Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A to Z of my life

I don kno in wat life I did something horrible to Cindy dat she punished me with this tag ..lol..just kidding actually I am too lazy to write dat much..but willtry and moreover my english dictionary is smaller dan my telephone diary..so I don think that I willbe able towrite them beautifully coz i have to search the quality fst matching with the alphabet den I can write something about it...lol
And I sincerely believe that no one will read it..coz I don think any body has dat interest in my life to get through some thing so long :P but I kno Cindy will read it...afterall I read her and she tagged me..it's her moral responsibility :P ..lol
Ok! Pretty lady here it goes for u!

A - A for Apple...right now nothing is coming into my mind dan the rhyme A for Apple..So let's c wat this Apple means in my life...I am sure that I am apple of My mom dad's eye as they have sacrificed apple out of their fruit menu for my welfare as per some hindu ritual and every time I see da apple I feel so bad dat i don like to eat it to.....
I jus remembered wat my girlfrnd said about me..."U r Arrogant"..I have this problem of mood swing ..ok ..happen more regularly dan the regulars..and den most of the people find me Arrogant..but believe me I have been complimented with other good words too :P

B - B for Biotechnology - This is the word which always inspired me and I sincerely believe that this will shape up my future too..After all I completed B.Tech & M.Tech and doing Ph.D in it :P

C - C for Cute - The one compliment I was always given by the girls that I am cute.. I think by now u have got in that in ur brains dat m not actually a hunk...okay ..my girlfrnd has a different opinion..she said " U look like a gunda " lol.

D - D for Dominating - This was a recent trait that I learned about me ..of course by her dat I am too much dominating and I don't value her ideas and thinkings at all..Lol Since it is recently learned i need time to retrospect to further elaborate..

E - E for Elegant - I always believe in elegancy, I don like anything dat doesnt fall into the category for elegant..right from table manners to dressing sense

F- F for Friendly - I have hell lot of friends and only one thing that I lack is the term Best frnd.. I was niether able to be someone's nor anybody lasted that long in my life to by mine..yet I m always amidst a bunch of people solving problems dats wat a true frnd do..isnt it..

G- G for Girl - Ohh God I have a fascination about girls..They are the god's made best creation only the god was too busy carving dem that he forgot to put brains in dem..so dey actually cant see my insight andnever stayed long enough in my life and recently two tried to kill me :P

H- Homebug - I can be in my room for longs as days without interacting with any of the outer world.. I love my room and it is my home in where I take refuge wenever I m too much exausted to fight the hippocracy of the world..

I- I for intillegent - look dis is not me saying actually people say that to me..U r da best ...lol
Actually the term is Immodest :P She told me so many times that I lack modesty..Nowadays I really believe dat I lack Modesty :P.. U can just see in the same para if u want to get the proof.

J- Jerk :P - Dis is another term I get from little girls in orkut who even cant pull up their skool skirt properly..and yet freely flirt in orkut communities and most of the time I hit on dem and end up explaining why we shouldn't flirt as they always tell me in the end that they are underage..and they finish the conversation with " u kno u r a jerk " lol..dis amuses me very much :P...lol

K- K for Kind - I jus don kno I nver can see any little kids in need... and end up spending a lot on them..last night I was outside for dinner and a boy may be 7 or 8 yr old came to bike and started wiping..and said " Bhaiyya 1 rupaye do na bhook lagi hai " and I just cant get it wat he will do with one rupee which cant buy anything but centerfresh ..so I said "kuchh khana hai?" and he just nodded..there was so much innocence in his eyes dat I paid for his dinner too in the nearby hotel..where he just ate and without saying anything to me he just ran away after eating..fst I thot dat was unthankful..den I realised may be he dont understand wat thank u really is...he was jus a kid who was so hungry dat he begged for getting the food in front of a restaurant where everyone was eating and he was wondering about the taste but I was so disheartened by the cruel fact of the society that a lil kid like him also kno dat money is everything and no one will give him anything if he ask anything more than one rupee..and believe me we the people with means can give big tips in restuarants to fellows who jus do their job to serve us but dont spare a rupee to a helpless hungry boy..

L - L for Love- Love is the beautiful feeling dat most of the time finds me and den get bored and run away..but everytime wen it comes I welcome it wid open hands...coz it's really beautiful.

M- M for Music- I got nearly all labels that I regard as good stuffs and recently it crossed 10000 song's mark. I got a 5.1 ..5800 watts surround speakers in my room and thus get a notice very often from warden for killing dere sleeps... :P

N - N for Nostalgic- I most of the time get lost in my thoughts of old good days..which starts from good moments of yesterday to my knicker days.. :P

O- O for Optimistic- I m normally quite optimistic about everything right from her parents accepting me to be a millionaire if not a billionaire :P

P- P for Parents - they are the best thing that I have in my life and I can do anything for dem..they never refused any of my foolish demands ..never disheartened me even wen I was the culprit..they are just the best.. :P

R- R for Relevance - I just dont believe in absurd thoughts..if anything doesnt have relevance in my life it jus get to be behind the door I slam on dem :P

S- Sarah ...My girlfrnd..she hates my all traits so much.. yet I always found her loving me more and more with every time that passes...

T - T for trusting - I normally trust each and everyone even when I kno dey can be the backstabbers and most of the time get caught thus in crossfires.

U - U for understanding - Though I believe to be one but most of my previous relations left me for the lack of it.. yet see I understand dat y dey left me...den also dey say i don understand dem.. Irony of life :P

W- Workaholic - .. I am kindda workaholic but normally work wen I have to work likewen the deadlines are near..den u don have any other option left oder than adding workaholic as ur character in ur professional life....lol self contradictory..isn't it ?? :P

X- X for X - I have a huge collection of X..XX..XXX and few of 7X too..lol
X is a word which always haunts me as I am eX of many and I had so many eX ..yet I nvr found da reason why so many X circulate in my life.

Y- youthfulness - I normally hang out with my juniors coz dey are full of life and I don want to be included in the league of matured and boring and unhappening fellows :D...

Z -Zeal - If I target something I just get it and most of the time it's the zeal that get me thru the impossibles...


  1. i must have done something terrible too because i was tagged for the same tag :D
    Yours done beautifully.. A for apple is something that flies to your mind before you even think :P
    and i guess you mentioned all your traits in this one! :)

  2. Dude, A for Apple ??!!!
    ha ha ha....the first sentence itself cracked me up..!!!

    And are you arrogant ? But you have such a fine sense of humor ! But then use better pata hoga..usko puchungi !

    I cant believe you're going for your Ph.D..a research scholar, eh ?
    *jaws dropped*

    C for cute ??!!! No way, i agree with Sarah again, he he !

    Elegant : Ditto for me !

    Love : So true..aww..

    Homebug : Lol..so am I..big time !!

    Music : Now hamesha woh 5900 watts ke barey mien phenkne ki zarurat hai kya ??

    And Sarah ke baare mein jo likha...thats so sweet of you..


    So there you go, maine apni moral repsonsibility kinne achhe se nibhai !! Tumhare jaise nahi ! Dumbo !!

    Btw, howz you ?

  3. J for Jerk was hillarious..ha ha ! Seroiusly, mujhe samajh me nahi aata yeh school ke bacche orkut me karte kya hain !! My 14 yr old cuzn bro is on orkut. Woh mere hi schoo me padhta hai, and since that we're a joint family, his frens have seen me, whenthey come home. One day, i get this scrap from one of his frens, " I know you..". I was obviously intrigued, and jab uska prfile dekha toh pata hala mahashay they kaun. Such a sound piece of my mind i gave him and my cuz that day. Aur tanse setting hi change kar diya tp private. i dont really like orkut orkut to be frank. recently I've gotten a requst...use blog me post karne wali hu very soo. Dekhna...how bad ppl r swrewed in their heads !! Jeez !!

  4. Cindy........:P
    i kno u r the best tabhi toh i dedicated the post to u :P
    m fine ..but sometimes i feel u r not dat ok ??
    r u???

    and about research scholar..no one believes dat :P even i sumtime think wat m i doin:P
    nd m indeed a cute boi :-| :P

    aur 5800 watt phenk nhi raha mere pahh hai :P aake dekh lena kabhi :P

    and abt jerk ..i kno u must had experienced it,,i m just fed up of skool girls lol

  5. lena....
    long time since i saw u here...
    this tag is indeed very dangerous :P
    A for apple ..lol really fst wrd of A come to my mind is Apple only :P
    Dere aeere some traits left..u kno one shud always save the trump cards :P

  6. Glad to know you're fine. I'm good ya. Life mein sab chalta hai.And I always abide by what Forrest Gump said : "Shit happens"...lol !!

    But then, yeh bhi toh hai, that I have something that very few blessed souls do. So I'm doing better , aint I ?

    I do hope things are better with you, eh ?

    P.s : You're fed up of skool girls, eh ? LOL !!!

  7. okay let me clarify to u fst

    fed up of skool girl doesn't mean dat they are not in my fantasies like every other boy in the universe hav about young girls...
    but i normally keep fantasies reserved for the dream :P in reality i actually dont get why they need to use orkut wen they can jus get any boi by jus wink of the eye

    and dey are too young to flirt :| part of my social responsibility u see :P


    and about how gifted u r .. I kno u r indeed a blessed soul..and that's why i was concerned for u and ur A to Z tag was all showing the confusion that u r in... and somehow something is there which u cant get out of ur mind and its troubling u more than ever u thought it cud
    u just take care of urself and any help u need u have the id where u dont stay online too :P

  8. Social responsibility ...???!!!

    Ha ha ha...kuch aur wor bhi bol sakte the...par social responsibiliteeeee...ha ha !!!

    Anyway, and I'm so thankful for your concern. It feels nice when you know you have frens who care. been a long time, I had a fren telling me that.

    And woh A-Z tag was so fickle no ? Like my mind was on a 100 things at one moment. Thats why toh, I was saying about 'I am sick of writing crappy posts and calling them dollops !"...lol !!

    Anyway, tum ol nahi rehte ho..dont tell me...catch ya ol someitme..

    Take care.

  9. im a homebug too. looove my room! hehe your "X" one was funny.

  10. Social responsibility ...???!!!

    Ha ha ha...kuch aur wor bhi bol sakte the...par social responsibiliteeeee...ha ha !!!

    wats wrong in dat :-s..lol
    oh god i said dat..lol
    actuaaly flierting underage can land u in jail :P i hav always dis in my mind..

    Anyway, and I'm so thankful for your concern. It feels nice when you know you have frens who care. been a long time, I had a fren telling me that.
    with time everything gets far enuff...u make new frnds ..dey stick to u for long and den u make new..with every increase in maturity level ..the need of comfort changes..sometime we judge the frnd nd sometime he find himself unable..coz he actually dont understand y the sudden need..nd since we hav a habit of getting the comfort our need jus increase..
    i stop..i m feeling m saying all in repeat mode... :P

    And woh A-Z tag was so fickle no ? Like my mind was on a 100 things at one moment. Thats why toh, I was saying about 'I am sick of writing crappy posts and calling them dollops !"...lol !!
    100 things ...:O it was so hard for me to even find 26 :P ..blame it on my poor vocab :P lol

    Anyway, tum ol nahi rehte ho..dont tell me...catch ya ol someitme..
    I checkin few times...u don stay online :| ...ok not that often..but u r supposed to stay that time :P

    Take care.
    u too pretty lady
    I m going off for a while by then take goood care of urself..jyada pange nhi karna :P

  11. niyara
    im a homebug too. looove my room! hehe your "X" one was funny.
    lol ...u r a cry pie too..y dont u hav this tag from me and write a to z abt urself :P

    welcome to my blog..nd keep dropping by :)

    nd abt the X...i really have a huge collection..blame it on 6 years of hostel life nd still 4 years to spend on ..m saving dem for the adversity...
    jus kidding :P

  12. hey Sourish ty for stopping by my blog!

    Homebug going Home then ha? :) All the best enjoy n be bak soon!


  13. thank u keshi....
    will make it a regular habit to drop by ur blog
    c ya soon

  14. hey, accha laga tumhara A-Z. Very honest and funny too :) I read the A for Apple, and immediately scrolled down to see what the rest was gonna be like. LOL!

    G...only 2 have tried to kill you? Kaise, kaise? bolo, bolo, tell, tell.

    Yeh PhD kis cheez mein kar rahe ho? Kahaan par??

  15. thx aneri ki masi ji for coming to my blog..so are u in abroad or u r rerouting ur network via proxy servers to blog??

    aneways abhi toh m leaving for home will chit chat wen i come back :)
    take care

  16. Will miss your jabber...
    So be back soon..and take care.

  17. Honest post! I liked it:)
    Btw, how does Sarah feel about you flirting with other young girls ? LOL! just kidding ;)

    Have a good trip home :)

  18. yeh to puchcha tha...:-)

    tu mujhe bhool gaya :-(

  19. x wala sahi hai boss :-)

  20. All's well between u and Sarah? Thank God!

    Just saw your blog roll. Anjuli is Anjuli di?

  21. cindy:P

    kinnaaaa miss kiya??????


    carolina gal

    she is actually quite fed up of me..and call me the most pervy guy of the world..:P yet she loves me and i love her dats y too :P

    anjuli di

    u forgot to check me...and abhi toh main ghar gya tha:x
    aapne meri kavitayee nhi padhi mera convo wala posht bhi nhi padha :(


    gal soorry
    late to reply
    but u see m back :P

    Mujhe pata tha :P


    thanks for praying...hope it get better like as before :)

    Anjuli ko Anjuli di.....
    kuchh gadbad hai kya:O

  22. writing comments! write a new post!!!! :P

  23. returned today only na

    okays heres a post for u :P
    check it out :P
    u wont regret checking den :P


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