Saturday, March 15, 2008

Convocation Day

So yesterday was a very special day for me..It was the convocation day for honoring me with Master of Technology in Biochemical Engineering.... So from the day before 'D' arrangements started...I had to take the gown.. it was very funny..since I dint attended my B.Tech convocation for many reasons..I was all confused ise pehna kaise jaaye :P I thought ki hall mein I will see da oders and will wear it... :P

On 14 th dats da 'D' Day ..I saw ki I was not alone in that league..nobody knew how to wear it coz surprisingly it was every one's first :P.. fir jaise taise i managed to wear that with the help of our convener of Academic Council :P... I liked the cap the most..coz of a horse tail which was hanging from the top..which I was playing with all the time :P So time of the convo came..I met with most of the B.Tech gang dat went out last year...and dey literally screamed out..for which I had a 'khaao daant' session from the teachers :P

My name was in middle..and soon everyone's enthu was one was clapping from other than their department.. Jus before wen my name was called.. on the way to the stairs I slipped on marble floor..but managed to not to go on all fours :P..luckily no one noticed too :P..

Den my name was called..

Oh my god!!!
Whole of the hall was in claps...I realized I nearly knew everyone and every one knew me..and dose who dint knew me where clapping because every one else was clapping :P..the hall was in thunders :P ...every teacher were amazed about the happening.. I adjusted my cloak..and got up on the stage ..and hall got literally filled with whistling and screaming..I myself dint anticipated dis much enthusiasm from near sleeping decent I acknowledged every one by bowing to dem fst..den shook hands with chairman of the council and received the degree..

I posed for the photographer :P...oops 6 photographers ..coz I actually thot if some one forget to take mine.. the other may take..and ended up telling 6 of them.. who all took my foto...which is gonna cost me 200 each for the same pose :P ..

To my surprise hall dint stopped clapping I blew dem a flying kiss :P and the whole floor was on screams and shouts and laughs...whole of the academic council got thawed on the act...but who was my convocation day :P :P :P
After it ended ...whole of the academic council was talking about the flying kiss rather dan the event.. :D I met with director for the photo session and he said.. " u r quite a celebrity here I dint knew dat before. I never saw so many clappings for any single guy and wat was dat on the end. " I just grinned :D... I wanted a foto with the Director and Dean..which ended up in nearly in a group photograph with all the academic council joining us and for that i was thrown at the end :P.. suddenly one of the academic council member who was not satisfied with the pose for the fst foto made us stand again for the fotograph :P..It was a hilarious session :P

Dean was very proud and said..." tum toh hero ban gye " :D
And today..Institute of Technology had the topic with different version about the flying kiss coz has to be decently calm receiving the degree :P even profs are also calling me and telling me.. about how smart i was and how foolish the kiss was but every one said "We enjoyed it.." :-)

And so I am happy :P and very very happy :P



  1. Looks like someone is a dude ??
    Q bhai, auotgraph abhi se dedo...baad me phir mile na mile..ha ha...
    Loved reading this. Glad you had fun..

  2. .I realized I nearly knew everyone and every one knew me..and dose who dint knew me where clapping because every one else was clapping

    haha bhai...cant stop craking on this one man..
    n hey congo's for ur masters... lot of years n tears eh???


  3. lol was my sweetest batch...nd the mech n tronix graduands who were the most shouting...

    autograph :P
    nhi doonga mere bank se paise uda li toh :P

    waise cindy
    i kno u r in courtship for a long..but still bhai :O
    dat was indeed shocking coming outta a pretty lady :D

    kidding girl

    fir bhi bhai :o


  4. samby
    fst of all welcome to my blog..
    if u liked da above line m sure u will like the whole blog den :P

    and thx was indeed lots of years..but tears were short..we enginneers study jus 1 week before semester so for 4 years of btech..8 weeks and 4 weeks for the Mtech :P
    hisab se 6 saal mein 12 hafte or more precise 3 mahine...:P
    cheerz to u too

  5. Hey bhagoo..tumhara dimag kya chalta hai..nahi ??!!!

    Who on earth would have thoight tum, bank aur paisa udane tak ki !!

    Aur woh bhai, toh ewein bola tha..thodi na abhi mere bhaiya mere chanda bola..

    Ok..I'm kidding..your reply cracked me !!

  6. so jaa re :P
    mai socha ki main akela jaag raha hoon

    seeems like insomnia is on rise :P

    waise btw which part u were kidding about :P
    dont u dare me call bhaiya n chanda stuff :P

  7. another completion of a chapter of your life! you did it with a BOMB!!congratulations...

  8. Haha... Bhai M a engineer too... I know those scedules :).. Maine socha aap "masters" wale aadmi change ho jate hoge aur B.E. ki aadte bhool jate hoge late padne ki.

    and yes about your blog. M currently in the process of going thru the old articles. Will let you know as I am done.


  9. thank u diva....

    it means a lot to come from u :)

  10. samby

    oh ho u r an engineer too..
    den i really dont needed to explain u the tears dat i dint gone thru :P


    i'd love to get ur comments on the other posts too ...

  11. congraats buddy...
    it's been 4 years since am thinkin about goin for higher studies.. Now i doubt whether i can make it or not..

  12. don wryy if u make ur mind u will suceed and believe em god himself will carve the way for u...
    wishing u good luck

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Congratulations, kiddo :D

    I nearly fell off my bed when you said you gave everyone a flying really did?!?? LOL :) And since you had already tripped once, I was half expecting you to have done a repeat act because of the shock that the whole hall was on their feet clapping for you (such a drama queen I am ;) Tum to aur bhi tez nikle. Kaisi waali kissi kari, Sushmita Sen waali...Miss Universe? LOL.

    Me very very happy too :)


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