Saturday, January 15, 2011

Who killed Aarushi Talwar ??

A girl of age 14....with her throat slit and a prominent head injury....and whole world waiting to hear from Indian judicary system to find the convict.....

Aarushi.... a bubbling girl ...and like every other teenager ..had a dream that will always stay a dream...I am not commenting on what our honorable investigation agencies found out.. not what news is reporting.. I am just stating facts...

The victim.....
  • A closed house... 
  • A head blow injury
  • few feets away from the bedroom of the father..
  • Her phone switched off...
  • Probably Raped. 
  • A surgical precision throat slit 

The other member of the house...

  • The father
  • Drunk with no sense of time
  • Awake till 3 or at least woke up at 3 to close the router
  • Claiming to be sleeping in a room 7 feet away from the dead body
  • Dentist...
  • Drinking alcohol...

  • All servants having strong alibis... one Servant Dead...
  • Lost keys to main entrance and where the body of servant was hidden
  • Golf club lost and found but 1 year later submitted for analysis..neatly cleaned and the probable weapon for the head injury..
  • Dead body of the girl neatly tucked in white sheet before calling police
  • blood stains washed with cleaner
  • blood stains found on the bottle of alcohol.
  • House closed from inside
  • Murder at midnite with only one person in the house close to the room claining to be sleeping
  • The girl talking 688 times in 45 days with a boy
  • Parent influencing post mortem report ruling out sexual assault.
  • Parents not giving keys to upstairs where body of another servant was stashed for later disposal
  • Landline ringing in dead midnite and nobody picking it up on the night of the murder yet router was closed to save money at 3 am..
  • Body was cremated at haste... and ash disposed off

Now... what do you say who killed Aarushi... ????

I am not influencing any thoughts in you all but even a dumb can say who killed Aarushi...??

Motive: Honor killing
Weapon: Surgical blade and golf stick
Killer: Father... Rajesh Talwar the dentist..

What I think happened.....

Both working parents.. girl devoid of her teen fall in love with a boy..probably had a sexual encounter or involved physically ... father came to know about... drunk.. had a heated argument with the daughter.. beat her up with the golf stick injuring her seriously in alcohol driven mind..and afraid of getting reported for child abuse... slit her throat ..killing her instantly..thought of framing someone else.. Servant Hemraj in servants quarter.. went there.. hit his head with the club.. killed him... stashed the body in terrace..locked it for future disposal... making an angle that Hemraj killed Aarushi and is now absconding... came back.. cleaned the scene ...washed the stains.. probably changed the clothes of the girl..changed the sheet to make it look like scene of murder taking place elsewhere...called police...not giving the keys to terrace..influenced the post mortem so that sexual assault and probable motive for honor killing not reported.. a goof up occurs... someone finds the blood stain in stairs and thus find out the body of Hemraj before it was disposed off to make it look like muderer absconding... lied in truth serum test which is inconclusive and  fooled lie roaming free destroying all evidence..

Is it that hard to see the obvious???.. the son of bi*ch.. mudered her daughter and now crying out loud of not getting justice...such criminals are needed to be arrested and hanged ....there is no way a third party can be involved.. may be Hemraj raped her and father found and killed them both but that is a mere speculation and probably not a truth coz he would have escaped earlier instead of waiting for the father to discover.. but in both cases murdered is the father.. coz no one else will come murder..stash bodies..clean the room for evidence..drink alcohol and leave the father sleeping in another room..that is just absurd....

Think of a situation.. a girl look at her father as a hero who will save her from all troubles..and that father slitting  her throat ..think she can't even cry for help coz she knows none can rescue her if her father is butchering her...
The murderer and the accomplice defending the murder

Indian judiciary system believes 100 culprits may get free but not one innocent should be convicted..and that is the problem here... everybody know that son of the bi*ch killed her daughter ..and now CBI closing the case but since there is no murder weapon and only circumstantial without confession he will never be convicted...and he will never confess.. so Justice delayed and justice denied to the girl and the servant.....but he will be punished if not here some place where justice is always served..

Sometimes I feel like crying for the girl or may be giving her a hug but it is so late and if there is another world she is may be waiting for her killer to reach one day there and ask him a question.. Why me...??

Who do you think killed Aarushi ???

God! Please bless her soul and give peace to the departed.....

PS: This is in no way influencing the ongoing investigation...and if someone else is ever found to be her killer... I will retract this post....but till then.. in my eyes.. The fuc*tard dentist is the killer... and need to be kept in isolation and away from society ..coz he is a serious psycho and danger to mankind..


  1. kaafi accha aur detailed analysis kara hai.. ekdum sherlock types!

    i agree, no one else can be blamed except father mother in this case

    father for killing
    mother for remaining silent

  2. I quite agree with what u hav said..and by no means do i feel that u have exaggerated it in any way. Wonder how even the CBI cudnt solve the case. Its sad to know tht such an obvious thing couldn't be proved. Feel sorry for the girl.

  3. Most logical analysis...I agree that parents are involved, given the cirucmstances they can never be absolved nor come totally clean

  4. Abhishek..

    Sherlock hahaha.. naah.. It is a simple deduction ...lhs =rhs type bahut jayda bond dimag lagana nahi pada...

    Yeah and I agree with you.. mother is to be blamed equally...

  5. Ria...

    CBI is a major body.. they never ever solved one case that i know off... jyada dimag lagane wale kabhi soultion nahi nikal pate... IIT entrance ka logic hai ye...

  6. Pesto sauce...

    Yeah!! I agree.. and I am damn sure they won't ever come clean...

  7. All you people are stupid...believe all the things you hear from the media, without getting the facts right. The father was not drunk...and someoneelse entered the house and committed the murders...the mother was also present in the house....please get you facts right before you make such horrible accusations against someone. The person who entered the house could have been let into the house by Hemraj...the parents are innocent....they have gone through a lot, and the last thing they require is to be blamed for their daughters death...if you think you are sherlock holmes...go join the noida sure you would be a perfect fit for can join them in botching up the investigation and framing innocent people!
    By the go the facts:

    *Father and mother both in the room next to Aarushi's...

    *Father (NOT DRNUK) was awake till 11.45pm not 3 am..

    *Keys are not hidden to the top terrace...and the terrace had two doors..only one was locked...the police could have easily entered through the other entrance if they wanted instead of blaming the parents for"hiding" the keys...

    *Golf club was never lost...It was always present in Talwars house...the police never asked for it, until one and half years later...

    Please STOP making accusations at people without getting your facts right...especially if its the parents that you are blaming...make your blog worthwhile...try to help people...not frame people...and throw baseless accusations and allegations at them!

  8. Dear Anonymous...

    if you have that much courage to support a murderer than come forward... not writing some anonymous claim...

    Father slept at 11:45, so who closed the router at 3 ..I don't think the murderer was busy about getting the bandwidth ...

    if you think Police and CBI are incompetent like me... then you may be correct but this case is don't have to be sherlock to deduce that...

    No murderer neatly tuck the sheets, clean the blood and then kill the accomplice and that too after enjoying a bottle of wine...

    but like me you are entitled to have your opinion..and you know not going into much controversy... honor killing is not unusual in northern part of the country....and it is not the first and it is certainly not the last..

  9. PLease read this and enlighten yourself..I have no time for ignorant people like you.
    And by the way the router was turned off by Nupur Talwar (Aarushi's mom) at 11.45 pm.
    And the parents did not clean up the scene...they left it like how they found it...

  10. hey DD
    wassup....i completely agree with ria...i was super interested reading this....

    btw i will hop on here more often as i am back on blogville, so pls update your blogroll

  11. N5...

    wow.. so much for leaving the anonymous tag... you came up with a name and a not there blog...

    and you gave me the link to talwar's interview... I saw u r logged in from Canada.. so i guess u r reading Media like I am doing and you gave me a media clip if you are calling me ignorant just because i read the report and thought to give my view.. what should I say about you.. ?? anyways I don't believe in name calling..coz it is not to be gender biased too little girly...

    router closure is not logged in some home routers ..the info is provided by network companies.. so I am not going into much discussion into that...

    Secondly.. have you seen any guilty person proclaiming their guilt in national must be leaving in Neverland coz you believe what culprits says not what situation tells...I thought you must be some frnds of Talwars or someone following the case closely for years.. but I don't think so you are.. so I am not going into much controversy... I will give you a detailed analysis of the my my view.. you can drop me a mail in my mail account about your mail id..
    I promise you identity will never be disclosed and safe too..

  12. Mia...

    It is great to hear your return.. I will drop by soon..


  13. Interesting post and interesting comments. no matter who the culprit is i hope that person i punished. May b God will punish if not my Human law.

  14. Hello there,

    Thanks for sharing the link - but unfortunately it seems to be not working? Does anybody here at have a mirror or another source?


  15. Hi,

    You have done a detailed analysis of the case. But I was wondering, can a father kill his daughter in such a "gruesome" manner! Honour killing happens...but the manner in which this murder happened was horrific and seemed well-planned. And even if the father killed his daughter, do you think it is possible for a mother to support her daughter's murderer?
    I am not saying that the parents are not guilty but we don't have sufficient proof yet to convict anyone.
    I hope we do have some proof to catch the victim soon!

    Cheers, Bui

  16. Bui

    Hey welcome to my blog...

    about the comment..

    it is not well planned is crime committed to prevent another crime...

    A child with working parents can be rebellious. It might have started with a heated argument that extended to murder or it may not be the case... but fact is you live in a flat where an outsider comes ..kill someone in the terrace ..enter the house kill a girl in a bedroom and both parents couldn't hear a damn sound.. that is completely absurd.. but hey anything can happen.. it is a clear cut simple case which got complicate due to arrival of CBI and so much media nuisance..

    But as I maintained.. if the honorable court discharge them not guilty..I may retract the post altogether..but not when they discharge them because of insufficient evidence...


  17. Astrological analysis tells both parents of dubious morality and places the blame squarely on them(yes,even if you are a nonbeliever).But astrology is not accepted by the court of law,even if it clearly shows(obetained birth data of parents,while the childs shows a short life span or alpaayu).Only cosmic justice will be dispensed now.I WISH I COULD SHOW IT TO YOU ASTROLOGICALLY,but since you're not conversant,it'll be all greek to you.Media also does not know that the girl was a surrogate child,born quite late post marriage.
    Who are we mortals to punish them,the parents have their morality in dumps already.

  18. Anonymous..

    I am glad that you opened another aspect.. though I am a believer of fate but I am not very much sure about the astrology.. (pardon me)

    But I agree with you that cosmic justice will be dispensed to them one day or the other..

    About the surrogacy.. seriously I didn't know that.. and if is the case then the issue of parents morality will come very late...

    Glad to have you here..



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