Monday, March 16, 2009

What is love ??


Last few months especially last few weeks ...I've been to many bloggers and found similar questions ...and I found myself getting linked with all...and was thinking that how could it be possible that every  blogger has a similar pain...and then I remembered my old mantra that all the heartbroken ones are bloggers and orkuteers  :D..but few days back a post in Ne's blog forced me back to thinking  the question I asked above

What is love ?

Love is sense of belonging...that u belong to her and she belongs to u... ( since I'm a male and straight :D  ..I'm writing my views only I love 'her' and 'she' loves me :D) ...

Sometimes it comes with a sense of possessiveness guy like meself love it while others feels it obstruction of their freedom..but that doesn't mean that those guys don't love their lovers...

Priority associated with love is also hard to get...sometime u r on the top priority and sometimes u r not..and that is the reason of feeling the insecurity..

When I was in love for the fst was very tender... no thoughts of vulgarity ever reached my mind..every touch was so tender and so lovely making love' made perfect sense but since I was from a culture which don't recognize sex before marriage..I refrained meself from making love to her as I was so sure that she will be mine sumday and I should respect her virginity till then...and then things changed and we parted and after her leaving the world for me ...things was never the same before...I thought I will never fall in love again..I avoided female company for long but then I was in love again...and I came to know that you can't never ever avoid the feeling of love coming back to u... and the word '

I was fortunate enough to have several loves coming to me sometimes together and sometimes one by was never ever alone..but I had a sense of possessiveness with the high dose of my ugliness which drove away all of then but with my other good factors intact...I have the blessings of love always..and have seen more or less every aspects of love....

Biochemically .. (Can't help..after all I'm doing PhD in it :P ) is secretion of oxytocin ..a hormone which is triggered by secretion of pheromones from the opposite sex capable of producing the healthy offsprings if the girl is well and she secretes the pheromonesattracts every other boy in vicinity and oxytocin is so strong that it is hard to resist the feelings of cuddliness and these hormones if are sufficiently released in your system you can kill and you can die for the pheromone secreting female...every pheromone have a biochemical signature that only your hormone system can u r always bonded with the same female and u don't have control because the Oxytocin is similar to drugs and ur body become so needful of that that u become an addict and u can't leave or live without her... more than the others... that

Oxytocin can also triggered with the thoughts but the quantity is less...and since u don't have it enough on ur system u feel the feeling of missing.... and sometimes u keep the token of ur love and keep it close to u so as to have the sense of pheromones from them and u have the butterflies in ur stomach Love is cocaine :)

So ..see.. u r weak from ur body feelings that drove u to love and u r just slave of ur hormones and u call it love the eternal :D....

But wateva the hell I've written is needless to say that I'm always ready to be slave of that hormones ..after all people say drinking, smoking and drugs kills ..but I do them all what's wrongwith the love hormones ..

So love is slavery but I love to be a slave of me mistress....and I know u do too :P

With love....

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  1. ab mere dimaag mein biochemical definition ka locha ho raha hai.... what was that Ph.D explanation?? Fir se samjhaana aaraaaaam se kabhi..

    Par haan...I agree you love more than once... They say true love happens just once...what the hell IS true love, somebody please explain!!

    I loved a guy...things did not work out. I cried, so did he. Then I met someone else who made me feel wonderful again, but that again lasted a few months. Now I like someone who is very very very different than I am...and I am hoping that this will last forever....but no one knows...surely, even if it does not, I know my life will continue and I will breathe the same way as before...

    Hota hai...Pyaar mein Kabhi Kabhi :)

  2. bhaaashan khatam ho chuka...ab bata tu kaisa hai?? Sab changa????

  3. lovers leave. love, never. and in everything we merely strive for a perfection in its expression.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. wowwwiiii such a serious post on love that too including biochemical reasonings. thoda kam samajh aya mujhe but accha laga, was confused btwn all those chemicals :p

    "So ..see.. u r weak from ur body feelings that drove u to love and u r just slave of ur hormones and u call it love the eternal :D...." .... wowww.. i wud remember it for long time, if only my memory wud permit me to.

    i really like this post :)

  6. Nice attempt to describe what love is :) Liked the blog and I am following!!

  7. Hey bro came around to see how u r...even tho u've forgotten me just like how one wud forget the yday's rains ;-)

    Love cannot be 'defined'. Thats my 'definition' of it :)


  8. Smriti
    biochemically it is actually secretion of a hormone triggered by certain chemicals from opposite sex..
    yeh in short definition hai :D

    tu toh ek dum meri category wali mein dhapak dhapak girte padte raho :D..but I do hope ki tujhe jaldi hi apne love drug ka permanent source jaldi mil jaye :) that u can have the drug injected in ya every moment of ur day....

  9. Smriti..

    me ek dum fine shine....buss thoda loneliness hai..but I think weather hi aisa hai ..har banda hi lonely hai ... :)

  10. mystic rose

    vadda complicated dialog marte ho tussi :D

    I think u just have given us the definition of true love..that is 'perfection of the expression' smriti will be happy ..:)

  11. preeti :P

    thanx for the double comments :D

    Inna assaan sa toh likha and wo bhi sirf do chemical name...tum logo ko wo bhi nhi samjh aaya :(

    waaah waise accha quote hai na...laila majnu k baad mera hi quote famous hoyega :D..yaad rakhna..nhi toh publish karwa dena :D

  12. darshan

    thanx buddy...
    U do write well...I was jus going through one of ur poems...quite a good expression... :)

  13. Sissy...
    I din't forgot u....I was meself away from blogerville..look at the blog date dad was here so was busy most of the time...
    u kno na I so seldom gets visitors so have to take good care of them :)

  14. one thing.......when they say love....y do ppl always get to that male female thing...

    u knw

    it can be frndz, parents n otrs
    chocolates also :P

    Just the curious mind of ur li'l kiddo

  15. hehehehehe

    it is simple :)

    u r bonded with chocolates due to ur sense of apetite...

    u r bonded with ur parents because number of genes activates itself so as to have serious secure relationship....needed for survival...

    and u r connected to ur frnds due to societal is not a genetic wo kehte hai na khoon ka rishta bada hota hai and frnds do leave wen they have a gf or bf as in ur case :)

    so terminology is same for all relationship but reasons are different I was talking abt love between opposite sex/ same sex but sexual one :)

  16. sahi hai dude so after all love is some biochemical locha..yar how come pharma cos. have not able to pack it and get filthy richer !!!

    Do research on that maybe we can start a co. that does that :)))

  17. u explain confusing thngs so well to ur kiddo

    love ya :P


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