Monday, March 23, 2009

Now when you are gone....

Now when you are gone,
I'm called insane.
Now when you are gone.
Tears keep rolling in vain.
Baby, your love kept me high.
I never needed any wings to fly.
but now when you are gone,
dope is all what I now try.

Now when you are gone,
I dream of your lovely eyes.
Now when you are gone,
All I can feel is your sighs.
Baby, your love is all on my mind,
I just keep missing you all the time .
But now when you are gone,
The pain is what I call mine. 

Now when you are gone,
there is a void in my heart.
Now when you are gone,
 life and death are not that apart. 
 -Sourish Karmakar

This was the  song I was scribbling last night. Yeah! watching 'Notting hill' has its effect on broken heart  I hope you like it. I am now composing the rhythm for it. As soon as it materializes, I will upload the composed song in the blog. So you never know , when you will hear me singing. Though I am a horrible singer and the dogs in the neighborhood  will testify for this, but still all my ex(s) loved to hear my lullaby ....

hehehe I kno u r thinking.." yeah that's why they left you moron :D" but anyways ....
This song is dedicated to all the girls who once loved me and then left me alone...May God give them the peace they left me for........

PS: My apologies for the wardrobe malfunction in my template that you might had noticed if ya visited my blog earlier today and yesterday..... I hope this is now sorted once and for all....


  1. you have some serious talent going for you buddy.
    well done.
    you mean "your love's all ON my mind."

  2. Thanks for notifying was a typing error ..u see I and o are close in keyboard...still no excuses coz I read the post before I published....and still it managed to evade my notice.....

    and thanx for liking it..means coming from you it means much for a starter like me....

  3. Kya baat!! Notting hill is one of my fav movies...its like a fairy tale :) :) I used to wish someday I bump into Kimi Like that and we fall in love..then I realised he was already married!! Grrr

    Par achha likha hai...sahi mein...come up with a tune and make us hear it :) Promise wont run away, but if we dont like it...sure coming back to gag u until it is safe :P

  4. hmm and you call me crazy??

    What is this eh:P:P

    such a emotional post.....

    so the moral of the story is....there are times where u just feel like this, its just an emotion that you feel:)

    hope tere saath sab theek hai....idhar solid busy hun update karney time bhi nahi....:P

  5. smriti

    thanx for liking it....

    notting hill is one of my all time fav... maine uske na bhi ho toh shayd 25 30 times toh dekha hi hoga :D
    kimi se pyar....aaj kimi yaha hota toh kinna khush hota....

    tune uski ban rahi hai...I hope it materializes soon..phir sunnna and gala daboch lena :D

  6. darshan bhai

    song likha tha...

    aapko poem laga :O

    koi nhi aapko pasand aayi yehi kafi hai :D

  7. vanilla...

    heheheh contrary to what I suggest I am a emotional freak and it hurts me a lot when sumbody leaves me...though I don't show it to all.....
    and rest all credit goes to notting hill :D

    main fine shine hoon....itna busy kaha ho..skool days mein hi toh blogging hoti hai wo bhi full time update...I miss ur long posts...

  8. as soon as i finished reading the poem i thought wowwwwwwwwww it cud be tune into a beautiful song. then i read the post script that its a song. :)

    i loved it and cant wait long for the composed song. do it soooon. :)

    seriously it's very beautiful and with the all the emotions brimming out. touching.

  9. Preeti

    yeah actually wo aajkal main song shong mein thoda jyada hoon :P

    why don't you give a try...means as u found the rhythm ...u must be having a tune too...

    I would love to have the tune from you...what say... ???

  10. kya ho gaya, chal koi na, its turnign u into a good poet :)

  11. dude..this is like kab release kar rahein hoon have a fan waiting!!!

  12. Anjuli di...


    main shayar toh nhi
    par jabse chhora usne
    mujhe shayri aa gyi :D

  13. rahul

    relaesing the song :O

    nhi bhai...mega release type ka nhi I will be singing with my guitar on and ecording on my laptop and uploading it ....

    usse jyada kuchh nhi.... par I m having hard time finding the chords for it..guitar k field mein nausikhiya hoon na :P

  14. hehehe :D

    good idea. will try too. but dnt knw when. but can i ask someone else to do it? :p

  15. of ain't copyrighted for frnds...but do let me know if he or she come up with sumthing :)


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