Friday, January 21, 2011

Government to be blamed Price rise in India.

Oyee teri!!!! Mehangai Dayan is killing everybody...
That's what Amir Khan would have proclaimed seeing the growing vegetable prices...

You guys must be knowing that I hired a maid to cook my food...
No pervs!! she is not a hottie.... she is fugly ... lol..

So coming to the point.. nowadays most of the time of my evening is eaten up by vegetables...
if you don't know the prices..
Potato- Rs 8/KG
Tomato- Rs 20/KG
Onion-Rs 60/KG
Rice- Rs 25/KG
Seasonal Vegetables: Rs16- 32/KG..
Milk- Rs 30/l
Petrol- Rs 62/l

I spend like 20 bucks everyday on vegies, 50 per day on petrol and nearly 100 every 3 days on every other commodity needed for cooking with 500 bucks/month for the cooking gas for a single man household.. that is when I am in economical mode.. and if I add up my every day chat/rolls/Tea... The per month cost is like 5000 on food only...and if I add up my rent in mediocre flat and all utilities it reaches 10000 bucks per month..

It is sad when per capita income is 45000 per annum.. what will be an average India eat for the rest of 7.5 months? Govt. has no idea...

Yet!! Govt. of India comes up with some rubbish claims..

India's per capita income has increased .. so they can afford chicken, meat, fish and eggs more they can pay for vegetables more and that is the reason for increase of cost of vegetable.. in the scene of high prices ..all Indian should eat yellow peas for their dietary needs.... lol...

Now if you remember What George Bush said about Indian population and price rise..
"That's bigger than America. Their middle class is larger than our entire population. And when you start getting wealth, you start demanding better nutrition and better food, and so demand is high, and that causes the prices to go up"

That time Bush was bashed throughout the country by the same politicians who later said the same see this is what our politicians think about us.... They don't blame policy for the price rise.. they blame us that we can eat good food we should pay more.. lol... what in the name of holy heaven Rs 123/ day.. is 'earning more'... Lol.. Half of the earning population lives as daily wagers and poor farmers...feeding a minimum of family of 6 and normally it is 10-12.. so as per our govt. they should live and eat rs 10/day and be happy that their generous govt. is working on development..what kind of lame economist our PM is... funny????....and they blame Bush least he was not an economist....

Who to blame ???
  • Govt. don't have an efficient weather monitoring system
  • Govt. don't take regular feedback from the farmer to monitor the crops
  • Govt. don't have efficient ways to tackle crop diseases
  • Govt. needed to enforce export bans on vegetables and food to ensure food security if they knew that crops are diseased or drought/flood have decreased crop production.
  • Govt. needed to import food rather than importing American made weaponry. 
So see lack of vision and lack of judgment is the only thing that increased the price rise....but these politicians are just good for nothing... Rahul Gandhi moves in Helicopter on his political campaigns, Politicians moves daily with a caravan of govt. funded high fuel consuming vehicles  .. BJP wastes on the name of Tiranga Yatra or whateva they hell they do.. every other politicians spend the tax money on themselves and tell us to eat Matar ka dana.. what the hell!!!!!!!!!!

Why do you think they are not releasing the name of the guys who stashed money in Swiss, Caymans and German banks????.... because they are all our beloved politicians.. and I am waiting for Julian Assange to release the 2000 money stashing persons names so that we can see how many of our beloved representative of poor mass are not actually poor... It is estimated that nearly 1.3 trillion dollars are stashed in these bank.. these are our tax money... and we have the right to know about the culprit yet govt. say they have treaty for their privacy .. lol...

Do you know what increases the price...???

An election campaign costs average of Rs 5 crore per constituency  by leading parties... who do you think fund for that.. These black marketeers... :).. They donate in the party fund...and where do you think they get the money.. they extract from us.. and they are protected by govt. .. like increase the price for 4 years.. gather as  muney you can and then donate it in party fund and reduce the cost of everything in the year of election.. and that is what happens always....if you don't see this.. then you do have a blind eye towards the truth...

So eat Matar ka dana and be

PS: I am thinking of sending 1 kg of yellow peas to PMO with a slogan "Eat yellow pea to pee yellow.." as a token of appreciation for suggesting such a nice way and reminding us that we may enjoy in the name of democracy but we always live in anarchy or better the monarchy  ..


  1. at home thr were no gajar ka halwa this season. mushroom bhi nahi khaya maine. can u beat that. mom says 25 taka diye oi pocha mushroom er 1 pkt ami kinte parbo na. yestrdy only i was abt to tell u abt mushroom but tum so gaye the :(

    some RJ was saying that it would take another 50/60 yrs to get those money stacked in the swiss/german banks back to our mother land. but wo to tab hoga na when our very own govt will initiate the procress which would never take place coz unhi logo ke to paise waha jama hai. moreover those who can afford to keep money in swiss back can afford anything to keep their names hidden. koi badi baat ni hogi ye unke liye after all koi chote-mote-aiwai log thodi na hai.

    but still i am waiting for the names to be released.

    lol @ ur slogan :p

  2. Hmm...its time the politicians read this post...wait a second u think they dont know this!?

  3. Excellent post! I think you really poured your heart out on this one.

    Frankly, I don't know what the solution is, since all politicians are corrupt. I think we need to push for less government, less babugiri, and less netagiri. Then, there will be lesser public money spent on useless people, and we will get something in return for paying our taxes.

  4. Preeti.

    I second with you on you opinion..I don't think so the moeny will come but at least they should reveal the name so that these black marketeers can be exposed...

  5. Ria...
    They are thoughtfully ignorant in these matter :D

  6. Desi babu

    Welcome to the blog.. I guess you are correct but lesser everything they won't like so they won't change.


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