Friday, January 28, 2011

127 hours - Music and Movie Review

127 hours... is as good as a movie can get...or rather beyond what you expect from a can't expect a better thriller than this..Watching it... is truly an orgasmic experience..
The theme was based on a real story of a climber adventurer Aron Ralston.... when he got stuck for 127 hours with practically no supply inside a crack in Grand Canyon.

I don't want this review to be a won't write much about the storyline but believe me watching it for 92 minutes was the best time I can ever spend on leisure..

The movie got nominations in Best picture, best actor, best adapted screenplay, best music score , best original song and best editing in Academy awards...and I am sure the movie will sweep all the awards... Danny Boyle was at his best while writing the adapted screenplay.. the flashes in the movie were so real that you can relate yourself with it...Getting a movie out of a monotonous painful experience needs quality.. some scenes were so beautifully written that you won't be able to hold your tears....

I don't know why it didn't get it's nomination in cinematography as some of the shots of the movie were so will just make you mesmerized .. few of the aerial shot..the shot when sunlight reaches the bottom of the creek and the deep blue water....and the stillness of the wilderness... everything was shot just wonderfully.... The camera team needs special recognition.

The editing was wonderful..the one scene where the character dreamed  his miraculous rescue was edited wonderfully you goosebumps when reality checks in....
So was the direction...and it was completely unjustified when the movie didn't received any nominations in direction category...

Then there was James Franco...he made me cry with him and made me feel all the pain that he was feeling ..there was a scene where he was cussing himself for not letting anyone know where he goes for adrenaline rush and realizing the same moment that no one will be able to find and rescue him sent shivers through my spine... the scene where he cut his main artery ...the scene and his pain..even just thinking about it sends chill through out my body...There is no was anyone else can snatch the Academy awards from him...and even he doesn't get one.. in my eyes he is the Oscar winner...and now I know why several felt the panic attack when it was screened in film festival last year..even I called mom after watching the movie...

But all above.. is its background score...I feel so proud admiring the creation of the musical maestro ...A.R. Rehman...the song If I rise that he sand with Dido is just awesome... the symphony with it is just mesmerizing...and I am damn sure this year too Rehman will grab the Academy awards....the song reminded me of the melancholy melodies that Solitary reaper must have been singing... the song is like a poem.. a Wordsworth poem with Shakespearean poise.. and every time AR Rehman sings If I rise.. I get goosebumps... :D... I am so proud of you Rehman....You are truly a Bharat Ratna in my eyes...

I am sharing the  youtube link of the song here and if you need the Original score in just need to ask or you know here to download from...

PS: Don't miss the is the best I have seen this decade...will be the best for sure for many decades to follow....


  1. Yes i was planning to see it anyways...and now with this review i m surely watching it. :) I m in love with James Franco.

  2. Nice write up.. truly a remarkable film, and to me, much better creative writing than the hyped up 'The Social Network'. And your last line about ARR is so true, and i'm waiting for it too

  3. Ria...

    It is a must watch if you are thrill seeker.. and if you appreciate the the whole movie not the story line.. I know you will like it :)

  4. Hetch..

    Thanks for the appreciation.. I haven't watched the social network yet.. coz the theme seemed stupid to me..
    and ARR really rocks

  5. Cindy...

    indeed he is adorable... he played the villain in spiderman 3 and he was more handsome than peter there.. :D


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