Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I so want to write about so many things but seriously..I m not able to I guess todays' post is gonna be a desafinado...

A moron who din't have ticket killed several today.... two of the train Mewar express and Goa express collided  back to front in serious accident smashing a ladies compartment killing many and injuring a hell lot... The Mewar express was standing on the outer of Mathura as somebody who din't have any tickets wanted to get down down so he chain pulled the train to stop unexpectadely and  the Goa express which was on its back slammed it hard..... a funny part is Railway people were late to come even as the accident happened near a big railway station and local administration responded quickly... I don't know why Indian railways is  becoming a menace in the new government.

Coming to the new givt... what the fuck govt is doing..Last time I heard wen prices were so high ..govt. used to get why this govt is refusing to see that potato is now Rs 20/kg and onion is close to 20 and fish and egg and milk and paneer everything is so high that I guess govt can not prevent severe out break of Protein energy malnutrition or in short hunger ....and if u want to take anything cheap is the family ski holidays i m nowadays talking about.

Nowadays I m very dipped in music...and the dance and Barclay's premier league where I saw liverpool is getting butt fucked even when they are haing the best midfield and offense in Barclay's and interestingly Manchester city is looking tough yet unlucky.... ohhhhh that day a superb song was being played after the Blackburn game... I gotta feeling by Black eyed Peas... and believe me the song and the video and the girls in them and the dress they wore superbly awesome....

OHH !! I remember !!! Please pray for Stephen Gately ..the sweet Boyzone singer who were my fst love wen I talk about english pop.. I don't know how he died of Natural cause but hearing Ronan cry at the funeral ceremony was so touchy....

that all for today...

I love you all the mean time check out the song ' I gotta feeling' by Black eyed peas.


  1. Boyzone was my one of my fav bands :( Yeah, Ronan crying was really heart breaking...

  2. farmers make gd bucks when prices of food items are high..

  3. Very sorry to hear abt the Train crash! :(

    Im still mourning Gately's death. Im still in shock. Cos he was my fav 'boy' from Boyzone, and 'No Matter What' is my fav number from them.

    Strange how all the good ones die young.

    TC bro til next time, Ciao!

  4. Dude. The ads are starting to get a bit too intrusive.

    Boyzone.. a la mush mush ;)

  5. Yeah Stephen's death was shocking indeed!!i dunno how cud it happen. And abt India the lesser said the better. Yesterday a water pipeline fell on a local train killing two ppl and injuring 11 in bombay. And to top it the authorities are blaming each other as to who's fault was it!? Can u believe it, the pipeline was anyways crumbling and this was known from 2007, still nothing was done.This is India!!and i dont know if things will ever change.'

    I m sorry if i sounded to frustrated!

  6. Ronan's speech was very heartfelt. My heart goes out to Gately's family.


    Ki khobor? I'm loggin in my blog accoun after so damn long !!!

  7. :O
    You didn't do a happy birthday harini post??
    after all the flirting i did with you
    Bas mazak kar rahi hoon

  8. Sissy...

    it was indeed a sad event...after MJ it was too much to handle

  9. J...

    try clicking on them sometimes too :D..hahahahha...will remove them in a month just want to see if they actualy work or not ... :D

    and La mush mush..hahahahah...Paris huh ???

  10. Ria...

    sweets..inna frustiyate nhi...India mein sab kuch aisa hi hai.... new episode dekho east mein Maoist ..railways and CPM ka...mujhe toh ab yeh blame game dekh k hasi aati ha.... we r so neck deep in finding whom to blame ..we actually forget what was it that we r blaming them from... leave alone rectifying them :D..

    frustrate nhi hote bachha...bahut lambi life jini hai abhi :D

  11. Cindy,..


    and I can see that...innee din mein blog par gaanje ka ped lagaya hota toh abhi tu weeds supply kar rhai hoti... aaya kar kabhi kabhi... mahono ho gye tujhse baityaye hue..

  12. harini...

    I thought to do so..par kya karoo...wo thoda expressive ho gya tha ;) afta all u have turned legal now :D


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