants too.

  5. I cried so much! OH my goodness..Pain is real and it hurts sooooooo bad!

    I say marry for love.. I am so so sorry! you feel this pain..Bless you heart! I pray that all is well with you and remember this "letting Go is not giving up, it is just accepting somethings are not meant to be"

    You are gonna find ya a great gal! She will love you to pieces!

    Oh and I am sorry! checked my mail and totally missed your deadline.. Doing it this weekend and you will get it! lol lol

    Be Good!

  6. Touching !

    My prayers are with her.

    p.s : This is totally off track, but dude what dove black eyes ?! I think doves signify the color white n peace cz they themselves are pure white, isnt it ?

  7. :(

    So sorry. I hope that the phrase "everything happens for the best" stands true here too.

  8. Dunno what to say...sometime back I think I had mentioned on the Cinderellas with the good memories instead of the lost ones...

    hope you are better now...

  9. I agree with what ceedy says...real true yaar...makes so much with the times you smiled with her...the times u sneaked out with her...!!

    Ahh....touchy post re....senti kar diya...makes me think of somebody i love and who will never be mine coz of certain reasons...but the point is...the love stil remains and the memories too.. anywayss...

    Think about the gud times...thats it!!

    Take care..

  10. Touched. This story should have had a happy ending. But Probably God had something better in mind for you.

  11. Bro wuts this? u said u'll be gone for a week and now I see a new post? I just came here to say I missed ya and I see this :) Anyways glad to hv ya bak so soon!

    Love comes with alot of Pain yes...we wanna do this and that, but there r so many ppl who DECIDE for us...and thats sad. But some things r just not meant to be...thats why they end up being the way they do.



  12. still hurts eh. but m glad u see urself as lucky too.
    btw come & collect ur awards too

  13. Cess

    Yeah!'s really a taboo that India is still facing..and I was the victim..may be not the victim..coz if I had dared..things wud had been different altogether

    aneways..wat's there to cry for the past :|

  14. Nehya..

    it was not meant to bring tears... :(

    I cried tooo :|

    and thanks a load for the wishes... I hope ur prayers come true soon..
    love n carez

  15. Cindy...
    thx for the prayers...

    by the way rite u was wrong on my is supposed to be doe eyed ..I think 'v' mite had crept in as typo....

    thanks for correcting it too :)

  16. Ceedy bhai.....

    I m living with the all her memories..she is too lovely to be forgotten

  17. vanilla...

    thx re..aur tu jyada senti mat kar..ek toh main khud senti hoon..upar se tu bhi senti kar rahi hai

    take care of you

    aur sab kuchh thik ho jayega..nahi toh

    main hoon na :P

  18. Kiran


    god k bharose hi toh sab chhor rakha hai :)

  19. Sissyy

    awwwww it was such a sweet gesture and such a humble philosophy....

    how were u during the weekend ???


    love ya loads

  20. Illuuuuuuuuuuuu....

    thanx frnd..and awards :O waah waah...
    thanku thanku


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