Thursday, December 31, 2009

Holidays are always fun...

As u know from my FB status..I am nowadays with my parents ..though I wanted to spend the christmas too but I didn't got the leave so left for the home on 26th...

The journey and the stay were all eventful.. I managed not to forget to take my camera's connecting gear but managed to forget the it is lying ideal ...and I was so sure of me taking all sets for my camera.. i skipped the connecting gears of I am all camera blind....

Yeah !! Yeah!! I am being me nowadays....just take my suggestion>>> never ever pack on the final day :P...

and I didn't missed Avatar too ..This tuesday I planned an entire family movie event in the nearby Inox Forum and booked our seat for the 3D gala and believe me is indeed a movie worth to watch and seeing it in 3D makes it more wonderful..though dad n mom were satisfied with the graphics but they were sad that movie was not like Titanic coz I forgot to mention that James Cameroon made the film much after the Titanic got down under...but nevertheless seeing mom n dad jump with every incoming missile was just fun..even I skipped some beats ...

 Over all the Vacation is running good...

Oh my sister has opened her blog and her first two post are all bashing me....just have a look and encourage her time to time...her literary sense is quite brighter than me but she needs to get accustomed to blogger world now... So do visit her blog and encourage her ....

Sucharita's World of Emotions...

 ohhh!! and happy new year's eve... and Kolkata is bubbling in festive spirits... so drink safe safe and stay safe ...and don't get urself caught in wishes for you today and advanced wishes for the New year 2010 too :)

Love and carez

PS: My Christmas post is still pending as my spare HDD is not running here which got the main event surprise in it... :) I will post when I will get back on 4th Jan :)


  1. lovely to be with parents. :) Have a gr8 2010 buddy.

  2. My mum has been here since August last year, and will now leave next week. I am gonna be so screwed once she does! It was wonderful having her around.

    You're having a ball.

  3. Happy New Year bro! Enjoy ur time at home. Stay happy. TC too.



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