Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stress and life

When life gives you lemon.. the tough makes the lemonade... this is a tagline which eventually becomes the line for success... and every successful life has its own advantage..but what we overlook is with success comes the hunger.. the hunger for more success and a time comes when squeezing the lemon just makes your lemonade bitter and that is what stress do to you... so be stress free...coz stress kills...

This is obituary for the best known actor who was engulfed by Stress... Heath Ledger.. the actor whom all you know by face in The Patriot as Gabriel Martin (Mel Gibson's son) , A Knight's Tale as William Thatcher and his epic and master-role as Joker in The Dark Knight...
A boy who ran away from home with less than a dollar in his pocket aspiring to become an actor even when rejected by his school drama team.. Heath started his role as a joker and eventually he played the Joker as a perfection which I doubt anybody else can every play in the movie The Dark Knight.. he overshadowed Christian Bale too.. and with his make up and role play ..I myself didn't recognized him...

In their New York Times interview, published on 4 November 2007, Ledger told Sarah Lyall that his recently-completed roles in I'm Not There (2007) and The Dark Knight (2008) had taken a toll on his ability to sleep: "Last week I probably slept an average of two hours a night. ... I couldn't stop thinking. My body was exhausted, and my mind was still going. At that time, he told Lyall that he had taken two Ambien pills, after taking just one had not sufficed, and those left him in "a stupor, only to wake up an hour later, his mind still racing
And a few months after.. the legendary actor..died at age of 29 and became the first actor to be ever nominated for any role in any Batman movie and the first actor to receive a posthumous nomination and Oscar in the academy awards.... He died as a legend but he was survived by a little girl and a grieving family...
My all salutes and respect for Heath Ledger... May his soul rest in peace....

PS: Just avoid stress and say no to drugs and pills against anxiety way is to meditate and live your life like there is no tomorrow.. live it fully...


  1. Yes he indeed was a gr8 actor!! And u have got a beautiful msg in this post.

  2. uploaded pics of independence day view them on my blog

  3. shud stress as much as possible...heath was indeed a gud actor...salute to his skills

  4. Life unleashed

    "one shud stress as much as possible"

    kuchh gadbad toh nhi likha ???

  5. ohh i meant one shud work as much as possible..beyond certain level ur body gives up n so does ur mind...

  6. Heath Ledger was awesome. Sad he died so young and in that way.


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