Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kashiyatra '10 and Deja-BHU

First of all ..I am extremely sorry for not updating my blog and not visiting you.. as I was too busy with all the work... even I was not able to attend the Kashiyatra... but I guess not attending it was more due to fog and winter rather than any other reason....

Kashiyatra is our college is a gala extravaganza organized by the students with loads of cultural events and lots of masti.... though I missed the kavisammelan and mirage ...the poets gathering.. I heard the former got delayed and thus neglected by many....but the later I truly missed ....The fashion show Mirage was awesome with some awesome beauties... but I was feeling so cold that I was in my house... If only I knew it would be so hot... but anyways.. it was all winter wear...I am waiting for the summer event... :D

The event of the events was the ROCK JAM.. ..known as Crosswindz... 24 rock bands from all over India were there for their gigs and believe me it was more than awesome...and by far the best I saw in last 4 years...
In the honor of our guitarist Shiva who died prematurely.. our alumni assembled to perform a show and declared a Rs 25k award to a musician each year... The rock night was awesome and I was feeling more awesome because I was dead drunk and hard high...who can refuse the free booze and free weeds

Above is the video of the Deja-BHu performing live at  kashiyatra...

Thankgod the winter is receding but if u r still in for some family ski holidays check the web before time runs out


  1. the fest rocks!...keep updating ur blog coz it keeps me knowing how often u haan!....????

  2. nice pics of the college fest!!and u r lucky to hav a winter season atleast unlike here in mumbai.

  3. I dont understand the concept of the fashion Damn hilarious!

  4. hope the fest rocked :)..and saw the video u made nice :)..y fashion shows in college fest...already u guys are fashionable na :P..


  5. Didi...

    tu mere blog se mommmy ko chugli lagayegi :O
    bhery bad :-|

  6. Ria..

    yaha k logo ko pucho :D ..sab keh rahe hai ki kab khatam hoyega yeh winter ka atyachar :D

  7. Cindy...

    aur sun.. fashion show ka theme tha winter wear... and humare administration ne ek saree round cancel kar diya kiun ki saree toh winter hai hi nhi :D lol...

    waise wat i know.. is fashion show is for making fool of dumb girls who display the weird and hope that some one weird will buy that :D

  8. Hemanth...


    fashon show was to display to other how fashinable we are... hehehehe

    yeah the rock night rocked :D

  9. Hahahaha. Indeed I an waiting for the summer fashion show as well. So that you can put up some photos then.

    Rock fest seems amazing from your description, and that was really heartening, the 25k alumini award. Good going there.

    Weed. Ha ha. I am jealous. Enjoy brother. I had puggi on my bday... Ur aware of that m sure?

  10. Puggi... lol...

    good for you soldier.. aur bata kaisa hai.. ???

  11. Arre complete videos of Deja BHu kab upload kar rahe ho???

  12. Roshan sahab..

    koshish kar raha hoon.. par yaha se uploading par bann hai :(

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