Saturday, January 09, 2010

Ministers and Media clapped for TRPs

I am kind of News buff.. though I don't remember anything but sumtime. the intensity and the gore make a deep impression in the mind....

A Sub-inspector was yesterday bombed and then chopped by sickle by some contract killer gang in a highway in Tamil Nadu. 44-year old Vetrivel, who was a member of the Special Task Force that gunned down forest brigand Veerappan in 2004, lay in a pool of blood with his leg severed and begged for help after the attack by the gang at Alwarkuruchi.  He was writhing in pain when a Caravan of State's Health and Environment ministry with the ministers and secretary of state for health in them and they stopped there and they mercilessly watched him suffer the pain and they watched him die..

All they did was roam here and there lifting their dhotis so that it don't get spoiled by blood and spilled water on him rather than handing him or helping him drink water..and they called ambulance which they knew will take minimum 30 minutes to come and 30 minutes to reach back to hospital....and the man who got a double promotion for being part of STF that gunned down forest brigand Veerappan, succumbed to injuries.

Think they had a convoy of 70 vehicles yet they let that man die in front of them who in other condition would have been suspended if the case might have been a vice versa.. These cops lay their life for them and they in return watched him is just shame.....

But what MEDIA did.. ???

Instead of highlighting the problem they telecasted video footage of the man all in blood writhing in might have increased their TRPs and hatred for white collar politicians but think about what the cop's family felt, his mother, his father, his wife, his kids, his friends who were already in pain but watched the son, the husband, the father and the friend writhing in pain , begging for help , crying for mercy and bleeding to death....
What a shame??? I was so in tears as my father is in Security forces and it was painful to watch another collegue of his beg for mercy because he was doing his duty to save our lives. I guess now you can see why Pradeep Sharma, the Encounter specialist chose to eliminate the criminals rather than letting them leave with a pat on their hand  and I guess now you know our system will hang him for the crime of doing his duty to protect lives...

What a shame??? I so hate the system now..we lay down our lives for it and it just get busy in filling their pockets and saving their white collars of blood stains..

Read the Details here...If u wanna watch the youtube video click here as I am not gonna show the gore and shame in my blog....


  1. hmm...the sad face if the system that works in India!! i hate it fact i m sick of it.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. i felt the same while watching d news yesterday. it fills every corner of heart with hatred for d system. bng ashamed of it would be an understatement.

    Of the people.By the people. For the people. .......'of' and 'by' are always there but 'for' is ever missing.

    media does no good. wat is does is d clear miss use of the power in its hands.

    well while watching d news i knew what wud b ur next post. and m so darn corrct. :)

  4. I know u wud agree preeti.. dat's why I love you :D

  5. What does the media ever do anymore except creating a sensation out of a massacre and vie for fckin ratings. And they call names to the rest of the world. Bloody bastards.

  6. Sabse galat baat hai ki bura unhi ke saath hota hai jo kuch karte hai system badalne ko...
    Duniya bhar ka chutiyapa ho raha hai nahi... Bade din baad aaya to serious post... Mood hi kharab...

  7. some losers are winners thats why some winners are losers.

  8. Cindy...

    yeah tht's what bothers me the most.. media need to be clamped...

  9. Samby...

    I can understand tujhe kitna gussa aaya hoga.. mera toh dimag hi kharab ho gya tha..

  10. This guy is really lucky !


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