Friday, March 27, 2009

Wait for the update on sunday......

Sunday I am scheduling my 200th post to come wait for it...
but this post is not that dull....
This post is all about a boy who started blogging.. with a reason not heard ever before....

So the truth of my start of blogging....heheheheh don't judge me ... I wasn't born mature :D

One day back to the time when I started my blog....I used to be too horny about net and its utilisation for pornography....and I was randomly surfing for something where i hit upon a was named Steve's Nude Memphis....and that day it changed my outlook...he was a guy who wrote a post about his neighborhood and moments of a woman he admired suffering from breast cancer was just lovely and I was so moved that I wanted to comment on it ...but the blogger restricted it to blog users only and there I registered my fst blog just only to comment  in his and named mine " My Naked life isn't shit" .u can see on his comment section my name written on it with exact reason...I gave you here...and there after more than three years have passed and I never turned back.......and continued wrting off and on...There were enormous traffic once but I had to take a blog break..ahh u kno broken heart and its effect...and then I had to change my blog url as I din't wanted those users who never visited my blog coz they think they are some enormously famous writers and paying my blog a visit is low standard for them but they do had me in their blog list..just to show their kindness to for those readers it is better to be non existent and so I changed my url so that they needn't bother about me anymore...and really they still don't care a nice decision..yet it affected my blog traffic...but I guess it ain't that big a problem as I get to write my view and keep it safe forever was a really a long journey....isn't??.

and one more good news....

Keshi is back.....and with new energy :-)  ..I guess now my bloggervilla will be complete with two of my close gals back to blogging...


  1. Whoa!! That has got to be the most original reason for blogging I've come across :P :P

    Just went thru steve's blog...seems really intersting.

    Aur jaise Keshi ne pehle likha hai.. really doesnt matter what others think... you still write with your heart in the right place and every post of urs makes me think...haan kabhi kabhi oot-patang bhi :P :P :P Par love your blogposts ;)

    Chal thoda senti ho gawa :D :D :D Jhappi Shappi Ho jaaye?? ;)

    Tere 200 hone ka intezaar jaari hai :)

  2. That's fantastic! All the best for your blogging... and nice to know the reason after it :p

  3. :), we all go through that isnt it, where we connect with a stranger so well and it helps us grow. I couldnt really understand why you had to change your blog url.

  4. hey so here i m .. mere blog pe bahat bak bak kara hai tu..
    lol it was funny to read hw u became a blogger. i think its a odd one out.

  5. You know, I had forgotten about that post. It was so sad watching that woman die. It's funny the things that happen in our lives that might be forgotten if we hadn't written them down. I started blogging just to practice writing. I never thought anything I said would affect anyone. I'm always surprised when I learn that I influenced anyone in even the smallest ways. I'm glad I was of some inspiration to you.

  6. aur aise shuru hui hamare daydreamer ki kahani in bloggerland.


    i started blogging to keep all those memories alive. :) :P ;d

    hmmm its better to hv lil no of honest readers than enormous no of those who comment without even reading the posts. and see i do read ur blog with all honesty :D *wink*wink :p

    wishes in advance for ur double century which will b completed this sunday :)

  7. Smriti :)


    U will never ever hear the same reason ever...that's why I always say ..I am unique :P

    yeah! Steve's is good place to hangout...

    I agree..I have to stop whining about the loss of readers and treasure those who are close to me... but yaar heart was supposed to be in left na..phir right place kaisa hua :O :P


    *hugz* >:D<

  8. Darshan :D


    glad that u liked my reason...all great persons think alike...isn't ?? :D

  9. Mystic rose...

    Yeah I agree with you on this..and really many of the bloggers inspired me to be a better person..and that includes you too.... :)

    the reason is simple...I don't want to be hanging in showcase without any purpose....and it ain't tough to find if u really seek..coz all one had to do is check the link with my profile there in their comment section...and update the new address...

  10. Nidhi...

    thank god....aakhir aa hi gyi tum..I was thinking ki tumhare darshan mere blog par kabhi nhi honge :D

    hehehe I m odd in a lot of ways :D

    and do check tomorrow and then after too.... :D

  11. Steve...

    that is the down to earth attitude..I really like about you..the humbleness is a quality that is very tough to find and still u say u felt surprised with my dedication... see.. there are lots of things to be inspired of ya....

    and I so agree with the thoughts about blogging.. when I look back and read the posts of years back..I can't stop smiling ... that's what keeping a diary means..

  12. Preeti...

    hehehehe..funny reason na...really jab log likhte hai na..i came to blogging for this and that...I really find my reason damn funny... :D can i question the reason of ur blogging..I know U won't be lying and hiding any mischievous reason behind it...are u ??? :D

    and I again i have agree with u to stop whining about the blog traffic :P after all I am earning zero from it :P and I have you to treasure...

    Advance k wish k liye thanks...kal bhi check liyo...coz I kno u will like that post ;)

  13. Sometimes, some things touch you in a special way and you land up doing things you might not do otherwise!

    To start is easy, to maintain is the difficult part :)

    Arti Di

  14. yeah didi...I so agree with u on this...

    ab dekho ab main kaise aapko crazy wala award doon ???
    aap innaa achha achha jo bolti ho :P

  15. Noone in this world can judge one's worth, its you. [Quote]"No one can make you feel inferior without your permission"

    The people who dont care, dont give a damn, Coz dey dnt evn deserve a mention. everyone's special and worthy, in their own right. :) Cheer Up.

  16. Nidhi....

    wow ..what a line...arre tumhara toh philosophy wala award ab pakka hone wala hai :P

    I have started believing in one more quote ..kinnda desi..but befitting

    Duniya jaye bhad mein ..main chala car mein... :D

    it lessens the pain quite a lot


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