Friday, September 03, 2010


Few nights back, I was watching a romantic flick of my new celebrity crush Kristen Stewart. It is a always pleasure to watch her coz she reminds me of someone special...Nothing exciting happened was utter boring.. So I was shuffling my channels , where I got stranded with a news which affected me a lot.....


It was something about a mother giving birth to a child on footpath of CP, New Delhi, and she died from pregnancy complications and malnutrition, not before 4 days lying on footpath crying in agony and with hope in her eyes that some one from Dilwalo ke Shahar elhi, might help her to reach a hospital and help out from her despair of watching her innocent child dying too in hunger.. Everyone walked beside her thinking someone else will surely help her or " Mujhe kya fark padta hai" attitude.... She died...but eventually a lady came forward to adopt the baby and the baby might live...

There is nothing disheartening than watching a mother die..and gets frustrating when she knows that none will be there to take care of her baby and the baby will die too... but whom to blame...??

We the people are busy with our respective life..  and none wants a complications and more burden of taking care of someone they don't know especially when it comes to taking care of roadside dwellers...


Our Government is busy preparing New Delhi for Commonwealth ..a game which is itself a disgrace for us.. which reminds us that  we were once a colony of tyrant nation... we run with the baton of someone who once ruled us with no mercy...and then also spending thousands of crores of our tax money for  buying balloons and building and rebuilding all the infrastructure again n again.... 40000 crore... .think if 40000 is given to some farmer on a low rate loan.. Govt woud have helped a crore farmers and their 10 crore family...and thus helped building our economy and preventing a little of hunger issues that India is facing...

Few days back ... I was in one compartment with some foreigners.. and I was speechless when I saw them picking out wrappers of our fellow Indian compatriots who love to travel in train making each compartment their own personal dustbin.. and she just asked me.. why your countrymen can't help clean their own surroundings ..they sit on cots drinking tea and chewing tobacco with lots of garbage around and none to clean them...blaming others but not cleaning for his own hygiene.. I couldn't give any answer... do you have any answer... ???

Anyways... things will be always like this.. I hope just you don't get in such a mess ever when you could have made a difference but instead chose to show a " I don't care attitute "

PS: Congratulations to Anjuli and Raj for the engagement ..I hope you (Anjuli) get married soon and make thousands of pretty little babies and spread lots of love...


  1. I dont have an answer to that question..all i know is tht ppl of this country dont love their country!! No wonder it doesnt matter what happens around them.

  2. Ria..

    may be ur true...none of us love our country...

  3. hmm.. i don't know what to comment here.

    this has happened many times in past too.

    i remember few days back a child died in his parents lap as the road just in front of some hospital was blocked due to some silly security reasons as some minister was suppose to pass from that way.

    congrats to Anjuli and Raj.

  4. Good point, though sometimes it's hard to arrive to definite conclusions

  5. Good Afternoon

    This post was interesting, how long did it take you to write?

  6. Anony 1..

    I know it is hard.. but what's wrong in trying

  7. Anony 2..

    good afternoon to you too...

    it took me like 2 hours.. i don't remember exactly.. why ????


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