Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The August Rush...

I love the month of August ... Apart from Two national Holidays of Rakshabandhan and Independence day.. this is the month when two of my beloved celebrate their birthdays..My dad and My sister.... and yeah ! my one cute frnd too.. who I don't know ..why she is off.. celebrates her birthday too... Happy birthday Dad  and Didi.. and happy birthday to you also my sweet frnd..if you are reading it.. you know who you are...if not..then also my wishes are there for all three of you .. coz you all make my life special and thinking about you always brings me a smile..and this pic I am sharing from my sister's blog..Do have a visit there.. she is new and she writes brilliantly .. at least more sensibly than me...

 Dad (2nd from the Right)on Independence day with his Armed Force Family

Nowadays , I miss home like anything.. sometimes the emotions are so overwhelming that tears roll in.. I guess that's what people call being ' HOMESICK' ... the long holidays at home..I should really avoid... but 9 years way from home... living alone in a one room compartment with a not such happening routine is now having its toll...

August is the month , when the clouds sizzle and drizzle with cold wet breeze flowing... with little drops of rain greeting you up every morning and sounds of drizzling drops bidding you good night...I get a rush jus thinking about it... I can sit hours watching the window with rain drops falling on them.. but this time my stupid room doesn't have a glass window.. it is almost completely wooden and the only place from where sun can say hello is opaqued off... so I keep my windows open and stare.. but it doesn't have that beautiful feeling then watching the rain drops sliding on glass windows .. each one choosing or making a new path... and the room feels such safe and cozy that you can slide in your sheets... naked and feel the wet and cool breeze on your body with the warmth of the sheets.. it is just a wonderful feeling...I like sleeping naked... even in extreme winter , I climb in naked under the quilt and the August is the month when I can  start sleeping under a mushiness of August increases two folds...Try it and if you wanna knw more you can find the know how here. .....and I am sure you will love least Research proved it.. :) ...Naked with just a Satin sheet am getting just excited myself

Last day I watch the DVD of  Twilight saga:  Eclipse ..and believe me it was wonderful.. much much better than any of the Vampire movies ...I ever reminds me of the old dracula movies.. where it was not about blood  and naked lady victims which recent Vampire movies are being characterized as ..but of romance ..the true love of the Vampire loving the lady and the lady sacrificing her soul for the Dracula... the eternal sanctity of love.. and Twilight Saga just remind me of that.. The characters have a special signature.. n.. All characters are full of  sweetness with a bubbling charm. with Bella with her beautiful eyes and tenderness makes the experience of watching the Twilight just beyond imagination...and the backdrop of rain , greenery, valleys, flowers, lakes, and hilly forest just make this movie more vivid and lively.. and watching it in a wet wet atmosphere with occasional phone conversation with girlfriend makes the experience more cozy...

August is really lovely...I hope you are enjoying your August too...

Love and carez

PS: Do hear the song.... 'All yours' OST Twilight Saga: Eclipse... running in one song repeat mode in my playlist from last day... her voice is lovely and so is the lyrics.. Sharing it here.. or if you need I can mail it to you in your inbox...


  1. I need to see Twilight after reading this post. I havent seen a single one. Yeah August is special for me too coz its my love's b'day. :)

    Apart fromt hat there's nothing special for me in this month. The rains in Mumbai are as usual, unpredictable n its so humid these days that i hate it!!

    Nice song btw, i think i need to download it once i go home.

  2. u know my comment dont u? i love to read these tid-bit details of ur life. Aug is lovely not coz it's my sis b'day this month but coz it rains and this time it's pouring rain. net aaye to twilight dekhu but twilight has bcm spcl to me for sm spcl rsns knwn both to us. do u remember dat? n i agree on d fact that di writes briliantly. don't be homesick baby.. durga pooja is not very far. :)

    love u

  3. aug is special because i got married in this month...what more special can anything else be :)...

    not a fan of twilight books but loved watching the movies and yeah especially eclipse ...:)..


  4. Ria....

    Calcutta and mumbai share the same page when it comes to humidity.. I know what u mean


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