Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Season's Flip flop

 Today's morning was awesome... warm sunshine peeking through the window.. cool breeze waking u up saying you good morning...even I decided to go for the bath... :P  So I took my shower and greeted the morning with all freshness and moved out for the department at 9:30 with my leather jacket and my cool shades... no protection for other parts....

and within the hour things changed... my hands were getting numb while typing mails..and now we have the season's coldest day and the mercury at mid day dropped to 5 ... and now my whole body is shivering in cold...
 And in such a romantic day my girl is sitting far far away in her blanket.. I hate long distance relationships... :-|

and now I can guess why the Copenhagen summit was reduced to meeting with eating and thus no cheating... because Global warming is good :P... yeah a 2 degree up in mercury I will love to have now...for that I am gonna burn woods and increase more CO2 ... coz if u stay in room heater 24*7 ..u can shout world is warming but what about me who has a room heater but no mean to light it up as this place is out of electricity for 8 hours at least perday ...

So, I am happy that Copenhagen summit failed...coz now there will be more global warming and I will be warm enough to go to my room and sleep :D


Oh my Christmas post is still pending ..I am feeling so lazy and anyways who is gonna read it anyways :D


So happy new year  and enjoy the winter...and burn more n more firewoods.. a lil up in temperature is not gonna change anyfink :D
and if u r for some family ski holidays ..do check the web before time runs out

Following two pics I took are of one outing in one such cold winter night...  :)

Some Village guys enjoying the warmth of burning firewoods oblivious of Obama , India and China in Copenhangen

The front car had two hot chicks but fog god was angry on me

PS: Contrary to what I say ..don't increase greenhouse gases as it might make the world all greeny greeny ... :D


  1. winters r always romantic. and thus for d very first time its making me sad coz of this long distance. :(

    and keep ur x-mas post pending for d coming x-mas :p

    and instead of looking at ur room heater while waiting for electricity to come better take care of ur every body parts while going out :p

    i loved d topmost pic :)

    n d las pic is good too. fog god is grt :p


  2. Nice post and loved the pics. :) Happy new year!!

  3. Preeti...

    yeha yeah today I am here with full protection... btw that's a nice idea to post on next christmas :D

  4. Fog...hmm..I like the sound of it, specially when you say with that beautiful pic up there!

    And hey Christmas is long gone, tu apna "Xmas" Dec me hi likhna ab.


  5. actually global warming results in fall in temprature...

    you can try farting a lot, they are more effective then co2, they contain a lot of methane

  6. Cindy

    wohi soch raha hoon ki uske agle xmas k liye shcdule kar doo... oh btw apna mail checkna ma bhoolna

  7. Sense..

    warming se thandi :O

    main bevkoof hoon kya.... :O

  8. Haan chalo light post this is more like it... Sourish style... Lagta hai naye mobile ka shauk utra nahi ..abhi bhi photo leke style mara ja raha hai...aur bhenchood what is this long distance thing eh? Hum thode din door gaye aapne bhabhi dhond li... Wah mere krish kanahiya...


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