Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Diwali

I know ...I know that I have been a lazy bum and was not able to visit any of you leave alone updating my own blog....  but I m not to be blamed ... I have some thousands ideas swarming in my mind.. but my net connection is playing hide n seek with me.... so until and unless I login with my own laptop I can't publish any thing... Yeah !! yeah ... I have a laptop too :P


OKie fst thing fst..... Happy Diwali to all of you.... May god fulfill all your dreams and help you spread love to all of the opposite sex and if some of u want to spread some to same sex than also :P ..

.hehehehe I m so not over with gay acceptance....

if we talk about gay acceptance....I m actually not in favor even thinking of dipping wee wee in others shit hole...gross.... and if u have ever cultured a 1 millionth dilution of shit in a culture plate to get a billion microbes in them u won't ever think about it too....I guess sometimes religious scriptures and old laws actually say something least who wants to have a green wee wee.....

ohhhh!!! I remember one instance....

I was in community service...and one day  a guy with no hands in a bathroom was standing infront of a toilet ...I asked him if he needed any help and he said can u take out me wee wee.. I can't u see..and I helped him with his zip and with my hanky took out his wee wee and saw that it is all infected...but yet community service was in my mind.... after he finished and I zipped him off I asked him what happened to ur wee wee...he took out his hand out of his shirt and said...." I don't know is gross..see even I don't touch it...and after that I stopped doing community services...then n't it...hahahahaha.....okie this was a bad joke..but I wanted to say it for so long....hahahahahhaa :D

Coming to the point of absence...there was a conference in my institute and I was damn busy then....and before that I had been to an abroad conference and a long home actually I was very occupied and on 22nd I have to leave again for the marriage of my undergrad school buddies who were in love from then and are tying the knots now...ohh!! by the way if u ever want to go to any cheap ski holidays u need to check on the site is actually very good.... and the picturesque locations they have in their brochure is really tempting....

OHH!!! by the way..yesterday I was dead drunk and I drunk dialled my ex...and hahahahah u can guess the result..I was being a snob and she was being a sweetheart asking me to move on.. little knowing that how hard it is to move  when u have gulped eight straight pegs Vodka Smirnoff with lime cordial on the rox ... :D but I remember saying he I love you like million times..and damn!! she is good..she so mercilessly said OK! only...yeah once she used our code to say me too..but i was behaving like a damn prick every time because i was craving to her her say that more n more...excessive drinking do removes inhibition :D as I lost my own self ego asking her to love me once...ufff!! i was like a 1950's DEVDAS...but she behaved like a sweetheart really... :)

ahhhh!!!! Enough of whining....and I will defn catch up with all of ur blogs soon and believe me...this time I going all blogging less mafiawars... :D love u all ... happy Diwali...


  1. happy diwali bro :)..i never did social community service so dont want do also now after reading ur exp :P....yeah can understand ur busyness :P....just relax for a while and come back :)....just have nice time :)...


  2. hehe...weewee story was damn funny...yeh dadhi kyun badha rakhi hai...poora devdas lag raha hai.

  3. Hemu :D

    u too have a wonderful time and believe me community service has it's advantages too :D

  4. abhishek :D

    wanted to tell it for long time.... :D

    abhi shaved hoon photo mein nhi :D

  5. Happy Diwali to u bro! :) u hvnt written in awhile too...been busy with ur new notebook I guess...good on ya!

    I hv never heard of Community service like THAT! *eeeks!!*


  6. Same to ya sisssyyy

    No!! notebook is old but mentioned it for the fst time was busy in conferences and all....

    and yeah that was indeed a gross community service...

  7. how chutiye jaisa joke tha, i liked it..

    getting tight and calling ppl thts so devdas..

  8. LOL....

    it was indeed chutiya devdas :D... hahahah both of it together :D

  9. happy diwali bro..long time..chaloo nice that you're back..I think you need a new gf for diwali gift :)

  10. happy diwali!and good to c a post from u after a long time. hope to c u back here like before.

  11. Ria...

    good to c u here after a long time too :D

    pakka..iss bar I m gonna be serious about blogging... :D

    how r ya ????

  12. buddy kitna drunk the... el chicko gaye the na :P :D

  13. Tu soch bhi nhi sakta chopi aate hi flat ho gya ..subah utha :P

  14. usne bataya tha... i was in vns @ bhaiya dooj :P

  15. lekin 5 10 mins k baad chala gaya tha kyuki meri bus thi turant hi

  16. ohh koi nhi.... chal thik hai wapas aayega toh pina seekh k aana :D

  17. oye kabhi nahi :P
    maine nahi peena.. meri waali maregi :D


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